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16th-May-2012 09:28 pm
candidblue: (Totally cool)
who: Bulla and Vatheon!
when: All Day!
where: Anywhe
style: Starting in action brackets, but will follow!
status: open

[ The past few weeks have been frustrating beyond belief, and she's dealt with everything surprisingly well, all things considered!!! Though 'surprisingly well' has mostly been 'stay in her room for an extended period of time'. Though she's feeling more like herself and has gone out for a walk.

And noticed all the flowers--They were all very pretty, so she's picked a few, and made a few into little crowns. Though strangely, she doesn't feel like bringing the small bouquets and circlets home with her. No, she feels like giving them to anyone that passes by! ]

Hey there. Would  you like a flower?  [ And she'll offer one up to you--Yes, you! Because seriously, who doesn't want a flower? ] 
fighting4afuture: (awkwaaard...)
Who: Bulma, Bulla, and Trunks
Where: Bulma's capsule house(?)
When: May 1st (what is this thing you call backdating)
Style: Action
Status: Closed

Vatheon's own little Jerry Springer re-enactment )
1st-May-2012 06:42 pm - (3) | When in doubt, go shopping
vulgarwoman: ([Nerd] Oh it's in binary)
Who: Bulma and YOU
Where: Some place where you can shop for the foodstuffs!
When: ...Today? :D;
Style: Always brackets
Status: Open!

[The interruption of the sudden broadcasting of dreams was mildly upsetting, but Bulma—having done the magical solution of not touching the "dream" button on the communicator—considered it nothing more than a bump in the road. She's a woman that knows how to keep herself busy, that's how she's always been, and today she had a picnic to plan on her agenda.

So she's gone grocery shopping! It sure is a lot easier when you don't have to pull out cards and can just show them the mark on your back. No problem! It's not like Bulma has a problem with wearing things that expose that part anyway.

She's not sure exactly how much her future kids eat, and Gohan himself...well, he's half Saiyan, so she's already got quite a haul stored away in her capsules with only a few actual bags in her hands. (Just as a precaution so people don't assume she's a wandering around Vatheon for no reason and try to pull her off into something else or whatever it is the locals do around here.) Bulma's not anywhere close to done yet, however, she's still got fish and meat to take a look at.]
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