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30th-Mar-2013 05:49 pm - How to Train Your Cyborg Dog [Open]
sorcery_fledgling: (flirty smile)
Who: Rinoa, Sacra (said cyborg dog) and YOU! Yes, you.
Where: In a clearing near the forest
When: Today
Style: Prose, but will match!
Status: Open~~

With her powers returned, and being able to wield her normal weapon again, Rinoa decided it was a good time to get Sacra out and do a bit of training. He was a smart dog and already well trained, but she wanted to see what else he was capable of. Without breaking him or hurting him, of course.

Said training today involved shooting projectiles out of her Blaster Edge mount (not the proper way to use it but shhh) and having him take off after them. Call it Fetch v2.0. The projectiles were a rubber material; tough enough to survive the mount but not so hard as to hurt Sacra's teeth.

The two are going at it with gusto near the forest, with Sacra tearing off after the projectiles. Once it's warmer, she plans to do this on the island, where there's more room and less protective barrier to break.

However, they will need to take a break eventually, so feel free to come say hi and chat.
30th-Mar-2013 10:50 am - [OPEN] Digital Domestic Saga, Round 2
bufudine: (roger that :|)
Who: Argilla, Serph, and you!
When: All day
Where: Outside the Embryon base, near the Forest Quadrant
Style: [Action], but we are willing to match!

[About a year ago, the area near the Forest Quadrant shook mildly from miniature quakes.

Now, just over a year later, the area near the Forest Quadrant is shaking from miniature quakes. Except this time, they're stronger.

If one were to investigate their source, it would be traced back to to the Embryon base, a spartan 3 floor abandoned building with a flourishing pond and garden and orange paint on the doors. If one approaches from the Lower District, they would spot Serph and a demon in the garden with some new holes in the concrete. But if one approaches from the direction of the forest, they would spot Serph and the... front... of the demon...................... Around them are sacks of dirt, as well as various potted plants and seed packets.

At a nod from Serph, Argilla, in her demon form, splits open a new hole in the concrete with yet another ground shaking spell.


[ooc: tags will come from both Argilla and Serph! Turn order'll be you, whichever of us gets to you first, then the other :>]
3rd-Mar-2013 12:20 pm - Happy Birthday Rinoa!~
booyaka_boom: (Happy Selphie)
Who:  Selphie, Rinoa, and Friends
When: Any time during Rinoa's birthday!
Where: Coral Corral
Style: Any
  Ajar (ie - this thread is for Rinoa's birthday, and set at their house. It's open enough that anyone living on Coral Corral who sees/hears the commotion might stop by. And also open enough that (considering it's her birthday) friends of Rinoa can come along and say hi/give presents etc. Just state in your subject line if you want Selphie, Rinoa, or either, or both to reply! Complicated, yeah!)

Outside Number Two at Coral Corral, there are many different coloured balloons surrounding the front of the house. Somehow, Selphie has managed to arrange them into an arch over the door. There's a huge glittery HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner across the gate too. It's important to Selphie that as many people as possible know about Rinoa's birthday.

Inside, there are streamers and paper chains everywhere. It's the brightest collection of birthday decorations ever. If you're stopping by to say hello to the birthday girl, there's also a table set out with various kinds of cakes, snacks, and drinks (yes, even a small bowl of punch). It's also important that Selphie shows hospitality to any guests in her home.

In the morning, Selphie was busy making up some pancakes - one of the very few things she can just about manage. She doesn't believe in waking people too early on their birthday (because sleep is precious and good), so she hopes the smell of pancakes and maple syrup will wake up her friend. Hopefully, too, Rinoa will come to the kitchen first, so that she doesn't see the small pile of presents in their living room.



14th-Jan-2013 01:46 pm - Little princess in a big city
sorcery_fledgling: (crying)
Who: Little Rinoa and you!
What: 6 year old Rinoa, lost in the city
Where: All over Vatheon
Status: Open
Style: Starting with prose, but I can match

This little one can be found wandering around the city, looking awfully lost. She sniffles to herself as she continues to walk, trying to fight tears. Minute by minute, without any sign of her father or any Galbadian soldiers, she begins to grow more scared. This isn't the city that she knows. And she was underwater somehow??

Was it some kind of magical place? She'd only heard about them in the stories her mother used to read to her. But Dad always said they were just pretend, they weren't real. So how was she in one now?

Increasingly confused and terrified, Rinoa finally climbs onto a bench and begins to cry, wishing her mother - or even her father - was here to take her home.
10th-Jan-2013 08:17 pm - Girls just wanna have fu-u-u-u-un~
sorcery_fledgling: (walk with squall)
Who: Johnny and Rinoa
What: A girls' day out
Where: Various locales?
Status: Closed
Style: Let's go with action?

