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Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs), Chosokabe Motochika ([personal profile] behisstrength), Gracia ([personal profile] kagayakashi), and YOU!
Where: By the forest clearing!
When: Early evening - midnight.
Style: [ Action ]!

[ If you happen to come by the forest at around dusk, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. For tonight - and just for tonight - there is a celebration open for all. Though the ceremony itself was private, the nighttime's reserved for guests, friends, passer-by's who are curiously following the crescendo swell of live music...

There is a sign by the forest quadrant's entrance. It reads, in big bold, bright letters: "The Akechi-Chosokabe Party Reception! Come one, come all!"

The party-planner is inexperienced with the words and the tradition, but it's got its charm. Some of you probably got invites to this gig too. So keep going down the path, and you'll find the heart of the fun.

The linear path towards the inner clearing is lit with candles inside jars, leading the way forward. The warm glow sets the tone immediately. And when you finally get to the where the crowd is, it's an even lovelier sight to behold. There's a band playing jazzy French music to the right - obviously Vatheon civilians who dressed for the occasion - and a train of white cloth that goes around the clearing, the ends pinned against the barks of numerous trees. It gives the appearance of a closed space, and the white surprisingly bounces well with the rest of the lights decorating majority of the area. There are some on trees, some on the grass, and lots on the tables where guests can sit and relax. And every table is blue or purple in color tone, making a refreshing contrast from the glow of the lights against cool textures. Two buffets sit on either side of the clearing, every dish varying from the strange (is that...Greek cuisine? A head of a lamb???) to the familiar (so that's where the sushi is!) Looking at the venue from afar, it seems as if the reception is made to be a fusion of different things from different places. From the food served to the out-of-place decor on majority of the tables (think frying pans and coins hanging from the back of your chair, and on the centerpieces) - the whole shebang seems to celebrate not only the wedding of two people, but an avid attempt at wedding cultures together. The Japanese undertone in wooden accents, the white cloth, the shift from jazz to Italian ballads, and where in the world did that giant peach cake come from?

More importantly, however, the happy couple remains at the center of the festivities. The makeshift aisle has the most candles lined up on the side, leading everyone to the stars of the night. Mitsuhide and Motochika sit side-by-side on lavishly decorated pillows, keeping Mitsuhide's request for some semblance of Japanese in the reception. Long curtains are held together with sturdy poles on four corners, giving the couple enough privacy to speak to each other without completely isolating themselves from the rest of the party, and to those who wish to speak to either of them too. They take up the center of the whole clearing, and most of the pots and pans, gold and silver coins, different colored sheets, and good luck charms of varying sizes hang around them, surrounding them with perceived fortune and happiness. Warm sake sits a few feet away from the two.

And who was responsible for all this?

Well, why don't you take a look at that giant cake. In about ten minutes into the celebration, the music stops, then re-plays an upbeat song. The cake starts moving, shivering, and in a timely fashion, Gracia Akechi comes bursting out of the cake from a hidden box meant to conceal her presence and to save the cake from collapsing. With arms outstretched, a wide smile on her face, and an outfit for the party completing the surprise, she screams a jovial "Congratulations Father and Father!" before jumping out gracefully, with a slight flourish.

Welcome to the Akechi-Chosokabe reception, come one come all. Let the party begin!

(OOC: This is an OPEN LOG so you guys don't have to know Mitsuhide/Motochika/Gracia to jump in x'D This could, in fact, be the introduction we all need! Lmao, so mingle with friends, make new ones, eat, drink, greet them w/ fond wishes, eat the cake, dance with the band, etc. etc. etc. THE NIGHT IS YOUNG, FOLKS. AND LOVE IS IN THE AIR ♥ Also please imagine it's less lavish than the pictures, those are just there for visual aid)
19th-Oct-2012 11:32 am - dreaming away
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Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs) and Gracia ([personal profile] kagayakashi).
Where: Gracia's apartment.
When: Today, around noon.
Style: Prose!
Status: Closed.

Sleeping beauty awakes, and gets some news from Daddy )
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Who: Gracia and anyone who might come across her.
When: During the last day of the seven vices/seven virtues curse.
Where: Somewhere in between the plaza and the marketplace.
Style: [ ACTION TAGS. ]
Status: OPEN LIKE EYES. Or something.

[ Guys. Guys. Guys.

We've got some hardcore R-18 stuff going on here, thanks to the curse. Like, this is so graphic you can't even believe it. Viewer discretion is totally advised. Or not. Oh wow this is such a turn on. Phew.

[ As unfortunate as it was to be affected by a vice rather than a virtue, Gracia's coping pretty well with the whole Lust thing going on. One would assume she'd be lusting over someone, perhaps someone important to her (BESIDES HER FATHER ASDFGHJKL;), but..........well, this is a rather confusing scenario you'd come across. Certainly, falling into lust with an inanimate object was way better than lusting over people - people you might not even know - right?

