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10th-Jul-2013 01:21 am - 001 - Charisma
ea: (CP ♔ Black ➛ Not a single fuck)
Who: Anyone mid-day, Saber only for the evening.
What: Idle mingling and arrival.
Where: Plaza in the afternoon, the Ordo Neighborhood in the evening.
When: July 10th.
Style: Prose preferred, but will match.
Status: Open.

It had been two weeks or so since his arrival. Without a Master to fuel his consuming abilities, the Heroic Spirit would find need to lay low and approach the city in a more tactful manner. The problem was, browsing the network and collecting information without wine left Gilgamesh listless after a week, but irritable after the second. He decided to finally go shopping one morning.

Blending in was simple enough with the curse of his A+ Charisma. None questioned the one wearing a black tracksuit in the middle district as he would purchase enough wine to drown the local drunk. The kind smile that strangely fit any scenario made it easy to keep a low profile and learn about the realm he was summoned to this time..

Hrmph. In time, I could grow to enjoy this.. simpler kind of life.

The cart he had managed to borrow from a shopkeep would creak under the weight of the product. Only a few eyebrows would be raised by the locals. When he was satisfied with his haul, he would then hold a single bottle in his hand and begin wandering about the market looking for wine glasses.

Truth be told, the apartment he moved into had been occupied previously and.. a few things did not suit his tastes. Most of his time after his arrival was spent redecorating the house to be something of a more.. kingly.. taste. Far too much pink was involved, and tea.. tea of all things was neatly organized in the wine cellar. What mongrel would do such a thing? Picking up one of the thinner glasses he found, he'd run his finger along the rim as the soft vibration released was like music to his ear..


The plaza would be his choice of leisure for mid-day. An open bottle of wine in one hand with a decorated glass in the other would now make for an easier and more approachable demigod. Gilgamesh began to indulge in his desire to watch people interact among themselves. Pouring himself a glass of wine, his watchful gaze would linger from the coral to the people around him.

That evening, intended for Saber. )
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