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4th-Jul-2012 12:32 am - ♚ one, open.
instabilities: (first time staying out all night)
Who: lacie, the ducks, and you!
Where: collapsed in the park okok
When: in the afternoon.
Style: starting in first, but will follow /o/
Status: open!

[she overestimated herself.

and by overestimated, we mean she walked out of the apartment (wearing her brother's clothes, no less; she does what she wants!!) feeling downright perky and started walking around like she wasn't hurt at all. of course, this was just a temporary thing because walking around from morning to afternoon took too much of a toll on her still-weak legs. she's had enough of that rest thing and she's always been strong-willed, so she thought she could do it!

apparently she was wrong, and she figured that out sometime during ~shopping~ for dresses.

lacie barely managed to limp to the park and collapse near the water's edge (so, so humiliating), in a black and purple dress she had just bought, oswald's clothes tucked safely in her arms. alright. she cedes to her brother's logic; maybe it was too soon to head out. but damn it, jack's gone, she's run out of ideas to get oswald to stop sulking (except for one. one very, very unorthodox one, and one she would soon implement if her life depended on it damn it), and she's so, so bored.

and then quacking, definitely not from her. ........ great.]

So, it seems that I have you all for company. [and now she's talking to the ducks. ... she's going crazy.

how much longer will it take her to call oswald-- no, no, she refuses to call him this time. he can come looking for her if she's still here by the time her legs choose to start working again. ... maybe. depending.

she does have ducks for company, after all.]
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