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7th-Oct-2012 01:37 am
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Who: Fina & Yu
Where: She's out for a walk, meeting up with Yu for the first time in person!
When: September 7th

Fina was on her way down to one of the markets to find some fresh fruit. The girl spent the early morning getting ready and trying on a different set of clothing that her usual silk dress. She found something in a magazine and now she wore a white skirt, leggings and brown boots with a sweater over top of it.

While she was going down the street, she stopped temporarily and saw what she thought was a strangely familiar face. Fina did not know better than not to stare, she did so with her head tilting and her finger on her mouth.

Who was the young man coming her way?
31st-Aug-2012 02:16 pm
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Who: Fina & Ramirez
Where: where Rami is staying
When: August 31

On the search again. )
23rd-Jul-2012 05:42 am
silvite: (Default)
Who: Fina & Ramirez
When: Evening, the 23rd.
Where: She is wherever Ramirez happens to be.
Status: Open to Ramirez

Fina found herself wandering around until she found the building that looked familiar to her in the video of where Ramirez was. She knew that he was injured from the get-go or something of that manner, she needed to help him if he would allow her the privilege. Quietly, she opened the door and slipped inside with ease, closing it when she was finished.

Afterwards, she started looking in various places for him. She didn't see him at first, Fina had no idea where she was going but she would need to continue looking for him.
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