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10th-Aug-2013 09:32 pm - Open Log
devwocean: (Mituna - Brain Problems)
Who: Dualscar and YOU
When: Any time throughout the curse period
Where: For some, at Dualscar's hive, but he can be found anywhere in Vatheon as he's been wandering aimlessly all week
Style: Action

For those at Dualscar's hive

[Dualscar consciousness has been trying to get home for most of the week, but he's having a really hard time remembering where he lives. After several days of wandering, getting lost, and having somewhat vocal tantrums elsewhere in Vatheon, Dualscar finally stumbles his way up the steps and tries the door]

Hello? [He calls out, stepping uncertainly through the doorway. He thinks this is his hive.] Ith anyone here?

For everyone else

[Dualscar can be found pretty much wherever, suffering from Mituna's brain problems. He has a tendency to trip on nothingness, or get confused and wander off in the wrong direction. When he gets frustrated, watch out, he's got a mouth on him.

He took off the helmet at some point and threw it into his captchalogue - or maybe just threw it away - and that might not have been a very good idea. His body spasms at times, and sometimes he simply can't stop himself from falling, occasionally even hitting his head on the ground.

This is pretty much the most miserable Dualscar's ever been.

Dare to approach the violet-blood trapped in a broken yellow-blood body?]
replicatedcourage: (shock)
Who: Sola and Vatheon
When: The wee hours of the morning
Where: Plaza
Style: Brackets
Status: Open to all CR great and small!

[At first the Hylian doesn't recognize where he is.

There's a heavy and wild intake of breath as if he doesn't expect for his lungs to expand. He scrambles for the nearest cover, nearly bowling over a hapless towel vendor in the process. He merges into the shadow of a building, nothing visible aside from piercing red eyes as he finally pauses to take in his surroundings, tense and suspicious.

What had Link done? He'd thought he'd been done for, that Ganon's resurrection was a failure purely because again he hadn't been able to spill the hero's blood. And he'd had so much time to plan, to send minions and monsters after him all along, to observe and prepare. But maybe that had been the problem, he'd waited too long. He should have attacked at the beginning when he'd been- well, not weak, he'd still defeated the Demon King, but when Link had his guard down during the reconstruction...

Dark Link's train of thought grinds to a halt as he finally connects where he is, as the jumble of memories he'd ignored suddenly appearing in his mind in favor of adrenaline still surging from his life or death battle start to sort themselves out slowly. They're hardly finished, but he knows this place now. He recognizes it.

Still standing in the shadows but no longer a part of them, Dark Link just stares.


28th-Jul-2013 02:50 pm -
bethehugejerk: (Default)
Who: Karkat ([personal profile] bethehugejerk) and the Sufferer ([personal profile] onlyasign)
When: Saturday, July 27 (backdated)
Where: Sufferer's hive
Style: Action
Status: Closed

two Vantases for the price of one very jumbled brain )
17th-Jul-2013 08:56 pm - How many souls will fall from the sky
zipperlips: (pic#6088727)
Who: Kurloz/Jack Jeckel/Undertaker
What: The streets of Vatheon are no safe place to wander late at night.
When: Late at night on Wednesday.
Where: A side street somewhere in the bubble.
Status: Open!
Style: Prose to start, but I'll follow you.

This week, it's easy to get into trouble, wandering the streets of Vatheon late at night. Any law-abiding citizens would surely have gone to their homes by now, to avoid the dangers of being stuck in a crime-infested city at night. This particular street is almost deserted, though there is one particular pedestrian who seems entirely unconcerned with where he is, and what time it is. Maybe it has something to do with the way he's dressed, a full skeleton costume, including a skull painted onto his face.

Maybe it has to do with the skull he carries in one hand. Is it a model? Maybe. But it certainly looks real. And the way his eyes linger on everyone that passes by... there's something unsettling about him, something's just off. Whatever the case, this man doesn't seem like the type you want to look in the eye.
helmetdoesnothing: (52 - Troll ♊ There's got to be a twist)
Who: Mituna Captor & Anyone
Where: The plaza
When: 07/03
Style: I'll follow!
Status: Open


[It didn't take long for the contact with his matesprit and moirail to become ineffectual against the curse currently afflicting Vatheon. Thinking something might be wrong with him he'd done the first thing that had come to mind, and poked at the coral a few times.

It hadn't helped.

Now, he's sitting next to the coral, curled up and hunched over in a miserable, pointy little ball of awkward gangly limbs. Each minute or so, a violent shiver runs through his frame, shaking his shoulders and forcing his teeth to click together. He doesn't know what's happening, but he's pretty fucking sure he doesn't like it.

Anyone want to help a cold troll out?
1st-Jul-2013 08:19 pm - cuddle cuddle cuddle
onlyasign: (hug everything)
Who: Sufferer and everyone cold
Where: various places throughout the bubbles
When: during the cuddle curse
Style: I'll match
Status: as OPEN as his heart

It is a curse week. It is a curse week where people are cold unless they get cuddled. Sufferer is used to getting cuddled for warmth, and enjoys it. He knows what he must do.

[OOC: Sufferer will be wandering the bubble during the week, gently offering cuddles to anyone who is cold. Just tell me where and what your character is doing in your tag, and they will end up gently embraced in the warm, cuddly arms of troll Jesus.]
1st-Jul-2013 08:10 am - 01 - Detharrival
skwisklok: (Taller than a tree)
Who: Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Sufferer, and anybody else
What: A new arrival has come to the city
Where: Plaza
When: June 29th
Style: Action, but I can match.
Status: Open!

