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5th-Sep-2012 08:28 pm
mad_puppeteer: (Default)
Who: Relius Clover [personal profile] mad_puppeteer, all who volunteered Here.
When: September 5th, Afternoon to the evening
Where: The Island
Style: I'll follow.
Status: Closed to those who volunteered in the thread.

It's time for a simple test. )

((OOC: For all volunteers; before the battle starts please read both of these; Relius's abilities. and Relius's permissions post. Thank you. ^^
1st-Sep-2012 02:03 am - quantus tremor est futurus;
angelphones: (grr...)
Who: Katsu and OPEN
Where: All over the bubble. /o/ Just let me know in the comment.
When: Friday Friday gotta get mad on Friday-
Style: I'll follow whichever.
Status: OPEN

[It starts with him waking up and feeling sore. That's enough to get him going out of bed and outside. Even after he leaves the apartment, though, he can't help but feel antsy and cranky. Everything seems like it's just too annoying.]

[He snaps at the waiter for bringing his food too late, and ends up smashing the plate when he slams it down too hard in annoyance. He heals himself from the cut, but it's just a pain in the ass.]

[Irritated, Katsu heads out to patrol around the rest of the city. He'll get around to his sector, but he's going to need a while to get rid of all of this shitty mood.]
28th-Aug-2012 10:13 am - 003 ♞ that butler, indulgence
xthecorvus: ([鬼] | I vow)
Who: Sebastian Michaelis and all of you
Where: Anywhere around the city
When: Late evening of Gluttony day
Style: Action. Will follow you though.
Status: Open... LIKE YOUR SOUL

Its hiding in the dark, its teeth are razor sharp )
21st-Aug-2012 07:31 am - YE WHO ENTER, PREPARE TO BE PUNCHED
bufudine: (searching for something lost :|)
Who: You, you and YOU! Anyone who is up for some good ol' sparring/training/getting their face beaten in
Where: In the park
When: All week, starting on the 20th!
Style: Anything goes!
Status: OPEN

It's a good week in the bubble! ...Then again, every week is fairly pleasant, temperature wise, in this little city under the sea.


This week is extra pleasant, because there are training dummies set up all over the field in the park, all ready and waiting to be smacked around or smashed into itty bitty bits. Oh, but if hitting dummies aren't your thing, there are also targets for the archers and marksmen who want to get some target practice set up at the north end, cordoned off so people don't accidentally wander into the line of fire. And for those who'd rather play it safe or would like start learning the art of battle, there are plenty of practice weapons in... wheelbarrows? at the corners of the field.

Well, okay, this week would actually be unpleasant if you use the park for some peace and quiet. But for everyone else wanting to get some good old fashioned sparring and training in, this week's a great time to do it!
10th-Aug-2012 04:39 pm - supermassive black hole
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Who: all of [community profile] vatheon
Where: all over vatheon + the island
When: friday evening - saturday evening
Style: any
Status: open - threadhop & threadjack away!

[ all friday evening, the locals have been very accelerated - you might find one shoving a flyer on you or handing you a pair of cheap sunglasses. the flyers more or less explain the reason why, and if you didn't get one you'll be receiving a message on your SFC regardless - ]


[ apparently there's to be an eclipse this evening. the entire bubble itself will be darkened as it usually is at night sans for electrical lights and the coral, but the real show will be able to be seen on the island. it sounds interesting, so maybe you want to check it out? a lot of other people are going—

although if you do decide to visit the island that evening, you might be in for an unexpected surprise. sure, the eclipse itself is pretty fantastic and not a thing one would expect to be able to see in vatheon of all places, but there's something else on the horizon... ]

↪ further details in threads
29th-Jul-2012 09:13 pm - > First Stop: Slippery when wet
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Who: Shinjiro and You
Where: Wandering confused in the plaza
When: July 29th
Style: Starting with prose but feel free to switch to action and I will match up
Status: Open!

Had to be the drugs.

At least that's what he told himself as he continued to walk, his shoes making noise from the water buildup. His hat did little to protect him from the pouring rain, and his hair was already stuck around his neck. His coat was in no better shape and he grunted as he idly put his hands in his pockets, walking along confused. The coat hid his hospital outfit well...considering upon waking up, Shinjiro had remembered the promise they had made, and his first thought wasn't to get properly dressed, but to grab what he could from his room and make a dash for the school.

