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25th-Jul-2013 11:16 pm - Tomorrow It May Change
path_of_sword: (...phun.)
Who: Chizuru Yukimura & Hajime Saitou
When: Friday
Where: Their house in the Coral Corral
Style: Prose
Status: In Progress

And I wanna believe you, When you tell me that it'll be ok )
4th-Jul-2013 12:51 am - The Little Things
path_of_sword: (under the weather..?)
Who: Hajime Saitou, OPEN!
When: Time is relative.
Where: Anywhere within and between the lower and middle district
Style: Prose to start, will follow as to preference!
Status: Open, ongoing.

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17th-Jun-2013 09:11 pm - Life is ruff
redpeacoat: (dot dot dot)
Who: Shinjiro and you!
What: Shinjiro has a dog ear headband which has found its way onto his skull. Gradually, he will think he is one.
When: Anytime during the week. Dogs love attention
Where: Around the city and apartments
Style: Whatever you like.

Surely it was a joke gift from Minako. She knew he liked dogs. He loved to care for Koromaru, and seeing an animal suffering was enough to shatter his cold exterior. He left the headband adorned with two floppy plush dog ears sit on the night stand while he readied for the day.

Minako would probably want to see them on him the next time she saw him, from previous experience. Some of the armor...if you could call it armor...was more costumey than anything else. He'll never forget running around in that ridiculous butler outfit with giant axe in hand. This head gear was probably just reminiscient of those times, so he would humor her.

Once dressed, he carefully placed the headband on his head, and covered it up with his black knit cap. The sides poked out just slightly, but not enough to look strange. The teeth on the plastic headband fit firmly in his hair, so it would probably stay on if he pulled off the hat. In private, of course. Nobody needed to know he was wearing a ridiculous headpiece like this.

That was that. He had errands to do, and so he would go do them.

But for some reason everything was super distracting today. And...dare he looked fun? All these people! Surely they would want to say hello, or maybe play a game? If he makes a cute enough display, maybe he'll get a treat? Somebody's got bacon too...
10th-Jun-2013 11:37 pm - A Lost, Lost Cause
path_of_sword: (Default)
Who: Hajime Saitou, OPEN
When: Tuesday all day~
Where: Plaza and around the middle district in general.
Style: Prose to start, will follow as to preference!
Status: Open, ongoing.

no one said what's lost cannot be found )
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