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23rd-Jun-2013 12:26 pm - Nst nst nst
stayb100ponyboy: (deal with it)
Who: Equius and all you dance maniacs
Where: Case de Highblood
When: the last day of the hat curse
Status: open
Style: I'll match

Equius had resisted for a long time. He remembered the last time this curse came around, and how he got stuck first in a cat hat and then up on the roof with no way to get down. He was not going to be wearing any strange hats this time around!

Of course, Vatheon had a different plan in mind for him, and when he got up this morning, a hat got knocked off the headboard and stuck on his head.

Now anyone walking past Equius' home--or anywhere in the general neighborhood--will hear a deep, thumping beat and see red lights strobing away. If you come inside, you'll be assaulted by music, killbots standing along the walls with their eyes flashing in perfect synchrosity, and all the furniture pushed aside to make room for this.

Welcome to Equius' rave.
27th-May-2013 07:41 pm
bestestfurrend: (equius! got youuu)
Who:Nepeta Leijon and Equius Zahhak
Where: Casa de Highbloods
When: During the unable to lie curse
Status: Closed
Style: Third person

Now where could her meowrail be... )
19th-Apr-2013 08:48 pm
bestestfurrend: (Tav! }:33)
Who: Nepeta and Tavros
When: Backdated to late during the Gain and Loss curse
Where: Hive de Leijon & Nitram
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

Her hive here has become a little sanctuary for Nepeta, as warm and comforting and safe as her cave back on Alternia ever was. Not the least reason for it is her dear, sweet matesprit sharing it with her, getting to do so many things with him, both of them not only tolerating the other's hobbies but encouraging them and gladly taking part. It was good being so close to someone she got along with so very well and whose tastes were so similar to her own, and as she scribbles the outline to a new drawing over a freshly painted wall in their living block, she feels certain that he's going to like the adventurous painting she's thought up this time.


There goes the pencil. This new strength of hers is hard to control, and she knows it's not anywhere near Equius'! This event has given her a whole new appreciation for the level of control her moirail has to exert at all times.

Well. At least she can be certain her matesprit will like her painting if she ever manages to finish it.
10th-Apr-2013 07:51 pm - Disciple goes back to nature
feralfanatic: (Default)
Who: The Disciple and Whoever
When: Throughout the Curse Week
Where: Around the bubble, or Island
Style: Whichever you prefer
Status: Open

[Throughout the week, those attempting to find or speak with the Disciple may have troubles. Her bedroom lies empty, her SFC discarded, sitting on a table next to her bed. The window appears to have been smashed outward, shards lying on the ground outside. There is a fair amount of olive-colored blood immediately outside the window, but it quickly stops as it trails off into the city proper; almost too quickly.]

[It seems for this curse Disciple has lost as lost her culture and regressed back to her near feral state of her first arrival. In return she has gained something of a regeneration ability, and can recover from some pretty grievous wounds. She can be found throughout the bubble, and eventually the island, once she finds her way up there. She is avoiding large crowds of people, and loud noises. Who even knows what she will or will not remember from her time in Vatheon?]

[Those who know here might know where to start looking for her, those who do not might end up stumbling upon a near-feral half-naked adult Troll as she tries to avoid the more 'busy' parts of a civilized world that is bright and confusing.]

(OOC:Feel free to encounter her wherever, and however you want. She will be all over the place. Woods, Back alleys, anywhere on the Island. The one place she will avoid above all others is the Plaza, however. Way too busy. Message me if you want to set up anything in particular)
helmetdoesnothing: (18 - Troll ♊ On the dot)
Who: Mituna Captor & YOU
When: April 8th
Where: Phanga neighbourhood (to start)
Style: Action, but reply with what you prefer!
Status: Open



The first thing that might be noticed as Mituna Captor's voice broadcast over the SFCs and filtered out through an open window into the street of the Phanga neighbourhood was the significant lessening of his ever-present vocal slurring. The single, vitriolic word was crisp and sharp, and rightly so for although the yellowblood had woken up entirely blind - the cause of his outburst - he also awoke with every part of his mind slotted into the right place. Like a jigsaw finally being put together, he could fully comprehend what was happening around him in a way that he hadn't been able to in sweeps. Sparks crackled at his fingers and he didn't even have to force it. Not that it would be any fucking use since he couldn't fucking see.

Still, he had enough presence of mind to fumble his way into some clothes and carefully feel his way to the door - not without cracking his shins on one of the door frames along the way - and when he found it and pulled it open, he could feel warmth on his face and he knew he should be seeing, he knew his eyes were wide open and...

Why couldn't he see.

"What the ever-loving, grubthucking fuck is happening," he muttered, gripping against the door frame and resting his forehead against it. Memories floated back to him as he stood there. Noise and light. Fear. Pain. He flinched, shook it off and shivered. This was just his fucking luck, wasn't it? The universe, once again, ramming a throbbing bonebulge right up his nook for shits and giggles.

He sat down on the doorstep and rubbed one temple, trying to organise his thoughts.

26th-Mar-2013 10:34 pm
helmetdoesnothing: (51 - Troll ♊ He's a pinball wizard)
Who: Mituna Captor and Nepeta Leijon
When: March 15th
Where: All around!
Style: Action
Status: Closed


17th-Mar-2013 07:12 pm - Quest log for Equius and friends
stayb100ponyboy: (must I?  must I really?)
Who: Equius and various other questers
When: level-grinding o'clock
Where: All over
Style: kupo?
Status: semi-open; if anyone wants to quest with this guy, let me know!

[You know what sucks? Being a cleric and not getting any good spells until you're at an insane level sucks. Holy is a pretty amazing spell, but you've got to kill a lot of grass monsters to get it. Not only that, but you need someone to protect you from said grass monsters, since you can do no real damage on your own. Life is hard, it really is.]

[This is Equius. He's a cleric. He's level-grinding so he can get some decent offensive stuff, and this is his story.
7th-Feb-2013 11:41 pm - Dey's gonna go huntin' dere, eh?
feralfanatic: (smile content)
Who: Nepeta Leijon and The Disciple
When: Current
Where: Starting near the Elevator
What: Disciple and Nepeta go hunting up on the Island.
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

Intro to the hunt contained herein )
23rd-Jan-2013 07:08 pm - Grubtime 3: Repercussions.
feralfanatic: (smile side)
Who: Those that were grubs, and anyone who has reason to be there.
When: Backdated to just after Curse 39 ends.
Where: Dualscar's hive.
Style: Whichever you prefer.
Status: Closed.

[The curse ends, and that means a restoration to the original form everyone had. Clothing was not part of the transformation process. Unfortunately, that meant that the two grubs sitting in a pile were now back to what they used to be... unclothed.]

(OOC: Separate threads to make this a bit easier, I would think; Or, you know, whatever works.)
15th-Jan-2013 01:57 am - Disciple, why you so little!?
feralfanatic: (Eyes huge)
WHO: Disciple and whoever wishes to find her
WHERE: Disciple's Hive
WHEN: Early in the week
STYLE: I will follow

[Those close to Disciple may start to realize as time goes on, that a new curse has started, yet they have not seen or heard hide nor hair of the older oliveblooded troll.]

[Wonder where she could be?]
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