...only to end up here. Really, it had to be the drugs. He'd managed to catch a date on his way out, and he knew it had been a while. Maybe painkillers with a a side effect. Who the hell knew. But he'd certainly wake up any minute now.

Strange how it felt so real...he looked up to the sky before sighing.

"Tch. Think I'd be done with dreaming after so long..."
bufudine: (a battle endured :|)
Where: At the Embryon Base, located near the Forest Quadrant.
When: Thursday onwards, after the base gets thoroughly trashed :T
Style: So flexible :>

[If you were passing by the Embryon Base on the way to or from the Forest Quadrant, you'd probably notice that it looks... different, from usual.

For one, there's a good chunk of the second storey wall missing.

The garden, which previously had all kinds of plants growing in Vatheon mugs, many of which had been flowering, is now smashed up, many of the mugs lying shattered on the ground. The orange rose bush, which had been the first thing Serph and Cielo planted, is now split in half. There's also a nice new crater in the paving.

All caused by a harmless intrusion into their territory that turned into an all out brawl.

Still, Serph's not too bothered by the rampant destruction; if they were going to lose something in that fight, it was better their flowers than comrades. And... besides, it's a reminder that they can't become too attached to this base. Not if they want to reach Nirvana.

Nevertheless, it'd be a shame leave this mess here. And they can always replant.

...Mmmyep, there sure is a lot of work to be done.]
26th-Jun-2012 11:16 am - ♚ island.
pactum: (♞ you promised me the ending)
Who: Ciel and you!
When: afternoon of the 26th.
Where: the island--the beach.
Style: whatever you prefer!
Status: open as open can be.

[ he's been in Vatheon nearly half a year now, yet he has never set foot on the island before. he'd seen no point to it, really. tropical climates don't suit a young Englishman who prefers to wear starched fabrics and would not take kindly to sand in his well-polished shoes. but with all the bustling about in the bubble lately--'Fisholympics,' how absurd--he's looking for a more quiet spot to spend an afternoon. and since looking at Sebastian's smirking face would no doubt utterly ruin his mood, remaining in his own home is not an option. after deciding that the sunlit warmth of the island might, perhaps, be pleasant (in a small dose), he had opted for that, instead.

it's more peaceful, at least, up on the island, even if the heat makes him a bit uncomfortable. but he's dressed down today, in a simple white Oxford shirt with short sleeves, and a pair of his usual knee-length trousers; no further embellishments. and he's staying well back from the ocean, for the moment. a blanket has been spread on the sand closest to the trees on the edge of the beach, under the shade, and there is a picnic basket atop it, its former contents laid out beside it on pretty white china plates, summertime sweets and finger foods prepared for him by Sebastian: raspberry tartlets with flaky crust and whipped buttercream, delicate teacakes drizzled in honey, crisp gingersnaps with fresh vanilla icing, and small sandwiches with fluffy white bread. quite a lot of food for such a small boy.

Ciel himself is seated on the blanket, legs bent and feet bare, his shoes set neatly aside, stockings stuffed into their toes. the ribbon which had once been in a perfect knot around his neck is set atop the picnic basket for safe-keeping. he's undone the first and second buttons of his Oxford, and looks quite relaxed as he reclines against the tree behind him, an open book propped up on his knees. ]
23rd-Jun-2012 05:23 pm - Sitting in the Summer Sun
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Who: Sora and everyone!
When: Backdated to earlier in the week
Where: The island and the beach!
Status: OPEN
Style: Whichever~

[ A day before the big event a text message goes out to everyone who responded to this post letting them know when the day is going to be! But Sora's not the best with technology so a few other people probably got it as well. ]


[ Sora's waiting on the beach with a grin on his face. He's already in a pair of swim trunks and there's a huge blanket set up a ways back where they can put the food. It looks like Sora had the sense to brings some forks, plates, and cups so they'll have something to eat off of too. ]
not_heavens_adam: (Flight)
Who: Johnny and Katsu
Where: Katsu's place
When: At night
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[It had been a little while since he'd met with Katsu beyond patrolling past his place to make sure everything was okay.

Tonight, instead of flying past as he usually did, Johnny paused, the swarm of bats circling him like a cloud of chittering smoke.

Hoping the boy wasn't in the middle of anything, the vampire knocked on the window.]
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