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14th-Feb-2013 04:05 pm - EVENT - VALENTINE'S DAY
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The host club's doors are closed for most of the morning, locals scurrying in and out with an odd flair to help set up for the big event. That sure is a lot of pink and red being carted inside. They must be going all out for this Zelos fellow. Who knows why.

Residents that wander around the plaza for any reason will find a local approaching them, hyping up some aspect of the party that might appeal to them. The lights, the music, the dancing! The chance for gossip! Here, if your date goes poorly, we'll treat you to a drink. If your date goes well, we'll treat you to a drink. If you just want a drink for the sake of it... hey, you get the picture! It's something for both the single and taken alike, and the people of the city seem to be more than happy reminding you of this fact whenever they can.

When it hits noon, all characters who have signed up for blind dates will receive an anonymous text. They will be wished a Happy Valentine's Day, congratulated on their upcoming date, and be asked to arrive at the host club between 5:30 and 6:00 pm. They will be given more instructions upon their arrival. And wear something flattering~! <3


At 6:30, the club is opened for everyone else. Feel free to adventure up to the bar or glance around at the couples. They might be a little unrecognizable, what, with those strange masks on. They look so familiar, but you just can't place who is who. Oh well. Mingle a bit and solve the mystery with those around you! Have a drink. Talk about your love life or lack thereof. A bartender is always there to lend you an ear.

At 7:00, the tables are cleared, the lighting is dimmed down, music is turned up, and the center of the club becomes a dance floor! Plush red couches line the edges for those that have had a rough night, and small tables of chocolates, sweets, heart-shaped h'orderves and various colors of roses dot the area. Locals are working alongside the host club and maid cafe to make sure things are kept in stock. No getting close to the bar if you're under-aged or we may just have to end your evening right here and now!
6th-Jan-2013 08:52 pm
force_a_change: (Data bends to my will)
Who: Ryoko Asakura and YOU. Or anyone who runs into her.
When: Backdated to Saturday Afternoon. (aka Jan. 5th)
Where: Up on the island.
Style: Brackets, cause lazy, but can switch to prose.
Status: Open.

Let's see what she can do. )
31st-Dec-2012 08:17 pm - 011 - Cats on Mars
fistfullofmagic: (...I am confused.)
Who: Dhaos and anyone
What: grab-bag curse catch-all, confessions type curse
Where: at the Vesperia House, the park, or around the city
When: anytime during the curse week
Style: I'll probably stick to brackets, but feel free to use prose if you'd like.
Status: open as can be

[Nothing is quite so awkward as waking up with a sudden urge to confess. Especially when half of said "confessions" are utter fabrications that Dhaos had not thought of before the words had passed his lips. It's especially awkward when something comes up that the angel doesn't quite get the context of. T'is the season for embarrassment and confusion?]
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Who: Villa residents and all visitors.
When: December 25th
Where: The Villa
Style: Whatever you like!
Status: Open!

[Hey, guess what?

IT'S CHRISTMAS! Which means Villa residents will be trading gift-wrapped presents and enjoying a delicious holiday feast prepared by a very hard-working Rin Okumura, so be sure to thank him!

The threads below are meant for mingling, the exchanging of gifts and other holiday activities!]
2nd-Oct-2012 07:05 pm - Home is where the ham is
heartandsoul: (OH. UM...SHIT.)
Who: Villa residents, new Villa residents and anyone that wants to stop by
When: Whenever, all month, whatever
Style: Pick one, though I will start in action
Status: Open!

((ooc: As a note, I'll be putting up threads for specific places and to meet specific people to start with, though anyone can start threads of their own. Just pick the place and/or person to title your thread with.))
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Who: Kyon and you.
Where: Anywhere and everywhere.
When: September 24th, anytime from morning to late afternoon.
Style: Action spam.
Status: Open.

here i am without you. )
28th-Aug-2012 10:00 pm
force_a_change: (This is just awkward)
Who: Ryoko Asakura and Ky Kiske
Where: idk, the plaza? Yeah the plaza.
When: A day or so after this took place.
Style: Starting with Action, will follow suit of other poster.
Status: Closed.

So I herd you stabbed someone. )
17th-Aug-2012 03:36 pm - Weclome to the Creepshow
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Who: Ioder, Asakura
When: August 16th, late night
Where: Out in the city, in close proximity to the coral
Style: Prose
Status: Closed
Warnings: Blood, stabbings, general bad things

Another late night at the host club, another quiet walk through the city at night.

Ioder thought nothing of doing this. To him, Vatheon was far safer than most of the places he traveled to, and he actually enjoyed the freedom that came with not needing an escort to get around everywhere. Sure, there were the odd moments when something odd or dangerous happened, like the recent attack on the island, but he still saw no real need to concern himself with safety. Especially when he didn't live terribly far from Golden Victory.

So after bidding Zelos and the few remaining hosts good night, he walked his usual path through the city to the home he shared with Estelle. If anything, while he walked home his mind was more on the fact that Yuri was gone from the city. Estelle didn't seem to be taking it too terribly hard, but he knew his cousin missed Yuri terribly when he wasn't around. He even missed Yuri a little, though he certainly didn't miss the teasing he'd been receiving as of late.

But they would persevere, just as they always did. He had no doubts of that.

He began to hum a bit to himself, an old familiar song from his youth that carried along as he turned down the streets, unaware that he wasn't the only one out there under the odd streetlamps of Vatheon.

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