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15th-Sep-2013 12:37 am
thalassino: (» station master)
[If you've visited the island any time in the past week, then you would have had the briefest conversation with Station Master in the elevator, right before you stepped off onto the island, demeanor as polite as ever as he speaks--]

I'm trying out some new cookie recipes and wanted to know if you wanted to try some. Stop by, when you and your friends are able. I’m thinking of baking up a big batch on Saturday and pass them out where we met before. You really should come.

[--before the doors of the elevator will close, dissuading further conversation. He certainly looked far too serious to be talking about cookies.]


[For those who take Station Master up on his offer, he'll be waiting by the warehouse up on the island, distracted, before waving people inside. Inside are cookies, muffins, and cups of water, but those aren't the real reason he's summoned you here. When Station Master steps inside, he removes his hat, but his gaze is still distant, as if he has other thoughts preoccupying him.]

I’m sorry for calling everyone here on such short notice. I’m afraid I had little choice though and my message is not an enjoyable one.

[His expression is serious now, very serious.]

This morning I intercepted a message meant for the Head Nurse from the lead scientists who are behind this experiment. I was able to erase the message, leaving her unaware of its existence for now but I’m afraid I’ve only been able to buy us some time, nothing more.

[He’s reaching into his pocket now, drawing out a folded piece of paper. The message for those who’d rather read it black on white.]

It said they have gathered all the data needed and are shutting down this project. They’ve also given her the all clear on eradicating all left over assets. That is to say… you.

((Now with a summary))
8th-Sep-2013 09:22 pm - September Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
[The mingle party for this month is slightly delayed, and it certainly isn't because Station Master had decided to wait for the perfect weather.

Today, the party is taking place on the island, where there are locals stationed out on the beach who're more than happy to toss you a kite and show you how to fly one in this breezy day. There are plenty of kites to choose from, ranging from the simple to the pretty to the more tentacular.

Further out along the beach are rows and rows of surfboards, with a sign. With those sweet waves, doesn't it make you want to get out there and ride them? ...Well, even if you don't, some locals will be quite insistent you try and look they're even willing to show you the ropes!

Away from the waves, however, is an outdoor barbeque, with locals cooking shrimp prawns, fish, hot dogs, skewers... anything you want. There's something for everyone, and if you want to be the cook, they'll happily shove over and give you space to be the Iron Chef of the Beach.

...Actually the party's just an excuse for Station Master to show off his masterpiece]
27th-Aug-2013 09:18 pm - Archery Practice
warriorofwinds: (fighting)
Who: Link and YOU!
When: Foward dated to morning of August 27
Where: Forest
What: Link is pratciting his archery.
Status: Prose.

Anyone who was walking in the forest would find Link practicing his archery skills. Setting up some makeshift targets, Link shot them all with incredible accruacy. Care to join him, or bother him?
31st-Jul-2013 01:37 pm - Nothing is better...
iinventedpouty: (42)
Who: Klarion and YOU!
When: Sometime in the afternoon
Where: A little ice cream parlor he found.
Status: Open

It's not often one sees Klarion just sitting enjoying the sun and city. But today he decided to look around for something he'd been craving. What was that? Ice cream, and not just any ice cream, strawberry ice cream. It was one of the few things he had discovered in the human world that he found himself craving. As he walked around the city people around him and Teekl found their shoelaces tied together, or tripping over air. Why? Because Klarion was bored!

His grin spreads over his lips as he walks, watching as his 'victims' trip and stumble around him. He doesn't do this to everyone mind you, just a few. Even as he sits, enjoying his ice cream, he searches for unsuspecting targets. Today was going to be a good day he could just feel it.

booyaka_boom: (Wink From a Clutz)
Who: Selphie, and everyone.
When: All day on the 4th.
Where: That cute little flower shop.
Style: It's your party you can do what you want toooo~
Open to ALL. Srs ALL.

Throughout the day, Selphie makes several announcements on the SFC to promote the flower shop. There's free cake there and, also, free hugs. Cake usually draws a crowd but, if like Selphie, you are suffering with the cold, then hugs will work too.

Today, outside the shop, is an abundance of multicoloured balloons, but more red than any other colour. There's really loads - you could probably take one or two and there still would be plenty. Inside, there are less balloons, but streamers criss crossing all over the shop. By the counter is a huge birthday cake already cut into slices. It's decorated with edible balloons. It's bright in there, with the unmistakeable vibe of a birthday party.

But it isn't a birthday party. Of course, not. Aya strictly said no parties. There're no banners saying Happy Birthday anywhere. The word 'birthday' isn't anywhere. So it's not a party, just Aya's shop decorated like a party, with the entire of Vatheon invited to come along.

So come along, get some cake, have a cuddle, and give birthday wishes to the birthday boy!


2nd-May-2013 12:21 pm - ~You want to know who I really am?~
honeyflaaash: (C | The light of love)
Who: Honey Kisaragi and you.
Where: On the beach.
When: Anywhere today.
Status: Open.
Style: Preferably action.

Cut for a bit of introspection! )

[Still in her flawless disguise, Honey leaves the house she was in to head for the beach. The only way she can honor Seira's memory is by allowing her a chance to see the beauty of this place. The part of Seira's soul that's still inside of her can't actually take over, but Honey hopes her feelings will reach her.

