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10th-Apr-2012 06:39 pm - awkward sword shopping outing!
mothermayi: (head held low)
  Characters: Anri and Minato
Where: The shops
When: Early morning
: Any

Anri stands outside the cafe where Arisato agreed to meet her, shivering in the cold. She pulls her cardigan tighter around her, inching closer to the wall.

Maybe he simply forgot... She checks her watch. No, she's simply here early. Why is it so cold outside? Is the water around the bubble freezing or something...?
19th-Mar-2012 05:47 pm - anri's got... bubbleshock /gasp
mothermayi: (dazed)
Who: Anri and anyone who cares to meet her!
Where: Anywhere! She's wandering around the bubble and... surfaceseeing, I suppose? She's definitely not looking where she's going, I'll tell you that.
When: Morning/afternoon
: Open ~

[[ for those who care to have girls bump into them. ~ ]]
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