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faithqueen: (Default)
Who: Queen Minnie and ALL OF YOU!
Where: Starting at the plaza, but can be anywhere. She's looking for everyone she remotely knows in vatheon.
When: Mid-morning onwards.
Style: I'll follow you

[There now a mildly unimpressed mouse in the Plaza, Vatheon.

Though, Minnie doesn't waste time standing around. Oh no. She might be unimpressed and drenched, again, but she's a mouse on a mission. A mouse on a mission with a pink towel thanks to a kind Native.

First, to find her husband. Dear Light but Vatheon dragged her back not a day after Mickey returned to the castle.
Second, to find those she knows - which is basically her whole CR - and see if they are still here.

23rd-Mar-2012 09:30 pm - she's neither fat nor skinny~
takesyoubytheheart: (8D)
Who: Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Where: The mouse family home.
When: Early evening
Style: Action,
Status: Mice only! PREPARE FOR ADORBS.

She's the horse's whinny~ )
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