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5th-Jul-2012 04:03 am - You Are Now My Rival!!
lafreshia: (ohoho)
Who: Lili and You!!
Where: The Plaza
When: A little after breakfast, a little before lunch
Style: You pick, I follow
Status: Open like a love song, baby

Lili needs a sparring partner... )
29th-May-2012 07:36 pm - A Wayward Savior
theholywarrior: (❝I am Justice!❞)
Who: Patroklos & Whomever finds him
When: Midday
Where: Plaza (Or rather wandering away from the main plaza)
Style: Prose & action both welcomed
Status: Open

Fate can be quite cruel to the weak of mind )
29th-May-2012 11:17 am - Where's My Butler?
lafreshia: (shocked)
Who: Lili and you
When: Midday
Where: Town Plaza
Style: Your choice
Status: Open

Sebastian! Where are you? Look at the state of me. I got my new dress all wet. Fetch me some new garments.

[She was just in a fight moments ago. One last blow and she would have won. But before she could've delivered her coup de grâce, a force had pulled her back and blacked her out. When she came to, she was alone, dripping wet and in a place she didn't know]

Did I get kidnapped again? Father would be most displeased. I must find my way back. Sebastian! Where are you?!

[She was never without her butler. Though she did all the fighting, Sebastian was always there to tell her how proud he is of her or how fine a young lady she's turning up to be. Now without him, Lili felt... vulnerable... helpless...small]

Sebastian, you dolt. It's almost teatime and you're not here...

[She let out a long sigh before proceeding to scan the area and was pleased to find she wasn't truly alone. People! She brushed her clothes with her hand, fixed her hair and tried to appear the most presentable she could manage. When she was satisfied, she approached the nearest passerby and asked.]

Hello. I seem to have misplaced my servant. Where might I find another one?
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