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420: Art by skullcaps [at] (pic#3207079)
Who: Gamzee, Chibiusa, Equius, three chocbos and a goose in a pear tree.
When: We have transcended the need for time.
Where: And space.
Style: [and style]
Status: And onlookers. So closed.

[Sometimes all what a guy needs is a good moment to find himself, find some rest after the day's hard work, relax and let the worries slide off his back and--

yeah, okay, Gamzee basically just got really chill walking around Vatheon and dumped his ass down some place nice and quiet. He's got his back to a wall of a building, his arms folded behind his head as he sighs content. He's not really aiming for a nap here, but just a few minutes of letting his thoughts bounce around in his skull, listening to all the noise always present in Vatheon, and just getting really deep into the chill zone? Yeah, that was always welcome.

Surely nothing can break this spell of peace and relaxation. Absolutely nothing at all.]
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