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7th-Aug-2012 03:43 pm
array_of_fire: (pic#3713929)
Who: Riza, Roy and Ed if he wants to join in.
Where: At the house they share.
When: Backdated to just after this.
Style: Starting with [Action], will follow your lead.
Warnings: None at the moment.
Status: CLOSED

[She'd just finished her conversation with Selim when she noticed that Roy was looking somewhat like a ghost, which puzzled her to no end.

She'll pause then set the SFd down on the table.] Colonel? Is something that matter? You look like you just got some bad news.
23rd-Jun-2012 05:30 pm - Waking from a sleep coma
array_of_fire: (pic#3713940)
Who: Riza and Roy
Where: Random hotel Roy's rented
When: Today
Style: Action?
Status: Closed

[Riza yawned as she burrowed into blankets.


The young Cadet bolted upright. While her brain was still foggy, she knew that she hadn't fallen alseep here.
] huh?

[A headshake. Think on that later. She had more important things to deal with, like why she has woken up in a different location. And find the Ma- no. Find the Colonel. As far as she knew, the man was still injured and seemed to have a dislike for bed rest.

Sliding out of bed, she noted that she was still in her nightclothes, but that was an idle thought for later. If she considered it later.

Standing, she headed out of the bedroom, eyebrow quirking atthe house-like feel, but she was still on her guard.
] ..Colonel?

[It was still strange to refer to him as Colonel, but that was his rank.]

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