Gaaaaah! Oh, what now.

[It had not bee a good few hours. Skwisgaar nearly died. Again. Instead, it was Ofdensen. He probably saved them all, yet again, and this time he died. He was attending the funeral, watching the flames claim the body of his manager, when suddenly everything jumped around and he landed in this totally different place, soaking wet.]

Oh-kay guys, dis isn't funny.

[It's obvious he's somewhere else, but where? And what's this star shaped thing? and there's a pamphlet with it? This is all too weird. And wet. Welp, there's only one thing to do when you have no idea what to do. Skwisgaar picks up his Gibson Explorer, sits down, and starts running through some speed scales.]
replicatedcourage: (Ah!)
Who: Sola and anyone!
What: Curse shenanigans
When: All week
Where: All over
Style: Whatever, I'll match

[It's not uncommon to see Sola wandering around with a hat on. In fact, he's rarely seen without it. He only really takes it off at night and immediately plops it back on his head when he gets up in the morning, only this week someone seems to be playing silly buggers and replacing his hat with others on different days.

On Monday Sola can be found standing quiet seriously and still in front of the coral, holding his sheathed sword like a rifle against his shoulder and sporting a bearskin. He seems dead set on keeping a straight face for whatever reason. It might just be way too tempting to see what one can do to break that stalwart vigil...

On Wednesday the Hylian is much more active, though not even remotely himself. He can be found clucking and bawking in a chicken hat, apparently believing he's a member of the poultry. Just don't attack him! He is a Hyrulean chicken, after all.

For all the shenanigans earlier in the week, Friday is by far the worst. Sola can be found walking ridiculously bow-legged around town, chewing on imaginary tobacco and sporting a very large cowboy hat. For all intents and purposes he seems thoroughly convinced that he's a genuine desperado. But his accent? It's utterly atrocious.]

((ooc: Feel free to run into Sola on any given day, just go ahead and put which day in the subject line if it's not clear in the tag! Any and all CR welcome~))
16th-Jun-2013 10:01 pm - ♑ | Gamzee and beach parties!
420: (pic#1234342)
[The first part of this post is a network text, backdated slightly to yesterday.]

AiGhT, lIkE, i hAd mE SoMe hElLa sWeEt pLaN AlL FoRmInG In mY PaN HeRe wHaT I WaNnA PuT To yOu pEePs, So iF YoU CoUlD Be aS To lEnD Me yOuR MoThErFuCkIn hEaRdUcTs tHaT'D Be cOoL.
A MoThErFuCkEr cOuLdN'T HeLp bUt gEt hIs nOtIcE On fOr wHaT SoRt oF BiTcHtItS WeAtHeR We'vE BeEn bLeSsEd wItH.
GeTs a bRoThEr aLl sOrTs oF In tHe rIgHt fUcKiN MoOd fOr cHiLlIn oN ThE BeAcH AnD FiNdInG HiS WiCkEd zOnE, yOu gEt mE, cAuSe sHiT If tHeRe aIn't aLl bEiNg nO PlAcE BeTtEr tHaN ThE MoThErFuCkIn bEaCh fOr sPeNdInG YoU TiMe aT
BuT ThEn i wAs tHiNkInG LiKe, MoThErFuCk, I CoUlD Up aNd bE SpEnDiNg tHaT SwEeT TiMe oN My mOtHeRfUcKiN LoNeSoMe, FeElInG LiKe sOmE KiNdA GrEeDyTiTtIeD NiNa sTeAlInG Up aLl a tHoSe bEaUtIfUl mIrAcLeS FoR MySeLf.
Or i cOuLd iNvItE YoU BrOs aLoNg
So, ToMoRrOw i'm gOnNa fUcKiN ChIlL AlL DaY On tHe bEaCh aNd aNy oF YoU MoThErFuCkErS WhAt wAnTs tO BuIlD SoMe sIcKnAsTy pArTy wItH A BrO ShOuLd dRoP On bY AnD ThEn mAyBe wE CaN AlL HaVe sOmE FuCkIn fUn tOgEtHeR.


[True to Gamzee's word, on Sunday afternoon, there is indeed stuff on the beach fit for a beach party. Which, lets all be honest here, is something we should congratulate him on cause the chances of him forgetting a party he suggested in the first place are about 42.0% .

It is very clearly not a strictly organized beach party however. A variety of beach related things (seriously, the shopkeepers were hella awesome here and had gladly helped Gamzee bring up a whole load of shit he hadn't even known existed) lay strewn on the sand, everything from beach balls to small, colourful shovels for sand castle building (no buckets, wow, what was he, some kinda perv?) to various drink coolers stocked with faygo, faygo, some more faygo, and just for the people wanting something different, some faygo too.

Hope you like faygo.

Or brought your own drinks.

But seriously, anything you might need to have fun at a beach party is there (except, as mentioned, tiny plastic buckets, please this is a very culturally sensitive beach party) up to a few surf boards, even. So grab whatever you want, find a friend or make a new one, and have some fun.]

[ooc: Please treat this post as your general mingle log! Gamzee invited everybody, so come on up, grab a cold faygo and have fun.]
15th-Jun-2013 08:30 pm - things that can only end well: THIS
onlyasign: (rawr)
Who: Sufferer and Bro
Where: The Plaza and then the world!
When: after the greatest rap off in history
Style: legend--wait for it!--DARY!
Status: closed

Sufferer is a nerd and arrives at 5:55 pm. What, he doesn't want to miss his meeting with Bro! He settles on a bench in the Plaza and looks around, waiting eagerly.
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