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singularjustice: (♔ to banish care)
Who: N and whoever!
Where: Plaza.
When: Saturday Afternoon.
Style: Either or!
Status: Open.

[ There is a tall boy standing in the plaza, tea-green hair blown back behind him as a large white dragon blows warm air around him, just enough to work on drying his soaked state.

N knows he has been gone for some time. It is like waking up from a very deep sleep, where the dreams you once had were fading blur, yet it was obvious hours upon hours had passed.

He was wearing his old clothes again. He remembers the wind whipping his hair, Hilda's calls before he leapt to Reshiram's back. That memory seems so close and yet so far away.

The boy pushes it out of his mind. It does not matter now.

N is home.
ravenly: (let's groove tonight)
Who: Rue & you!
Where: Various buildings in Vatheon
When: Daytime. Sort of a delayed response to Siegfried's announcement about ballet classes.
Style: Whichever
Status: OPEN!!!

(Too small. Too old--too dirty. When is the last time someone picked up in here?)

[...Ugh. Rue shakes her head, walking out of yet another building. She's gotten used to this stupid thought bubble following her around for the week, though it is no less inconvenient...

She is looking for a place to quietly practice ballet now, since she's evidently going to be teaching lessons. She has no idea how to feel about it honestly; but her prince had garned quite a bit of interest, so she figures it'd be best to be prepared.

Around her neck rests a small music player, attached to headphones; she is familiarizing herself with the music she plans to dance to. It would be a hassle to deal with the cords while doing so, however. But luckily, the building she's finally settled on has a set of larger speakers she can hook everything up to.

...It takes her a moment to figure it out, but it seems to work just fine.

Taking a last peek to see that she's not being watched, she begins with an easy routine that she's done many times before.

(( OOC: feel free to run into her as she's searching for the building, or walk in on her dancing later! ))
18th-Mar-2012 02:35 am - l'amour sous-marin
rougerogue: (<3)
Who: Spy and ladies anyone
Where: Around town
When: 3/17 noon
Style: Action
Status: Open

[Spy is still adjusting to this new underwater city. He's not exactly fond of the ocean, but hey, it seems more enjoyable than his last job. One thing in particular pleases him. Now that he is no longer on the base, he is now finally surrounded by beautiful women. Excellent. He was sick of being stuck in a stinky base with grumpy men anyway.

As a Spy, he's adept at hiding even his own thoughts. Though on occasion things will trigger suspicious flashes or judgement. His bubble gives off a carefree sort of vibe, but tends to show a more perverse nature at times. He hopes this will only make him more alluring to the ladies, but perhaps it will offend them.

Today, he's wandering about the town, trying to seek out a new suit. His current one suffered in his entrance and has deteriorated in quality.

If you happen by him, he will be a perfect gentleman. Especially if you are of the female persuasion. Hand kisses and suspicious smiles abound.]

15th-Mar-2012 03:15 pm - [ action ]
by_my_will: (Daydreaming)
[Tieria was exploring a bit, trying to avoid the crowds, thanks to these bubbles. He couldn't exactly stop thinking, after all, and he didn't need people to see pictoral representations of all his thoughts and feelings. Naturally, though, trying to avoid people only tended to bring them out more.]
24th-Feb-2012 10:05 am - She's Been Sleeping with the Chocobos
booyaka_boom: (Curious Listener)
Who: Selphie and anyone.
Where: Chocobo barn
When: Any time!
Style: Any!
Status: Any! I mean, open!

Selphie had been pretty quiet lately. There was that curse, and that was weird, being so tiny and so small. She went places and was completely unnoticed. There there was Valentine's Day and all of the confusion that was brought with that. And now, now Selphie is pretty exhausted. The chocobos eggs are due to burst open soon, at least they should, and Selphie's been hiding out in the chocobo barn waiting for them to hatch, to make sure everything goes okay.

Maybe you haven't seen her around in a couple of days, not at the plaza, or at her usual cafes. Maybe you've noticed that she hasn't been home lately. Or maybe you don't know who she is, you don't care, and you're just walking past the barn and feel like looking in. But there's a Selphie in there, and she's got some blankets, a small pile of books, her guitar, and a box filled with empty takeaway tea cups and empty sandwich wrappers.

