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Who: Silver, Bianca
What: Silver finds bitty!Bianca and pulls a big brother type move given his own experiences with the last age swap curse.
Where: Near the place Bianca lives.
When: Morning of the curse start.
Style: Starting in action but will go with whatever.
Status: CLOSED

[.... How stupid can vatheon get? Another age swap? That had been Silver's first thought when he'd spotted the blonde kid- Bianca or something like that - on his morning walk back from the park where he'd been training both swordmanship and pokemon. While he'd normally have started bullying the girl, his own memories of the age curse brought him to a pause.

Would she remember it? He knew he remembered his own time as a kid here -

He grit his teeth before raking a hand through his hair and snorting softly. He really had gone soft but -

... If it proved to be trouble then he'd just pawn the kid off on someone else. No biggie.
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Who: Jacob and YOUUUUU
When: Morning till late afternoon
Where: Near the plaza
Style: Whatever you want, I'll do.
Status: Open like your ears!

[There is a man sitting in the plaza.]

[He isn't at all out of the ordinary- no crazy hair colors or eye colors or anything amiss. Even his clothes are plain and simple, and honestly, he looks like the kind of man who you could spot in a crowd and just forget about instantaneously.]

[He's sitting on a bench while a large black chocobo with flowers tied around its neck rests near his feet. And in his hands is...what appears to be a lute. Huh.]

[There is a few seconds of silence, and then he starts
playing, not even looking at his lute as he does so, as if he's gotten the whole piece memorized by heart.]

[And if you're passing by, he'll smile over at you, as if saying "You can come over and listen. I don't mind."]

[Say hi to your resident god figure, Vatheonites? He won't bite.]

[ooc: For all of you new players out there, this is Jacob from the TV show LOST and...he's a god figure in his canon who has powers of omniscience and such. Therefore, I have a handy-dandy
permission post over here as to how much he can know about your character and such. Thank you!]
13th-Jul-2012 02:41 pm - Gengars on Friday the 13th.
brbstealingpknm: (Some sweet violent urge)
Who: Silver, his Gengar and its victims YOU
What: It's Friday 13th and Silver is a bored teen with a gengar. Mischief and mayhem ensures.
Where: All around Vatheon
When: Night of Friday 13th.
Style: I'll match you.

Gengar on the haunt. Silver is a mature and responsible trainer, really.  )
9th-Jul-2012 09:21 am - Come one, come all--
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Characters: Fish Olympics participants and those who would like to laugh at them cheer them on!
Location: Center plaza!
Time: Evening, Sunday
Style: Whichever suits
Status: OPEN, threadjack away!

[The natives were rather insistent at shoving people towards the center plaza this night. Very insistent indeed. So insistent it is rather hard to escape their grabby hands.

And when they've gathered as many foreigners as they can, they tell everyone the teams.

It's with a smile that the foreigner who seems to be in charge of this all says 'Good luck, teams! And please, be teams.' but then he is waving them off to go meet each other.

Also to hand out betta fish. Try not to lose your fish already, alright?]
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Who: Silver and YOU
Where: All around the bubble.
What: Silver dislikes his hair, thinks about Amane and wants to ragequit the thought bubbles. Not in that order.
When: Today!

Thought bubbles where stupid if you asked Silver, his own currently flicking between several images as he walked the streets of Vatheon. Him punching Hilbert, his hair and one of his pokemon - his golbat, actually, and the idea of getting a sooth bell for it so that he could get a crobat.

Mostly though, it was settled on a nice, cartoony picture of him - looking like, yes, he was sulking.

It even had a raincloud over him.

Why? Well, to say that Silver was pleased with his haircut (even after a week) was an understatement. Oh, his hair had needed it, there was no denying it - but - not at the expense his hair acting like he was thirteen again. Which only made it worse as he was seventeen. It looked stupid - more stupider than ever if you asked him. Half the reason he'd let it grow while he'd been here was because the stupid, stupid 'antennae' of hair that stuck up like it was no one's business. The other half was that he'd been lazy  but it was more about the stupid, stupid ahoge.

He hated it so much. For a moment, the thought bubble showed his father with one, and Silver snorted in amusement - if only it was true - before shaking his head to clear the thought bubble.