So she'll stare out over the ocean, short lavender hair whipping in the wind. She becomes lost in thought, content to just stand there for hours on end, so she does. She doesn't realize that the longer she stands there, the more the water is slowly rising up to her ankles.]

[[OOC: Replies will come from [personal profile] mistyhoney!]]
2nd-May-2013 02:09 am - Monthly Mingle Log + Marks
thalassino: (» station master)
Though things are certainly a bit busy, Station Master has decided to go ahead with the welcoming party for the new arrivals. Partially because he had decided to take this task upon himself and he certainly wasn't going to slack, and partially because making things appear as normal was as good a cover as they had right now.

However with how much has been going on, this party is not quite as extravagant as previous ones have been. The location is near to the elevator, on the beach. A large banner hung between two trees proclaims a cheerful 'Welcome to Vatheon'. The long food tables that normally take up most of the space are missing. There simply hadn't been the capability of whipping up the sort of food they normally served. What is there however is a lot of fruit. Fresh apples and pears. Bananas. A few bowls of strawberries and pièce de résistance several large and perfectly ripe water melons. One or two have already been split, the water melons pieces set out on small plates on one big table ready for any to take. Drinks are available too. Fresh water and fruit juices. The weather might not be entirely the best for this kinda thing (though occasionally the sun seems to peek out from between the clouds!) but at least it isn't raining.

But that is not all.

In the cover of the storage building turned bubble reparation headquarters sits C. She has been contacting the people who signed up for catching the fish, asking them to start bringing them to her today so she can start working on the marks. Similarly the people who have signed up for early mark change have been invited too to drop by today or in the next few days so the first step in making sure the coral is returned to proper working conditions can be taken.

[ooc: This month the monthly mingling log is combined with the log for the fish catching + early mark changing. Also, if your character is new but you want them to learn what is going on, please leave a small ooc note on your comment and we'll send a NPC your way. The mingling log part of this post is only on the first, in the afternoon. The fish catching and mark changing parts will serve as a collective point for threads of this nature for this whole week.]
23rd-Apr-2013 05:44 pm - Chocobo Rescue Mission!~
booyaka_boom: (Let's Fight)
Who: Selphie, a herd of chocobos, and you!~
When: All day long!
Where: Some on the island, some in the bubble.
Style: Any! ^^
Status: OPEN!

Once Selphie had sorted herself out after being hit on the head and winding up on the island, her first thought was to everything below. Sure, that meant the stuff in her house was ruined and, sadly, probably a lot of damage to the flower shop where she worked too. Her main concern, though, was for all those chocobos. Selphie had felt responsible for them since they appeared in the bubble, and she's been looking after them carefully for a long time. There was still a small herd of them at the chocobo barn, and the thought terrified Selphie.

So she was on a rescue mission! It would take her most of the day to get down to the barn, getting two chocobo at a time, lead them to the elevator, get them in there and up to the top, then to lead them to the clearing in the woods where she had set up camp. So you'll either find Selphie a) wading through water in the bubble along with two rather tired and bewildered chocobos, or b) walking them into the woods to her brand new small holding, and trying to warm them with a fire. In the morning, Selphie will be looking excited and chipper, by the afternoon, she'll be a little worn out but still smiling, by the evening, she'll be singing to them softly, but fighting off her own sleepiness. Maybe you'll catch her sometime - she's pretty friendly and she'll no doubt go fetch something for you from the bubble if you need it too!

19th-Apr-2013 11:21 am - All bubbles pop eventually
thalassino: (Default)
Yesterday was a day of celebration. For once, it seemed that the foreigners were able to affect the coral, and in a positive way at that. The coral lit back up, the barrier strengthened, and everything looked like it was back to normal again.

Unfortunately, it doesn't last.

Overnight the coral begins to dim again, flickering wildly along with the bubble itself. Those who stayed up on the island might notice the strange lights coming up through the waves if they're awake. The ones who stayed in the bubble will notice more than that. The atmosphere is tense, and every now and then there's an echoing crack, like a massive piece of glass is slowly losing its integrity.

By the time the morning arrives, the crack in the bubble is evident. After hours of threatening it, the crack finally falls open with a thundering snap, allowing the ocean to rush in. It hasn't yet given up entirely, but there's a steady stream of water pouring in to the plaza and on to the coral. The waterfall would be a pretty sight if not for the situation.

Hopefully no one stayed down there that long.

((OOC: The bubble has cracked! Feel free to use this post as a mingle log if desired. The elevator is still functioning, so anyone down in the bubble will have some time to escape.))
2nd-Apr-2013 03:55 pm - Adventure is Out There!
warriorofwinds: (Default)
Who: Link and YOU!
When: April 2, Noon
Where: All around Vatheon.
Style: Prose
Status: Open.

It had been a full week since Link first arrived in Vatheon. The people he met so far were very friendly, particularly Zelda, who helped him settle in. Link still missed Tetra and Aryll, but held onto hope that they would arrive in Vatheon one day. So here he is, out exploring the city. If he was going to be here, then he'd make the best of it.
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