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Who: Honorary HOMRA members (meaning those who have positive CR with a member) and HOMRA members
Where: Bar HOMRA
When: After Yata and San-chan arrive
What: Reunions! And San-chan being petty over fish.
Style: I think most prefer [brackets] but flexible!
Status: Closed-ish!

With the arrival of the vanguard of HOMRA and...San-chan, Tatara decided they might as well gather all the members of HOMRA present, and those that King accepted as being members, even though they don't have the mark.

And where else would they gather but the bar they took the name from? It's a lot more lively now than almost the entire time it's been here. That's what having six HOMRA members inside will do to a place, even without the others they told about the gathering.

(ooc: So if your character has ever spoken to Mikoto, Tatara, Anna, Eric, Yata, or San-chan (Bandou), feel free for them to show up! They probably got a text or something.)
19th-Jul-2013 11:39 pm - It's all just a game to him [OPEN]
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Who: A seemingly innocent Fennec fox and YOU
What: All around Vatheon during this week, one might catch a glimpse of, or be harassed by, a small talking blonde-furred fox
When: Any time during the curse
Where: All over Vatheon
Status: Open like so much openness
Style: action

[Throughout the week, while the city has turned dark and gritty, and heroes and villains run rampant, one might have the unfortunate luck of happening upon a small furred creature. And not just any small furred creature. A fox, with large ears, blonde fur, a tail tipped with pale tea green, and... strangely blank, unreflected blue gray eyes.

He may seem cute and innocent, but those who encounter him might be in for more than they want to deal with.]

(ooc: slightly in tandem with
this Hilda post. If anyone wants to play out N being a jerky jerk face here would be the place to do it!)

15th-Jul-2013 12:39 am - newcomer
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Who: Anyone
When: July 15, 2013 - Early afternoon
Where: Wandering around the plaza
Style: [brackets]
Status: Open

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4th-Jul-2013 05:25 pm - ( closed )
ourlegends: art from 'sayonara - refrain' by soara (∂αяк)
Who: N and Hilda
When: July 4, 2013 - Afternoon
Where: Their Apartment
Style: [ brackets ]
Status: Closed

baby it's cold out-- wait a second ... )
27th-Jun-2013 09:33 pm - ( closed ) out of my element
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Who: Angelo, Hilda
When: Sometime after this conversation.
Where: Restaurant -> Island
Style: [ brackets ]
Status: Closed!

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30th-Apr-2012 10:17 pm
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Who: hilda & hilbert
Where: the plaza.
When: after hilbert's dream, around midnight.
Style: dem brackets
Status: closed

not as different as they think. )
20th-Apr-2012 08:23 pm - it's been a while.
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Who: Hilda and N
Where: N's home in the lower district.
When: A little bit after Hilda's arrival.
Style: First to start!
Status: Closed

to their respective futures. )
20th-Apr-2012 05:48 pm - Lets blow this cupcake stand
420: (pic#1234335)
Who: Feferi ([personal profile] fintastic) Gamzee ([personal profile] 420) and you
Where: The plaza
When: All day on 4/20
Style: Any you wish, we will follow you.
Status: Open

If you visit the plaza today, Vatheon, you may come across an odd stand. It is definitely not the stand of the welcoming committee, but it is certainly inviting! And colourful!

Like, really colourful. A rainbow may or may not have thrown up on it.

The stand itself is covered in what can scientifically be called a metric shitton of cupcakes. Cupcakes. Cupcakes. God, so many cupcakes. They come in all sizes, colours, and smells. Though overall they do smell good. Really good.

A large sign above the stand happily proclaims --in hand-painted, colourful letters, finished with a royal smattering of glitter-- : CUPCAK-ES OnLy 420 BoOnBuCkS FR--E------E !!!

And the two young trolls attending the stand are ready to take your order. Cupcake anyone?

[OOC: To celebrate 4/20 --cause how could I not?-- Feferi and Gamzee have baked some cupcakes! All in the interest of cross-cultural friendship building and cause baking is kinda aces. They've got four kinds of cupcakes, and you are free to choose whichever your character will get.

Regular cupcakes: These are, well, regular cupcakes! The delicious kind. Lovely frosting, very nice taste, certainly a good thing to eat.

Faygo cupcakes: Oh god who put Faygo in these? Sorta shitty. But not as shitty as--

Oh god what is in these cupcakes: In the interests of catering to everyone's unique dietary needs, and also cause they got kinda silly and wanted to know if they could, Gamzee and Feferi have prepared an array of odd flavoured cupcakes. Ever had a fish cupcakes --is that tuna? dolphin? whale? who can say???-- A meat one? Is that catnip? Oh god what is in these?

Just go wild with whatever might be in these cupcakes. Feferi and Gamzee are very creative.

Sopor cupcakes: Oh no. Gamzee made these for his own private consumption, but somehow they ended up amongst the other cupcakes. Anyway, get one of these bad boys, and you'll be a little more mentally elevated than normal. That is to say high off your frigging rocker. Enjoy. The effects last for no more than three hours, and apart from a mild headache after, they leave no weird side-effects.

Feel absolutely free to threadjack or have multiple cupcakes. Replies can come from either Gamzee or Feferi or both.]
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