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21st-Jun-2012 04:49 am - action !!
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Who: c.c. & [community profile] vatheon
Where: park!!
Style: [ heavily pretentious brackets ] ..or not; your choice, i'll follow!! ❤
Status: swings this baby open

[ having been cooped for far too long, c.c. has decided that she isn't going to put up with it anymore. it isn't like she was ever one to obediently heed warnings, anyway; so if you're in the park today, you may just notice the girl who has thrown caution to the wind. she's dressed rather normally than she usually is in an attempt to be inconspicuous— she's even concealing her face well enough with a large summer hat.

—except, she's doing a rather poor job of being inconspicuous... if only due to the fact that she has a fresh pizza box with her on the bench she's seated and is currently sharing some of it with the ducks.

care to approach the odd girl feeding the ducks pizza? ]
2nd-Apr-2012 12:27 am - ♚ revisiting
relive: (i don't think so.)
Who: Shirley and anyone
Where: Near the coral/later near the elevator
When: Late evening, sure.
Style: I will always match, but slight preference for brackets.
Status: Opeeeennn \o/

[There seems to be a red-headed girl near the Coral today; her hair, and her...well, everything soaking wet from the trip down. She's breathing heavily, still recovering from...something, as suggested by the blood on her shirt, but she at least doesn't seem to be in pain anymore--so she is able to walk on her own two feet, her head held high, despite the circumstances.

She doesn't seem at all bothered to be here; with a mere towel around her body (a rather pathetic attempt to hide the blood, until she can get changed), and another for her hair, she walks on, rediscovering the city she once knew.

...It's like a dream, being here again. This is so hard to believe...

[And then she keeps going until she comes across a rather large elevator, staring at it with awe.]

Ah-- this wasn't here before!

hearsnoevil: <lj site="" user="lunchpackets"> dns (vat | fairy tale 3)
Who: Mao and you!
When: Not too long after the curse kicks in?
Where: In/around the plaza
Style: any!
Status: Open like a box!


there sure is one long-ass dragon flipping his scales in the plaza. And by flipping his scales, he's one angry, snarling bundle of scales.

And sooner or later during his hissy fit, he ends up getting tangled up in the coral, but it's not stopping him from thrashing around. Really, the only way to really tell who this dragon is, is by getting close enough to look at the eyes--if anyone recognizes the Geass sigils for who they belong to.]
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