That's all they really waaaaaant, some fuuuuuuun~ )
19th-Dec-2012 07:34 pm
not_heavens_adam: (Don't fuck with me)
Who: Johnny and Serph, Ky, Rinoa, and Sola
Where: ...somewhere between the park and Phanga 13
When: Backdated to the 11th
Style: However you all want, I'll match <3
Status: Closed

[ could have been worse? He had gotten what he'd wanted, Barry's promise that he wouldn't hurt Johnny's family and, as many faults as they had, demon's stuck to their word and that was what mattered.

And, really, he could be lying in the grass somewhere! Instead he was making his way home...slowly. He'd long since discarded the 'napkin' he'd made, the blood having already soaked it to uselessness. That was the worst thing: He'd felt worse the first time he'd done this back home, but the blood was still steadily trickling from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ear; he could taste it and, when it's your own, it loses its appeal.

After a few more staggering steps, he paused and leaned against a building. He'd just...wait a moment, then keep going. He should probably get some water...but how was he supposed to go in somewhere when he kind've looked like he'd just killed someone? That probably wouldn't go over well.

No, he'd just wait a little here and then make his way back to the least he'd made it to the lower district, mostly there!]
15th-Dec-2012 11:57 pm - Deck the halls?
rainbowarch: (☈ - [Dyaus] - We all devour life)
Who: Cielo and the residents of [community profile] vatheon
Where: All over the bubble
When: The 16th
Style: Whatever you like
Status: Open!

He doesn't even know what half of these things are )
11th-Dec-2012 09:40 pm - 006 - Girls' Night Out
fightforastar: (BFFs)
Who: Tifa and Rinoa
Where: Carnival
When: Evening
Style: I'll match♥
Status: Closed

Tifa hadn't really been looking for ways to enjoy Vatheon while she was here, but she seemed to be getting a lot of encouragement to do so lately. And she found herself really looking forward to her girls' night out with Rinoa. Not that, to be honest, she was completely sure what the difference was between a 'girls' night out' and just a night out, but she supposed she'd learn.

She approached the entrance to the carnival, looking around for the younger woman. On finding she was the first to arrive, though, her attention shifted to the bright colors and lights within. The only thing she had to compare it to was Gold Saucer, and she wondered how it compared.
10th-Dec-2012 02:22 am - snow means . . . ? (open)
teradine: (can&#39;t believe this)
Who: Argilla & anyone
When: Monday morning
Where: Snowy island.
Style: I will match.
Status: Open!

[It's been a few days now since Jinana's disappearance; and while Argilla hasn't exactly given up hope that she would return, it's still markedly different around the base without her. After she'd fallen asleep, it'd become routine for her to check each morning that she was still all right-- that she hadn't suddenly awoken. But without that, the only thing left to greet her was an empty room.

Rather than stay in it, Argilla decides to leave while everyone is still sleeping . . . and upon passing by the Plaza, she gives a cautious look around, just in case.

But there's . . . nothing. No one she recognizes at all. So there's a sigh, but rather than dwell, she soon finds herself on the island, having taken the elevator alone.

It's where she usually goes to think, but of course, what she expected wasn't what she got, when she stepped out. The warm sun didn't hit her face as it normally did, and when she looked up, there was only grey. Falling from it--


This . . . isn't rain.

[Is it? She holds out her hand, allowing some of it to accumulate, but then it all falls to dust when she rubs her fingers together a bit to feel it. Definitely more powdery than liquid; not to mention it's colder than she's used to as well.

Regardless, she continues walking with her eyes wide, leaving footsteps. At least it's beautiful . . .

5th-Dec-2012 06:11 pm - Yes, it's me knocking at your door
sorcery_fledgling: (?!)
Who: Rinoa, Johnny, and Sola in the beginning
What: Johnny's hermit mode has gone on long enough. And Rinoa wants A Talk
Where: Johnny and Sola's home
When: Tonightish
Style: Going with brackets but I'll match you guys
Status: Closed

[Patience wasn't something Rinoa was fond of. Yet patient she had been, at least for a few days. She'd been hoping Johnny would come around, with more than an anonymous text. So she waited for him, checking her SFC often, hoping to see something from him.

Nothing. Quite frankly, now she was just fed up.

Since contacting him probably wouldn't work, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

And that's how she wound up in front of his door, pounding on it with barely contained fury.]

Johnny! Johnny, open up! We need to talk! And don't think for a minute I'm going to go away if you ignore me!
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