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Who: Anna Kushina and anyone
Where: On the island, around the bubble. If there are people, she is lurking-
When: 5/17, around lunch time, snack time, dinner time-
[ Style ], but will follow a change if you want

One small child )
symmetrophile: ([battle] block)
who: Dirk Strider, Death the Kid and YOU!
when: May 16th, afternoon
where: All over Vatheon
style: action
status: OPEN! Feel free to start threads with your character being interrupted by a sudden arrival of two skirmishing rivals, comment, try to break them up, whatever!

You gave a kick, I gave a slap. )
14th-Apr-2013 11:04 pm
goodlifechoices: (angered; FUCKING TERRIFYING)
Who: Marie Mjolnir and her rage and also innocent bystanders.
When: Monday morning
Where: the Villa and surrounding areas
Style: Brackets or prose, I'll end up following you.
Status: OPEN
OOC: Whoops, two prompts here! The first is at 3 AM, and the second is during much saner morning hours. She'll be a whole lot easier to deal with in the latter one.

It's three AM. Nothing good can come of this. )

And now for something completely different. )
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