Err, that will be up to you to decide.

Along the side of the pavement, Gracia is currently lying against an extremely large crate, large enough to fit two people crouched into it. Must be from a shipment or a delivery, or just the magic of the city doing what it does best. Regardless of where it came from, Gracia is acting stranger than usual as she caresses its exterior with a deliberate slowness, and looks at it with a hazy fondness. Is she...blushing? And perhaps her cape might be a tad looser than usual too...

Oh, this box is really big. [ Gracia kneels and tries to embrace it's width, eyes closed in ecstasy (????) and her smile growing wider by the minute (?????????????????) ] I really really love boxes like this. I can fit into it so well...

[ She bites her lower lip and sighs. ] All the places we could go to...!

[ She laughs and begins caressing the crate again. Sure, it's common knowledge that Gracia's a fan of boxes, but who would have known it'd come to this? ]

12th-Aug-2012 06:02 am - secret tunnel thru the mountain
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Characters: [community profile] vatheon + an eventual mystery guest star
Location: island + new area
Time: all week starting monday
Style: any
Status: open - threadhop & theadjack away

[ after the kicked up damage wrought by yami in the south forest quadrant settles down and becomes surveyable by monday, characters are in for a little— or, well, a big surprise that is the secret research facility. the entrance of it is easy enough to find, thanks to the destruction— although a lot of the research facility itself is destroyed as well. the power still works, at least! although whatever network it had seemingly been hooked up to is currently (and likely permanently) offline.

near the ENTRANCE of the facility, characters will likely find a very large chart on one of the walls— it resembles a map with handwritten annotations and will undoubtedly prove useful in further exploration. there's nothing else interesting near the entrance, sans for a few empty desks and a trash bin full of what appears to be torn up employee information of some sort. the other areas that can be found will be as follows:


↪ pretty self-explanatory, although they are extremely minimalistic and completely abandoned. it's likely that the scientists made use of these— some of the beds seem a bit unkempt, as though they were recently used; whereas some rooms have full garbage bins with various papers. many of them are unuseful or flat-out irrelevant, others appear to be outdated schedule data— the dates on most of the papers seem to be from a little over a year ago. basically, the bins are filled with what they were made for— trash.


↪ deeper into the facility, it's obvious that quite a lot of research had been being conducted within— multiple rooms seem to be arranged for just that purpose. most of the rooms are empty or have a lot of strewn tools within them as though they were emptied in a hurry. although one room in particular was left as it was; it's both locked and blocked off though, and might take a little force in order to get into. once inside, a completely white room will be found that might feel familiar to people who had been directly involved in a strange event that had happened quite a while ago... the room is slightly less white than any "experiments" might remember, however. in fact, there seems to be quite a bit of dried blood about the place. the blood can be found on nearly everything in the room— the table accompanied with surgical tools, the cabinet filled with both syringes and old vials of a blue fluid, and a prominent list visible on one of the walls.


↪ one lab in particular found further within the facility appears to be bigger and better than all the others— it's also the only lab with a multitude of computers. due to the power being on, computers will be responsive— although because whatever network they once runned on is no longer online, the only data accessible is offline data found within any harddrives or memory devices.

and there is plenty of that. however, any data found is heavily encrypted and unlike anything ever seen before, so even a normally excellent hacker will have a problem getting past the security walls; and the only file that can be opened immediately seems to make no sense whatsoever:


furthermore, nearly everything resembling paper evidence has been torn or shredded, as evident by the completely empty and ajar file cabinets— not to mention the fact that there are plenty of scraps of unreadable paper strewn across some parts of the floor.


↪ in the deepest part of the lab is a peculair hallway that seems to drop downward— which is curious, since the facility is located so closely on the edge of the island itself. although everything becomes clear should one reach the room near the end of the lowering hallway— a majority of the equipment is damaged, but it is indeed a submarine exit of some sort. could this be how all of the scientists left so suddenly..? in fact, most of the submarines are missing— sans for one, but it's quite old and probably nonfunctional in its current state. you're fully allowed to try and fix it, but it will take both a team of people and several weeks.


↪ also in the deeper part of the facility, although closer to the main lab than the submarine exit, is a completely closed off area— mechanical doors and a digital lock that seems to be online block all from entering. the door seems to open automatically for a keycard, but there's also an emergency override function— that activates via a password. blinking in an almost mocking fashion, it prompts you:

enter password: |
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Who: Gracia ([personal profile] kagayakashi) & Motochika ([personal profile] behisstrength).
Where: Inside their living room.
When: Backdated to Motochika's birthday, June 11, sometime during late morning to noon. Before this log with Mitsuhide.
Style: [ Action. ]?
Status: CLOSED.

