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21st-Aug-2012 07:31 am - YE WHO ENTER, PREPARE TO BE PUNCHED
bufudine: (searching for something lost :|)
Who: You, you and YOU! Anyone who is up for some good ol' sparring/training/getting their face beaten in
Where: In the park
When: All week, starting on the 20th!
Style: Anything goes!
Status: OPEN

It's a good week in the bubble! ...Then again, every week is fairly pleasant, temperature wise, in this little city under the sea.


This week is extra pleasant, because there are training dummies set up all over the field in the park, all ready and waiting to be smacked around or smashed into itty bitty bits. Oh, but if hitting dummies aren't your thing, there are also targets for the archers and marksmen who want to get some target practice set up at the north end, cordoned off so people don't accidentally wander into the line of fire. And for those who'd rather play it safe or would like start learning the art of battle, there are plenty of practice weapons in... wheelbarrows? at the corners of the field.

Well, okay, this week would actually be unpleasant if you use the park for some peace and quiet. But for everyone else wanting to get some good old fashioned sparring and training in, this week's a great time to do it!
10th-Aug-2012 04:39 pm - supermassive black hole
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Who: all of [community profile] vatheon
Where: all over vatheon + the island
When: friday evening - saturday evening
Style: any
Status: open - threadhop & threadjack away!

[ all friday evening, the locals have been very accelerated - you might find one shoving a flyer on you or handing you a pair of cheap sunglasses. the flyers more or less explain the reason why, and if you didn't get one you'll be receiving a message on your SFC regardless - ]


[ apparently there's to be an eclipse this evening. the entire bubble itself will be darkened as it usually is at night sans for electrical lights and the coral, but the real show will be able to be seen on the island. it sounds interesting, so maybe you want to check it out? a lot of other people are going—

although if you do decide to visit the island that evening, you might be in for an unexpected surprise. sure, the eclipse itself is pretty fantastic and not a thing one would expect to be able to see in vatheon of all places, but there's something else on the horizon... ]

↪ further details in threads
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Who: Jacob and YOUUUUU
When: Morning till late afternoon
Where: Near the plaza
Style: Whatever you want, I'll do.
Status: Open like your ears!

[There is a man sitting in the plaza.]

[He isn't at all out of the ordinary- no crazy hair colors or eye colors or anything amiss. Even his clothes are plain and simple, and honestly, he looks like the kind of man who you could spot in a crowd and just forget about instantaneously.]

[He's sitting on a bench while a large black chocobo with flowers tied around its neck rests near his feet. And in his hands is...what appears to be a lute. Huh.]

[There is a few seconds of silence, and then he starts
playing, not even looking at his lute as he does so, as if he's gotten the whole piece memorized by heart.]

[And if you're passing by, he'll smile over at you, as if saying "You can come over and listen. I don't mind."]

[Say hi to your resident god figure, Vatheonites? He won't bite.]

[ooc: For all of you new players out there, this is Jacob from the TV show LOST and...he's a god figure in his canon who has powers of omniscience and such. Therefore, I have a handy-dandy
permission post over here as to how much he can know about your character and such. Thank you!]
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Who: Charlie Pace and anyone~
Where: The plaza at the fountain
When: Foreward-dated to Wednesday morning
Style: Action
Status: Open

[He didn't use to be an early riser, but three months on the island had taught him to rise soon after the sun did and his body just wasn't willing to get over that one just yet.

He still wasn't too sure what to make of this place but it was nice enough and it wasn't like he had a way home.
So, with little else to do, he turned to his guitar. It was always a comfort for him back home and that was no different here. Granted, it wasn't his guitar, he'd gotten it when he'd arrived, but it was all he had.

He decided to settle on the edge of the fountain in the middle of the plaza and start to play. It was almost like when he'd play on street corners for money but minus the money, this time he was just doing it for fun.

he played a few Oasis songs and some Beatles before turning to his own songs including the one he'd never actually been able to record before his band dissolved.

He'd always had high hopes for Saved...but, well, things just hadn't panned out.

It was alright, though...he'd found something better, at least.

He figured he'd stay here a while, maybe break for lunch, and then move on. It depended on if he got an audience or not.]
bufudine: (a battle endured :|)
Where: At the Embryon Base, located near the Forest Quadrant.
When: Thursday onwards, after the base gets thoroughly trashed :T
Style: So flexible :>

[If you were passing by the Embryon Base on the way to or from the Forest Quadrant, you'd probably notice that it looks... different, from usual.