...for all of 5 seconds before a list of things he wanted to do in the day popped up. The largest being an image of Amane and spending time with her, followed by training his pokemon, then looking over the SFC. Along with other worries.

Mostly though, it was about the ahoge and spending time with Amane - even going so far as to wonder if he should buy her lunch or something.

Of course, the moment anyone approaches him will be the moment his bubble is filled with this image.

7th-Mar-2012 09:57 am - Digital Domestic Saga
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Who: Serph, Cielo and YOU!
When: Late morning
Where: Outside the Embryon Base, near the forest
Style: Starting in action, but anything goes!
Status: OPEN!

[If you happen to be near the the forest quadrant, then you might feel the ground shake a little. Pretty strange, huh? But nothing to worry about, right?

The localised miniature quake can be traced back to a rather plain looking three storey building that has a grey flag with a bright orange stripe hanging from a pole sticking out of a window. A short distance away from the building, there's two people standing around a hole in the ground that certainly hadn't been there just moments before. A wheelbarrow containing a rosebush with orange flowers sits not far from them, and all along the ground are unopened sacks of dirt and a plethora of those mugs, some of which have fallen onto their sides. There's a bag containing seed packets and beans on the ground, too, and a recording of Sheik's Song of Healing can be heard playing on loop from a SFC nearby.

Serph eyes the hole for a little while longer before nodding to Cielo, giving him the signal to use another Magni Bomb. Which he does. Enthusiastically.

...That sure is another miniature quake happening. But the hole looks big enough for the rose bush, now.

Yep, this is what they've been saving their Starfish Tokens for. Approach?]
14th-Feb-2012 04:29 pm - Date time.
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Characters: Silver and Amane
Location: Around Vatheon
Time: 14th Feb
Style: I'll follow you!
Status: CLOSED.

[Silver was nervous. Very nervous. It wasn't the fact that he was dressed in A nice shirt and slacks and a simple belt Though it was somewhat ruined by his normal shoes, but he thought he looked respectable enough. No, it was more to do with taking a girl out. On a date. A girl that he had a romantic interest for, if he was honest with himself.

Which was why he'd stopped in at the markets and picked up one rose. Just one thorn-less
yellow, red tipped rose - paying the storekeeper, even though he had no need too.

And now he was here, where Amane lived, nervous as hell and rose behind his back. Hopefully she'd like it and the day. Hopefully.

A deep breath and then he knocked on the door.
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Characters: Silver and you!
Location: Plaza
Time: Monday 13th, mid morning.
Style: I'll follow you!
Status: O P E N! All CR Wanted!

[If Silver knew that he'd revived, he didn't show it - though, getting memories of what he did under the curse - of draining the life out of some innocent kids and enjoying it - was more than shock enough for him. It was enough for him to fin the nearest bin and throw up, not even bothered to keep his hair out of the way. It needed a cut anyway and he could just use this as an excuse.

Silver shook by the time that he was done - angry at himself, even if he drew blanks on most of what had happened in the curse
. ] Damnit. This place --

[Nor did he care if anyone saw him in this moment of weakness.

He'd just use them as a verbal punching bag if possible.
] Fuck it!

[OK, so the bin is cool to kick it seems.]

brbstealingpknm: (Some sweet violent urge)
Characters: Silver, Lea, Shizou and Serph
Location: What passes for an area near the park
Time: Just after this on the 8th of Feb.
Style: Action?
Status: CLOSED
WARNIGS: Death log. Non graphic decriptions of an NPC child getting attacked.

['Pan' - for that's who he was, not the paththic mockery that passed for that false life Silver or whatever it was that kept trying to trick him - paced. The two childern that he'd half-drained had long since been discarded into a holding cell somewhere with the help of his mount. Such a useful thing it was. Ungainly on land, but it was much the same with his crocodile.

Oh well. It was useful and it fit what he wanted in a pet, so he wasn't going to look a gift in the mouth.

And it looked like he was going to get another snack to day, that stupid bird-human thing. He doubted that it would 'taste' as pleasent as the childern, but... beggers could hardly be choosers right now.

Either way, 'Pan' still paced. After he'd feasted, he would have to find a more permanent home. Perhaps a castle that he could make his own? And then focuse on finding his queen - the wretch Wendy.

Though, food first, fun later.
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