Daddy#2's birthdaaaaaay~ )
9th-Jun-2012 09:01 pm - ☆` not until i touch the sky
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Who: Gracia and YOU!
Where: The park.
When: During the canonswap curse.
Style: [ Action. ] for speed!
Status: So, so Open. Like, it's so open I could die.

[ The redhead wasn't exempt from Vatheon's curse this time around. At least it wasn't so bad. She panicked slightly upon waking up feeling rather different, but it all lead to absolute glee as Gracia discovered a pair of strange looking wings on her back. Fortunately, it wasn't just for show, she could actually fly using them. And what a day it's been! Flying up and down the city, around the forest, even the pirate ship...

...There was just one other strange thing about this curse. The wings were a wonderful benefit - she's always dreamed of flying! - but whenever she touched or flew past people or plants within her close proximity, the plants wilted somewhat, and the people either yawned or near fainted. She assumed it wasn't anything at first, but when it kept on happening, Gracia could no longer ignore it.

Was that part of the curse, or the power?

[ Currently, Gracia was by the park, underneath a large tree. Clad in a new attire with a dark gray hood, the redhead sighs as her fingers hover above a large pink flower. Before she can even touch it, the flower bends slowly towards the ground, its petals losing most of its color. ]

But I don't understand...what am I doing to it? Ooh, somebody tell me!

[ She's clearly frustrated, if her rubbing her hair till it was slightly a mess wasn't indication enough. ]

((OOC: For the canonswap curse, Gracia is currently one of Homestuck's godtier humans; a Rogue of Life to be more specific. From what I've been told by our lovely mod Dees and other Homestuck Vat players, Rogues steal from things to give to their friends, and the Life aspect is self-explanatory. Put it together, and Gracia is able to steal life from others to give back to others as well! xD; Feel free to poke~))
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Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs), Chosokabe Motochika ([personal profile] behisstrength), and Gracia.
When: Saturday, May 26, at around 12 noon! Lunch time!
Where: On the island, by an intimate clearing somewhere between the north forest and the harbor.
Style: [ Action. ], y/y?
Status: Closed.

Stop hiding in that corner, Mitsuhide. It's not that bad, ahahahaha. )
7th-May-2012 01:49 am - ☆` to protect the ones we love
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Who: Gracia and Hideyoshi ([personal profile] bountyofthesun).
When: After the crossover dream event.
Where: Dun dun dunnnnn! The casino, nearing dusk.
Style: Prose would be cool, though I'm fine if you prefer [ Action! ] tags :)
Status: Closed.

The tension continues! )
14th-Apr-2012 09:28 am - so about that flyer...
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[ there's a bit of a commotion tonight, and many locals are talking about something happening up on the island. anyone curious enough to check it out would first notice a glowing shore to match a starry sky; it seems to be a type of jellyfish causing this.

immediately afterward they would undoubtedly see a very large boat having apparently docked itself on the shore. there's no captain in sight and it appears to be completely inoperable, so it's a full-blown mystery on how it arrived on the shore. it certainly doesn't look like a normal boat though— probably due to the fact that it is utterly decked out for a party.

there are streamers, balloons, and a whole lot of glitter on deck. there's even a large banner that reads:

☆ HAVE FUN!!! ☆

on deck there are speakers blasting a nautical-style party music should dancing be your thing. nearby there's plenty of good food for the eating, along with a gratuitous amount of chapagne (with a non-alcoholic brand for the underage); a champagne tower can also be seen. party games are encouraged, and a few are even already set up (such as the large whale-themed piñata).

have fun, mingle, and enjoy the party! ]
6th-Apr-2012 12:57 pm - ☆` silliness around the corner.
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Who: Gracia and YOU!
Where: Beside one of the shops in the market.
When: Right now? At about lunch time!
Style: [ Action! ]
Status: OPEN ♥

[ Notice this young redhead sitting on top of a closed crate, with an adult sized blue chocobo right beside her. It harks at strangers who stop and stare at her, and well. They do it with good reason. Gracia yawns, and upon closer inspection, her eyes lack the spark of energy that's usually iconic of her character. She yawns a second time, and eventually her eyes close.

The chocobo tilts its head, staring at her. It seems Gracia has fallen asleep on top of the crate...

[ Her body leans to the side, the opposite direction from the blue chocobo. See, that's what you get for falling asleep in broad daylight on top of crates. She opens her eyes only moments before the inevitable fall. She shrieks and flails her arms, but her efforts do nothing to stop her body from hitting the hard pavement. It's a rather comedic scene, yet it's bound to leave some pain. The blue chocobo walks over to her and nudges her with its beak, but Gracia is still on the ground, on her knees and elbows. There's a noticeable red splotch on her forehead, to which she tries to soothe with her hands. ]

Ow...I hope that doesn't leave a mark. Father will be angry with me...

[ She stares up at her chocobo with a frown, then up to the crate. ] I knew I should have sat inside of it.

[ Help por favor, y/n? BOX POSTS AWWYEAH ]
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