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Who: Hajime and Equius
Location: First, the plaza and then...THE WORLD.
Time: Backdated to after this bond was fostered.

Blood brothers in the name of anti-Eridan's hair REPRESENT. )
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Who: [personal profile] cubofkai, a horse, and you.
Where: Just about anywhere; the Lake
When: Afternoon!
Style: Either/or!

When Mitsuhide had told Yukimura he could train a horse to allow him to ride as he usually did, he took that to heart. Nearly every morning since he had been working with a stallion nearly as excitable as he was, chatting excitedly to it as he taught the horse with surprising patience.

Now his hard work was paying off.

If you hear the sound of pounding hooves, you may wish to get out of the way.

Yukimura was crouched on the back of the stallion, one foot sideways and the other placed squarely between the beast's shoulder blades. He held his hands at his sides, missing the feel of his spears in his hands, as they cantered through any space big enough and empty enough for an excitable horse and his master to pass through.

If one were to follow them, eventually they would find a laughing Yukimura near the lake, brushing the sweat off the equine's body as it drank its fill.
6th-Jan-2012 01:55 am - [1st Kill]
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 Who:  Yuno and Everyone else!
Location: Plaza
Time:  Jan. 5, Afternoon
Status: Open~

Most people would be startled by the fact they woke up in a brand new place more than anything else going on at that very moment, but Yuno was not one of those people. Her dress and hair drenched with water, Yuno paid it no mind as she frantically looked around the plaza for something particular. Or more like, someone. She reached for her phone, but instead found a strange device.

The communicator. She opened it and examined the thing, feeling her anger rising at the realization that this would not help her in any way in locating Yukki via future diary readings, or knowing whether he was safe.

Yukki was gone. All she remembered last was being in the car with him following after the 11th, and Yukki's hand on her own..and..

That's right.
The diary had said that Akise knew her secret and was going to tell Yukki everything. He must have done something to cause her to forget how she got here, and took Yukki away! Yuno was angry enough at this rate, and knowing Akise would tell him her secret made her enraged...once Yukki knew, he'd definitely leave her. She had to stop Akise...

He had be somewhere in this strange place with her precious Yukki, and she was set to find him.
No matter what.
3rd-Jan-2012 02:12 pm - 01
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Who: Shelly and anyone
Location: Plaza
Time: Afternoon
Style: Either
Status: Open

[Standing before the coral with a hand perched on her hip and a megaphone in the other, Shelly, still damp but drier from her sodden arrival, begins her announcement in a firm, less-than-pleased tone as the fairy beside her flutters about quietly.]

Attention [ -- the rest is drowned out by a high-pitched screech as the megaphone adjusts -- ] !

What you have committed is a severely punishable offense that will not go unheard by the Republic's Senate. However, before you respond to the matter of your crime, I demand an explanation.

[She lowers the megaphone, waiting.]
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Who: Jacob and EVERYONE EVER.
Location: Anywhere and everywhere.
Time: Backdated to Christmas Day- all day, from morning to midnight
Style: I'll follow!

[The man going around the city isn't wearing a red suit or hat. He isn't fat, and there is no white beard on his face. His nose isn't as round as a cherry, and his cheeks aren't rosy. However, his blue eyes do twinkle as he goes around, carrying a large burlap sack...]

[And he seems to be giving everyone he meets a blue or white wooden amulet, carved in the shape of a scarab with holiday greetings etched on the bottom in Egyptian hieroglyphics. He doesn't seem to single out anyone for the gifts, either- the homeless man in the alley receives the same gift and warm words that is given to the rich woman dining outside a lavish restaurant.]

[Even though he may not look like it, Jacob seems to be taking on the job of being Santa Claus incredibly well.]

[And if you are one of the select few who Jacob knows very well, you're receiving a very unique scarab made especially for you.]

[Care to greet this man as he makes his rounds? Because you're getting a gift too, whether you like it or not.]

[ooc: Jacob is giving out
scarabs to everyone! Check the list to see if your character is getting a unique one. Also, for all you new people who don't have CR with Jacob yet, please fill out Jacob's permission post before commenting. Thank you!]
2nd-Jan-2012 08:12 pm - Ready Your Weapons
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Who: N and anyone!
Location: Forest
Time: Morning.
Style: Either-or!
Status: Open to all!

There is a clearing not too into the forest that has obviously gotten some abuse in the past. It sits on the bottom of a hill and much of the vegetation has been burned away; the hill itself looks as if it has been gouged on occasion by something very large.

Right now, it may be obvious what the cause may have been: a large white dragon sits on the edge, though at the moment she seems contented to lounge on her belly, eyes half-closed. Nothing nearly so traumatic as destroying part of the hill is going on right now; instead she is watching over her trainer with a much smaller beast.

N has a sword in hand, though the scabbard is still on it, and he is all but dancing around, blocking as his Zorua lunges at him, swiping at him again and again.

It is all very serious until the fox Pokemon apparently has had enough. The Zorua jumps up and grabs ahold of the scabbard, pulling down on it with a playful growl.

"H-hey! This is not tug of war!" N protests, but he ends up laughing as he tries to wrest the sword away from him.
2nd-Jan-2012 02:28 am - Bewildered but alive
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Who: Ion and all the people!
Location: The plaza
Time: January 2nd, morning
Style: Anything works
Status: Wide open!


[Ion tries too hard to draw in breath and gasps, sputtering. Oh, good, he'd managed to finish his sentence after all. Wait.]


[Utterly confused, he pats himself. How could he be wet? They were just in a volcano!]

Anise? Luke? Tear?

[He looks around. The city is beautiful, almost unnatural. It's possible that this could be the afterlife, isn't it? But he's all wet, and so cold! That doesn't seem right at all.]

Is anyone here...?
1st-Jan-2012 05:51 pm - Hajime | 001
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Who: Hajime and YOU!
Location: Arrives in the plaza and moves from there
Time: All is quiet on New Year's Daaaaaaay...
Style: I'll match whatever you throw at me. ♥

[There's a soaking teen walking around the plaza. He appears none too happy, whether it's the way he flicks the water free from his wrists and legs or the way his grimace furrows lower and lower down his face. He looks around but rather than shock, he appears...quite comfortable.]

Vatheon again. Hmph. Once again, this place has brought me at such an inconvenient time. Of all days, it has to be New Year...

[He takes his glasses off to wipe them dry but he can't even manage that properly with a soaking shirt. He fiddles with it for a bit before catching his reflection off a pool of water. More importantly...

His hair.

Seriously, do you know how long he spends styling his hair in the mornings? To wet it like this...]

This... This is a travesty! To spend the first day of the new year like this... My first words of the year...

[And thus starts Hajime's not-so-silent battle to find proper hair products. Of course, he's not about to put his masculinity on the line. Anybody might find him acting suspiciously around town.]
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