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5th-Jan-2013 09:01 pm - You look delicious tonight, darling
not_heavens_adam: (Bite you)
Who: Johnny Rayflo and Sol Badguy
When: Way backdated to the 24th
Where: The forest
Style: Braaackets?
Status: Closed
Here there will be blood )
1st-Jan-2013 06:17 pm - Flirty man is flirty, but...
ugly_soldier_dude: (conversing)
Who: Zack and some unfortunate schmuck you!
What: The Seven Sins curse strikes our hero, and he's now impaired by the last one: Lust
When: Backdated to the last day of the grab bag curse week
Style: Prose to start, but I'll match
Status: Open!

Add a dash of Lust and you've got... )
31st-Dec-2012 08:17 pm - 011 - Cats on Mars
fistfullofmagic: (...I am confused.)
Who: Dhaos and anyone
What: grab-bag curse catch-all, confessions type curse
Where: at the Vesperia House, the park, or around the city
When: anytime during the curse week
Style: I'll probably stick to brackets, but feel free to use prose if you'd like.
Status: open as can be

[Nothing is quite so awkward as waking up with a sudden urge to confess. Especially when half of said "confessions" are utter fabrications that Dhaos had not thought of before the words had passed his lips. It's especially awkward when something comes up that the angel doesn't quite get the context of. T'is the season for embarrassment and confusion?]
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Who: Rainbowleer and the residents of Vatheon
When: Throughout Sunday
Where: The plaza area
Status: Open
Style: Whatever floats your boat, replies will be from 'ponyleer'

[During the morning until midday]

Don't get Darkleer wrong- being stuck in Rainbow Dash's body, the body of any kind of hoofbeast, is actually rather fun. While it would take nothing short of torture to get him to verbally admit it, it is obvious to anyone with common sense that he's rather happy. You know. When he isn't worrying about a stranger in his own STRONG body.

But there's been an event that's been bothering him all week, and today he can't help but soak in his own misery. Really, it was only a matter of time.

So anyone in the plaza today might notice a small light blue pony with wings and a rainbow on the hindquarters. Sometimes, Darkleer is just laying down on the lip of the fountain or a bench, looking plainly worried and sad. Other times, he's dragging himself about the area, pacing uneasily.

Bother a sad pony?

[In the afternoon]

You know what chases away the b100s temporarily? Flying does.

That sure is a pony zooming through the air and sometimes skirting dangerously close to the ground! Don't worry, Darkleer has gotten control of Rainbow Dash's wings now, he won't fly into anyone.

30th-Dec-2012 01:09 pm - Sick as a dog....
runbysmiles: (make this go away [Riku|hurt|love|embara)
Who: Riku and Sora
When: A few hours after Riku's fight with Roxas.
Style: Action~
Status: Closed.

[ Sora was laying in bed, his head was pounding and it felt both hot and cold in the room at the same time. He was wrapped tightly under his blankets and he'd heard the sound of Riku leaving and the dogs barking but his head had hurt to much to try and really comprehend what was going on.

It was rare for him to get sick but sick he was. It may have been the snow that did it, or it could have been part of the curse that seemed to be going around. Either way he was one miserable hero of light. ]
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Who: Rolo Lamperouge and YOU
Where: Plaza
When: All week!
Style: Prose and action brackets are both ok! I'll follow!

There's an adorable little rough collie puppy sitting in the plaza. He's rather young and rather lost. Attached to the collar round his neck is a heart-shaped locket and a name tag that simply says 'Rolo'.

If you walk pass the plaza, he will follow you. Perhaps he's hungry or maybe he just wants to play? Just look at that happy puppy smile. Please adopt look after him?

((He's completely puppified! XD))
28th-Dec-2012 08:17 am - packaged just isn't as good as fresh
bethehugejerk: (Default)
Who: Karkat and Equius. (Possibly Gamzee later?)
Where: The Makara-Zahhak hive.
When: Morning.
Style: Action.
Status: Closed.

rainbow drinker shenanigans )
rainbowarch: (☈ - We're comrades)
Who: A cursed Cielo and you!
Where: All over Vatheon
When: Anytime during curse week
Style: Action
Status: Open

until you all shared its magic with me )
28th-Dec-2012 04:30 am - Happy Birthday Tatsumi ! [CLOSED]
applepies: (SMILE)
Who: Tsuzuki Asato ([personal profile] applepies) // Tatsumi Seiichirou ([personal profile] cheapshinigami).
Where: T/T's house @ Coral Corral.
When: Thursday 12/27, evening.
Style: [ACTION]
Status: [CLOSED]
Warning: PG, just to be sure.

[There is still gifts under the Christmas Tree and a very hyper Asato running around the house, setting the table, arranging tulips and stargazer lilies in a vase, lighting candles, Cinnamon on his heels.

Today is Tatsumi's birthday and Asato wants everything to be perfect for his lover.]
27th-Dec-2012 05:53 pm - o4
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Who: Vanitas & Kimblee
Where: up on the island!
When: backdated to Dec. 24th, ~evening
Style: [] just for speed?
Status: Closed

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