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25th-Feb-2012 12:10 am - Matthew // 025
redcloakedthief: (Maybe I /do/ know)
Characters: Matthew, Saya and you!
Location: Center Plaza
Time: Alll day
Style: First...?
Status: Open open! You can get Matthew, Saya or probably both!

[Hello Vatheon.

If you wander past the plaza at all today, you will find something a little funny about it.

And by a little, I mean a lot.

For you will see Matthew and Saya piecing together what seems to be...a gingerbread village. Wait, no, that's not entirely right.

It appears to be a gingerbread model of Vatheon (not quite to scale); stray pieces of gingerbread and cartons of frosting lie scattered around, even as Matthew lies on his stomach and carefully puts a roof onto one of the apartments.

What do you mean they're out of season? These two certainly don't seem to care.]

Hey, Saya, can you hand me the blue frosting?
Who: Saya & Matthew hell yes we start this party off right
Location: ... everywhere...
Time: early morning to... whenever?! dated on december 31st
Style: whatever dearest wants ♥
Status: closed, sorry~

[So when she rolled over in bed that morning, she didn't think that it was all that strange of a day.

But then as she rubbed at her eyes and looked at the clock-

Ah. December 31st.

... December 31st!!

Sitting up suddenly, she gasped.]

I'm... old!!

[And then pouncing on the spot where Matthew normally sleeps-]

Matthew, Matthew, guess what today is--
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