For one, there's a good chunk of the second storey wall missing.

The garden, which previously had all kinds of plants growing in Vatheon mugs, many of which had been flowering, is now smashed up, many of the mugs lying shattered on the ground. The orange rose bush, which had been the first thing Serph and Cielo planted, is now split in half. There's also a nice new crater in the paving.

All caused by a harmless intrusion into their territory that turned into an all out brawl.

Still, Serph's not too bothered by the rampant destruction; if they were going to lose something in that fight, it was better their flowers than comrades. And... besides, it's a reminder that they can't become too attached to this base. Not if they want to reach Nirvana.

Nevertheless, it'd be a shame leave this mess here. And they can always replant.

...Mmmyep, there sure is a lot of work to be done.]
4th-Jul-2012 12:40 am - Naked fights are the best fights -
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Who: Ryu and the Embryon
Where: Embryon base
When: Evening (of the 4th, so slightly forward-dated)
Style: Action
Status: Closed!

[Ryu had been at the Host Club long enough, so when he was told he could go home, he headed for his campsite, pulling at his clothes. He didn't really have to deal with people anymore today, so no one would freak out if he went around naked, right? Right. After stashing his clothes in his tent and eating some fish, Ryu decided to go wandering.]

[After a bit of wandering, he came across a large building. The flag and the garden looked interesting, but the place looked pretty abandoned. Maybe there was treasure inside! So Ryu headed towards the door, looking around to make sure no monsters were going to ambush him, and crept inside, looking around. Maybe he should have brought his sword… oh well. If he really had to he could transform, right? But there hadn't seemed to be the same kinds of monsters, so he should be okay.]
1st-Jul-2012 06:56 pm - Fishing~
amnesiadragon: (get the fish!)
Who: Ryu and EVERYONE! Seriously.
When: Today, all day.
Where: Up on the beach at the island!
Status: Open

[It had been a while since he had gone to do it… so today was the day. Bright and early, Ryu grabbed his fishing pole and some bobbers and a bag and headed up to the island. Once there, he looked around the beach and headed over to a spot that looked good, casting his line out.]

[As the day goes on, the pile of fish in his bag grows bigger. There's mostly just little ones, but there's a few big ones too! At around midday he cooks a few for dinner, and then in the evening he's slowly nodding off with his fishing pole in his hands, the embers of his campfire glowing near him.]

[What do, Vatheon?]
25th-Jun-2012 02:07 pm - Fortress of Solitude
lostliar: (hey there)
Who: Loki and you
Where: The Fog of Silence (Loki's home in the forest)
When: Afternoon
Style: Any
Status: Open

Read more... )
chosen_gigolo: (heeeeey bb)
Who: Zelos and any host club hopefuls~
Where: Casino ballroom
When: Now until July 4th! (please date your comment)
Style: [action]
Status: Open!

[A few signs with arrows towards the casino dot the plaza for the next two weeks, announcing Host Club Auditions! in bold, swirling text.

The ballroom of the casino is still mostly bare when any applicant arrives. The far end of the room holds a table, behind which Zelos is seated with a clipboard and two empty seats on either side of him in case his cohorts decide to join him in the screening process. In front of the table is another chair, presumably for the applicant's use.

Welcome to host club auditions~ Show us what you can do!]
27th-May-2012 12:14 am - ♑ Many small boxes and Maruzee
420: (pic#1234364)
Who: Troll kids and anyone who wants to join
When: Saturday, May 26, in the early afternoon
Where: The Land of Boxes and Joy
Style: Whichever.
Status: Open, feel free to threadjack and use it as a general mingling log.

[Boxes. Boxes! So many boxes.

Gamzee knows how these boxes got here --miracles!-- and for what reason --mating! cause that is what all animals on tv do when they come together in large groups which clearly means that in a few weeks they will hear the pitter-patter of little matchboxes-- but he has no idea what he is doing. Well. He is building. Duh. But he has no idea what it will be. He figures the boxes will just let him know once he is done building. So far he's got a stack of boxes put together in the centre and the starts of a haphazard wall surrounding them. Could be anything really.

But it is totally a boxfort.]
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