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3rd-Feb-2012 06:22 pm - 01 Ϟ texts from sengoku era
dragonizing: (crap this isn't gonna get me girls is it)
who: Masamune Date and you.
when: February 3rd, morning.
where: sanada yukimura's place Plaza. More specifically, a fountain in the plaza.
style: Brackets preferred, but if you'd like prose that's fine too!
status: OPEN for photographs and autographs.

[ there is a one-eyed dragon in your fountain.

no, really, there is a one-eyed dragon in your fountain, though perhaps a bit of clarification is in order. this dragon in your fountain is not quite literally a dragon--actually, he's a man--but he sure is one-eyed, armor-clad and...

well, he's certainly still in that fountain, right in front of you.


-- well! at least he looks peaceful. as peaceful as a guy with a helmet donning a crescent-moon and six swords can look like, anyway.

approach, if you want. he doesn't bite! kind of. ]
twiceinhabited: (Remiel - Angelic possession)
Who: Amane and Volo Dorm people
Where: Volo Dorm
When: Today, evening.
Style: Action, baby.
Status: In progress. Closed to Volo people.

[It’s been a few days since her confession over the network. Far too public for her taste and when she’s not ready for it. A few people saw her broadcast, particularly Yukari. During their talk, Amane was aware that she need to tell her dorm mates about Jezebel. Out of necessity, in the worst case scenario, and because they’re dorm mates, it’s important for them to know this potential danger.

They should at least know what’s going on, until they find a way to keep the Bel demon from devouring her completely. Katsu would help, and she dearly hope he have a way, but one can never be sure.

So she sent a text message, filtered to people living in Volo Dorm, about wanting to hold a meeting on an important topic. She prefers telling them in person instead of the network. Even with the most secure private filters, they can be broken through.

And so, in the dorm that evening, she waits for everyone to gather.

(ooc: Pre-Meeting for mingling, Meeting for questioning, Plans for...planning. Threadjacking's encouraged. :|b)
caesar: (Always Mirthful Laughing Strong)
Who: All of the Shin Megami Tensei casts + Amaterasu
Location: Volo dorms
Time: Backdated to Christmas eve, December 24th
Style: Action for the sake of ease
Status: Closed to the SMT crew (+ Ammy)

[If you can use a Persona, there's a good chance you woke up to this text message in your inbox:]

Christmas Party at the Volo Dorm

You're invited to a Christmas gathering at the Volo Dorms, hosted by Minato Arisato and S.E.E.S.

Time: 6:00

Come for a night of relaxing and fun - there will be cake and a gift exchange.

We hope to see you there - S.E.E.S

[It's not the most creative or formal invitation but hey - presents and cake? Sounds like a good night.]

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