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17th-Apr-2012 08:55 pm - ✖ marks the spot
treasurehunts: (↠ oh like hell I'm bait)
Who: Motochika Chōsokabe & YOU
When: around the daytime
Style: either works- I'll match what you've got!

[Don't mind that guttural snarl when you walk around today.

No, really.

You should instead be minding the flaming anchor that's perhaps soaring a little too close for comfort. Yes, it's flying, don't question it-

After all, it's landing just a few feet away as a very, very perturbed looking pirate is landing on his feet (remarkably steady). The scowl he's wearing doesn't seem like anything you want to mess with.]

When I find the bastards in charge o' this place-

[A distinct growl before he whistles sharply, a parrot coming down to perch on his shoulder with an answering caw. He scoffs angrily before glaring at whoever might be nearby without even realizing he's doing it-


Motochika's back.]
brbstealingpknm: (ARCEUS DAMNIT ALL)
Characters: Silver and MotochikaAniki
Location: In the forest
Time: Monday afternoon
Style: Action unless Dana wants prose.
Status: C L O S E D

[Silver let his head drop as he lowered his blade after the final kata, breathing heavily. Damnit, but even ten days after New Years, he was still confused over the whole 'little brother' thing, never mind what else had happened. It made no sense; he didn't need or want a family or anything like that-- it was stupid, worthless and it only lead to hurt and loss.

Which only frustrated him, though he wasn't going to go to the pirate samurai for answers as to why he'd called Silver a 'little bro'. Silver could and would figure them out on his own. After all, he'd bee doing fine so far - gotten this far on his own. He didn't care for the bonds he'd formed here, they would only hold him back. Family was loss, pain and abandonment, and like hell he was even going to open himself up for that again..

A shake of his head and he started the katas again, this time with more force than needed; Anything to clear his mind of stupid, stupid crap that didn't mean anything.
3rd-Jan-2012 01:23 pm - ☽ A Birthday to Remember
messianic: (With its own tints the sober grey.)
Characters: Minato, Aniki, Renton? Yukari? IDK GUYS
Location: The island
Time: Early...?
Style: First please |D;;
Status: Closed

[...Getting a text from Aniki was a little unexpected today, but considering Yukari had already reminded him of the day by giving him a gift, he at least knew what it was about.

And so he agreed to meet the man on the island, curious what he had planned but overall not too flustered.

It was his birthday. He rather thought he could handle whatever Aniki threw at him.

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