Find her in the morning/early afternoon and she'll be fast asleep on the hay. Later in the day she'll be grooming the birds, maybe playing with them outside, or singing to them. At night, she'll be keeping vigil.

2nd-Feb-2012 12:56 am - In the interest of privacy
zelda_hylia: Curious (Curious)
Who: Zelda, Tieria, Mr. Crocker, Yomiel. Zelos if he's home and pokes his head in!
When: February 2nd
Where: Zelda's house
Style: Action plz?
Status: Closed

[Zelda has cleaned her living room up and set up for tea in preparation for the day. She's attempted to hide Zelos's candy factory the kitchen from view by keeping the door shut. Not that it does much to hide the scent of chocolate that permeates the entire house... Now all she has to do is wait for people to arrive!]

((OOC note: Zelda's asked Mr. Crocker and Yomiel to come at different times so the house doesn't get too full, so start separate threads for them in here please <3))
28th-Jan-2012 10:01 pm - [01]
yellowglasses: ([time to be serious])
Who: Chie Satonaka and everybody else ever
Location: The plaza
Time:  Evening
Status: Open~
There was a girl standing in the plaza examining her wet track jacket, making an annoyed grumble. This was just a great to wake up, wasn't it? She unzipped her jacket and fanned it out a bit to shake some of the water off of it, not that it really helped dry the rest of her, but at least if she didn't have that on Chie figured her body would dry quicker. After her jacket seemed to be less wet than before (although not by much), she tied it around her waist.
Securly tied, she looked up to see who would have dumped water on her, only realize she didn't even have the slightest idea where this was to begin with.
"W..where exactly am I? This isn't Inaba at all!"
How did she get here? Where even was here?! She appeared to be in some city that was underwater, from the look of things. The only conclusion Chie could come to was this was some strange world inside the television, but it didn't make sense to be back in here when the murders were all done and over with by now. Besides, there was no reason she'd wake up here alone, and drenched with water at that.
She took this moment to admire the dome above her and the plaza in general though, moving her wet bangs out of her eyes a tad bit. It looked so...different from the inside of the television, so real. There wasn't any dense fog in the air either obstructing her vision.  But at the same time it was a very drastic change from her usual country town scenery back in Inaba she was so used to.
This couldn't be inside of the television though, no. Chie was somewhere completely new and foreign to her. But why?
Snapping back to reality, the girl looked around the plaza. She decided reaching out to the nearest passerby would be the best thing to do, it was time to get some answers!
"Um, excuse me? Could you tell me where I'm at?"
25th-Jan-2012 01:30 am - A Promise Kept
by_my_will: (Cooking)
Who: Selphie & Tieria
Where: Tieria's apartment
When: Early evening.
Style: Prose? I'm flexible.
Status: In progress, closed.

Tieria cooking dinner might just end up being a little bland... )
15th-Jan-2012 01:48 am - Confession Obsession
by_my_will: (What?)
Characters: Tieria Erde and [community profile] vatheon
Location: Out and about in town
Time: Morning
Style: Whichever
Status: Open

Care to find out what he's been hiding? )
2nd-Jan-2012 08:12 pm - Ready Your Weapons
singularjustice: (dangerous man)
Who: N and anyone!
Location: Forest
Time: Morning.
Style: Either-or!
Status: Open to all!

There is a clearing not too into the forest that has obviously gotten some abuse in the past. It sits on the bottom of a hill and much of the vegetation has been burned away; the hill itself looks as if it has been gouged on occasion by something very large.

Right now, it may be obvious what the cause may have been: a large white dragon sits on the edge, though at the moment she seems contented to lounge on her belly, eyes half-closed. Nothing nearly so traumatic as destroying part of the hill is going on right now; instead she is watching over her trainer with a much smaller beast.

N has a sword in hand, though the scabbard is still on it, and he is all but dancing around, blocking as his Zorua lunges at him, swiping at him again and again.

It is all very serious until the fox Pokemon apparently has had enough. The Zorua jumps up and grabs ahold of the scabbard, pulling down on it with a playful growl.

"H-hey! This is not tug of war!" N protests, but he ends up laughing as he tries to wrest the sword away from him.
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