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kissedgoldfrog: (Oh really?)
Who: Madison and Yosuke
Where: Beach
Style: First Person Action Brackets
Status: Closed

Be careful not to fall on your ass! )
28th-May-2012 12:03 am - And I'm Flying...
kissedgoldfrog: (Holding out a hand/helping up)
Who: Madison and anyone who is awake at this time of night.
When: May 28th, midnight (AKA right now)
Where: All over the place. It's a witch flying on a broom so yeah.
Style: Whatever
Status: Open

Is that a bird? A plane? A power ranger? )
14th-Apr-2012 09:28 am - so about that flyer...
thalassino: (Default)
[ there's a bit of a commotion tonight, and many locals are talking about something happening up on the island. anyone curious enough to check it out would first notice a glowing shore to match a starry sky; it seems to be a type of jellyfish causing this.

immediately afterward they would undoubtedly see a very large boat having apparently docked itself on the shore. there's no captain in sight and it appears to be completely inoperable, so it's a full-blown mystery on how it arrived on the shore. it certainly doesn't look like a normal boat though— probably due to the fact that it is utterly decked out for a party.

there are streamers, balloons, and a whole lot of glitter on deck. there's even a large banner that reads:

☆ HAVE FUN!!! ☆

on deck there are speakers blasting a nautical-style party music should dancing be your thing. nearby there's plenty of good food for the eating, along with a gratuitous amount of chapagne (with a non-alcoholic brand for the underage); a champagne tower can also be seen. party games are encouraged, and a few are even already set up (such as the large whale-themed piñata).

have fun, mingle, and enjoy the party! ]
8th-Feb-2012 12:27 pm - A goddess in the house
not_heavens_adam: (Smirk | Heart)
Characters: Adam 'Aphrodite', Cherry, and Valkyrie!Maddie
Location: Charley and Maddie's apartment
Time: Afternoon~
Style: Action I assume
Status: Cloooosed~

[As goddess of love, Johnny Aphrodite had been flitting around, overseeing all sorts of interactions and 'noble quests of love' throughout the bubble.

As such, she decided to check on some of her favorite mortals in the the form of randomly popping into their living room, unannounced, and laying out on their couch.

Surely, they wouldn't mind having someone as gorgeous as her laying about the place.]
7th-Jan-2012 08:30 am
schrodingersghost: (phantom - that didn't go as planned)
 Who: Danny and Maddie
Where: An isolated corner of the plaza
When: Late last night

This sucked.

Danny restlessly attempts to find a more comfortable position inside his cramped prison.  Sure, the thermos didn't actually hurt him.  But it was a really, really small space to have to spend any time in.  He'd tried to get out, of course.  Tried shaking it and shouting for help.  But who would be able to hear him?  Or even be out at this time of a night to notice a single thermos on the ground?

...He was never going to live this down.

5th-Jan-2012 10:31 pm - 2nd Spellcode: Moving Day!
kissedgoldfrog: (it's just a little magic)
Who: Madison, Charley, and anyone!
Where: Ordo Neighborhood (Maddie and Charley's new apartment)
When: Backdated to January 3rd
Style: Post will be in third person but feel free to do whatever.
Status: Open to all!

Housewarming: Vat Style! )
30th-Dec-2011 01:47 pm - A Brand New Year
thalassino: (Default)
The island was certainly all abuzz now. The natives mingle around, decorations abounding and food laid out on tables and still being made. They certainly went all out this time, but if asked they just respond “We’ve been granted another year by the great Lamufao.”

Don’t think about it too hard.

Either way, they’re showing all of their gratitude for the foreigners now. Food is being offered shamelessly, good cheer and compliments and thank you’s passing through each native’s lips.

Near the elevator, in an open field, the party is taking place. They nagged and nagged for the foreigners to dress up; if you didn’t, you might feel a little out of place here. But the food and the music are both excellent and dancing is optional, at least.

The beach is a bit more chill. Enjoy the warmth and the water, maybe kick back and have a drink. It’s night time, certainly, but the weather is still pleasant and the sand is warm.

More attracted by the food on those tables? That’s quite alright; there’s food of all sorts from all sorts of places, not just seafood (be grateful to the natives for trying). There are a few Vatheon only dishes, however, for the daring! (Is that more kraken on that plate…?)

And then, near midnight, comes the fireworks. How romantic would it be to exchange kisses at the stroke of midnight under the light of the fireworks? Or just enjoy them with a friend; they light up the sky, pretty and nothing too fancy…though the natives seem to think that they are incredible.

Most of all, have fun, mingle and enjoy the new year!
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