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immoralflame: (| Displeased)
Who: Sol, passers-by?
Where: S'up, Lamufao?
When: Backdated to Friday evening ;;;
Style: I adapt! :U
Status: Opennnnn

Wherein Sol wakes up, is cranky, theorizes, and goes back to being cranky. Second verse, same as the first? )
1st-Jul-2012 11:31 pm - i'm still a purse owner at heart.
clairvoyancies: (WOW get out?)
Who: Tsubaki and anyone c:
When: Now?
Where: The Nostalgia Nook
Style: Whichever!
Status: Open!

[Tsubaki doesn't exactly know why she's decided to come here again, this 'Nostalgia Nook' place. But to get here, she's had to fend off a lot of natives trying to get her to participate in this "Fishlympics," so she's damn well going to make the most of it.

It's interesting to her, at least-- and she knows that somewhere, there should be a store that has items she is familiar with. But if she's going to find it, it certainly won't be on her own.


Case in point: she seems to have gotten sidetracked by a store with
a very large bear
in front of it. And there she is, in the back where a very colorful set of glasses are being sold. Pink, blue, yellow...probably even more subtle color differences that she can't even quite tell.

There's one that gets her attention the most, though. And even though all of the others look normal and harmless, she tilts her head and grabs
this particular one, out of some twisted burning curiosity. It stands out, after all. It's different.

And she...actually slips it on.



[Why does it have a nose-- or a mustache for that matter?!

She has no idea. Because she's never seen glasses like these, and
hmpth, they don't even improve her vision. So she is taking them off now, before someone sees her.

......Or not.
fake: i will kill myself via keywording when im feeling more masochistic (✂ - - 09)
Who: tsubaki and akise
Where: nostalgia nook i think
When: after somatheon shenanigans aka now
Style: smooth
Status: closed

take two: less dirty minds o k o k )
11th-Mar-2012 08:40 pm - Panic time
zelda_hylia: (The princess does not excuse this.)
Who: Zelda and anyone that comes across her
Where: Hiding throughout Vatheon - less populated places (forest, island, etc)
When: All day after the curse begins!
Style: Either
Status: Open, but Zelda says it's closed. Ignore her.

[Upon figuring out that the little bubble that she couldn't get rid of was displaying her thoughts, Zelda had no choice but to leave the house before Zelos saw. She really didn't have any romantic feelings for him, but she was still a teenager and that kiss was playing on repeat. Even though she doesn't want anyone else to see inside her mind either, at least it wouldn't be ruining the friendship she had with Zelos if they did.

And so the princess is wandering in the least populated parts of Vatheon that she can find, looking very sulky.]
7th-Mar-2012 07:00 pm - ⊙ sharing chocolate [closed]
clairvoyancies: (Default)
Who: Tsubaki and Akise
Where: Larmline Apartments/Tsubaki’s place
When: …VALENTINE’S…DAY after these LMFAO shut up we’re backtagging superstars
Style: [yep]—unless you feel like third person, idrc!
Status: Closed.

[There’s a lot to do once she gets home. Cleaning, just straightening up a bit, putting things away…

Not that Tsubaki is a slob by any means, but she isn’t used to having to do these things herself, between her horrible eyesight and her followers who often did things for her. She does the best she can though, setting the chocolates she mentioned down on the little coffee table in the living room area while she waits.

She is examining them closely, having not taken a good look at them on the way home. They’re different from what Zelos had made.

6th-Mar-2012 05:31 pm - 03
ex_diplomacy861: (Default)
Who: Shelly and anyone
Where: Lower District → Middle District
When: Afternoon
Style: Either
Status: Open

[Early in the afternoon, Shelly heads down to the lower district as a continuation of a long due exploration. While she's at it, perhaps she can see how effective products from the Nostalgia Nook are. Given the epidemic a while back, how about, say, a panacea for a test run?

The Great Lamufao has other things in mind, apparently, and Shelly stares long and hard at what she just accidentally spent her tokens on.

. . . You're kidding me. You're giving me that?

[So Shelly returns to the Middle District with a whole new(?) pancreas of her own. Some deity, couldn't it have given it to her in a jar or something? She's going to need new gloves -- not to mention the smell.

But not now. Not when she looks out and one modest building catches her eyes. Peering over the potted plants through the window, she hums.

A salon . . .
15th-Feb-2012 11:13 am
chosen_gigolo: (wink heart)
Who: Zelos and Tsubaki
When: backdated February 14th, around noon
Where: The park
Style: Whatever
Status: Closed

The morning was just fading into noon when Zelos started setting up the picnic blanket in a particularly nice spot in the park. Finger sandwiches, pasta and fruit salads, cookies and mini cakes, and a large pitcher of home-made juice litter the blanket, far too much food for one person to consume in a sitting. In fact, it's too much for two, but the curse had left Zelos with a nervous energy that he'd taken out on the house and kitchen, resulting in all the chocolates he'd delivered that morning being finished on time despite the curse, this handsome array of lunch foods, and the entire house sparkling from top to bottom. It hadn't helped; he still felt strange about having been a woman (and a unicorn of all things) but the memories were starting to fade and he decided to let them, focusing instead on treating Tsubaki to a nice afternoon's picnic in the park.

The Chosen plopped down once all the food was laid out and lets out a small sigh. If Tsubaki showed up, that is. She'd agreed to meet him, but he was well aware of her hesitance. He hadn't seen her out and about much, though, and thought maybe she needed the time out of the house. Time with... well, a friend. 

So here he is, Zelos Wilder, trying to make friends instead of just letting friends happen to him.
8th-Feb-2012 12:33 pm - 2nd Combo - A Fairy Tale Knight
redcladidealist: (First of all...)
Characters: Lloyd Irving and every eligible-- everyone
Location: All over the place
Time: From dawn until dusk
Style: You pick and I'll match
Status: Open

[It's been two days since he started coming to his senses, the false memories of that other life already fading back into the ether of whatever spell had created them. As they disappear, though, he remembers. The ball, the one he'd danced with, that moment of timeless magic when their eyes had met and their hearts had known.

The tolling of the bell as midnight approached.

His partner had fled, he didn't know why - but they'd left their shoe behind. The shoe he now holds clutched in his hands. It must have been crafted with magic, he knows, because there is no other way to explain how the delicate glass could support a person's weight without breaking. Surely this shoe was made to fit one foot and one foot alone. It's the only clue he has to the identity of his love. He doesn't even know his love's name or gender. He only knows that they hold his heart.

And that he's going to find them, even if he has to try this shoe on every person in the land.

Speaking of which...

He approaches the next person he sees, giving them a bow fit for the knight he is.]

Excuse me, yes, you. Your pardon, but can I have a moment of your time?

[ooc: Only a "Cinderella" will fit the shoe. Let me know if this is the case. o/]
clairvoyancies: (so annoying...)
Who: Tsubaki Kasugano & you
Location: The plaza and that general area.
Time: Mid-day?
Style: Whatever you like.
Status: Open!

looking for her eyes... )

(( OOC: so basically tl;dr, Tsubaki's kind of embarassed herself in front of a local and is looking for a quiet place to think. she has really poor eyesight so feel free to have your character run into her at any point during all this! ))

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