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10th-Jan-2013 12:41 pm
needsmoregreen: ("How wonderful!")
Who: Bianca, Shing, and Kohaku
Where: Their apartment
When: In the afternoon
Style: I'm good with whatever!
Status: Closed

And we'll have some cookies! )
9th-Jan-2013 12:36 am - 01
votively: (04)
Who: Calcedny and you
Where: Plaza
When: 9th, early morning
Style: Either
Status: Open

[A boy clad in armor (sans the wings and sword) prowls the plaza. His hair is slightly damp, dried from his initial plunge, and he holds a towel in his left hand. He wanders aimlessly about the Lamufao, eyes searching with pursed lips. He checks every nook and cranny, eventually returning to visited spots for a second, third, fourth attempt, all of which clearly prove fruitless.

A native strides up and plants a calendar in Calcedny's hands. He studies the calendar, bemused.

Wait, this isn't—

[With a toothy grin and a boisterous "you're welcome," the native leaves.

Calcedny straightens, then exhales deeply through his nose. His shoulders are squared, tense. Though he takes cares not to disturb the passersby, his frustration is obvious, underlined by a scowl as he looks around for the umpteenth time.

Where is it?
24th-Dec-2012 10:45 pm - The Misadventures of the Derp Couple!
spiria: (⌠ victorious ⌡)
Who: Derp A Shing Meteoryte and Derp B Kohaku Hearts
When: Riiiiight after this conversation
Where: Allll around town!
Style: Action Brackets ~
Status: Closed

A derp and a troll walk into town ... )
28th-Nov-2012 10:46 pm - 05 - gravity
oursomalink: (ohcrapohcrapohcrap)

Shing Meteoryte, YOU
Where: Wherever.
When: Whenever. we're meant to be together Backdating or forward-dating is good.
Style: Either
Status: Open

[ Between finding himself literally stuck to Kohaku at the beginning of the week and seeing that everyone else was having the same problem... to say that Shing was expecting something awkward to happen at some point during this week would be an understatement.

Of course, by this point it would be nearly impossible to avoid going out of the house, especially where errands were involved...

So, after several moments of decision -- as well as his telling Kohaku that he'd contact her if something or someone came up -- Shing's out and about doing... something.

How hilaribad this ends up as depends on who he encounters at this point. ]

( OOC: Catch-all post for Shing for this week's event! Apologies in advance if tags are slow, though... )
30th-Oct-2012 10:35 pm - ☆Move 1☆
machiavellingly: (02For Memories)
Who: Lelouch Vi Britannia
Where: Fountain
When: Daytime, Wednesday
Status: Open

[Violet eyes open slowly, he's staring up at what (at first) he thinks is a clear blue sky, but it isn't. His brows furrow a little. He struggles, he's soaked to the bone and he gasps as he pulls himself out of a strange fountain and collapses onto the ground next to it. He clutches at his chest.

He remembered pain. He remembered the pain he had caused others, both from where he sat on the throne and from the seat of his knightmare frame. The sword of justice was double-edged and he'd tasted both for better and for worse -- despite this, despite his atrocities and his triumphs, those he murdered and waged war for... the beat of his heart is steady. There is no wound. There is no pain.

Trembling slender fingertips go to his chest and feels along it where he's entirely all too certain he had been pierced by Suzaku's blade. There isn't even any torn fabric on his elaborate Emperor robes.

His eyes widen, he inhales a quick breath and he looks around himself. It isn't frantic but he feels his chest tighten -- what happened? Where is he? Is he alive? This surely cannot be the afterlife! There was (supposedly) a consciousness one joined after death; but, had he not been fortunate enough to be counted among them? No, of course not, this could be his own private hell for all he knew. After the crimes he had committed he should expect whatever deity there was would severely punish him. He notices a ... starfish... thing and a welcoming brochure -- the more he reads the more upset he becomes. Well isn't this fortunate?

He feels a bit dizzy but forces himself to stand to his feet. What in the hell is this kind of place? Vatheon? He must be dead, he wants to be convinced of that and he doesn't want to have to start a whole new fight for survival. But he just might have to at this point. He is trapped with no way home, unsure of if anyone he knows might be here and he may be completely powerless -- or maybe he'll have some power left. He'll have to test it.

The starfish is a communication device is it? He'll have to greet whatever network he assumes there is later. For now he needs to adjust to his surroundings and get a feel for this place. He'd curse out loud but bites his tongue instead -- so much for remaining unassuming in these robes. He needs to take care of that first.
1st-Sep-2012 10:05 pm - 04 - August and everything after...
oursomalink: (Y u gotta do dis.)

Who: Shing Meteoryte and Kohaku Hearts
When: Backdated to the afternoon of September 1
Where: The plaza
Style: Does it even matter, really...?
Status: CLOSED!

[ As the elevator to the island slows down and creaks to a stop, the door open to reveal a cloaked and hooded figure stepping out and into the city of Vatheon. He eyes the plaza quietly, cautiously as he steps off the elevator, sighing as he pulled the hood down more over his face.

Thus he sauntered secretively into the-- wait, no. No, he didn't.

Because even though he's been gone for about three weeks or so -- and done a good job of both training and evading people he knows (LEVEL UP! TIMES 10! ) -- it's still kind of obvious that he's there to find a certain someone.

Shing sighs quietly as he looked at the SFC again, clutching it in his fist; it hurt, really. He knows that what he did wasn't exactly the best wway to cope, but... what else was he supposed to do? He couldn't really bring himself to stay with her if he was just going to flinch and react badly every time he so much as looked at her.

And he felt much worse, too, knowing that he couldn't comfort her when she needed him most... maybe she didn't need him anymore? Would she want to see him again? Would she even give him the time of day if he approached?

Even he wasn't sure, but if there was one thing he knew, he had to at least see her. Hear her voice... see her face again... even if she rejected him, he had to. Almost single-mindedly so, too, because dammit even though he failed her, he has to see her again... somehow... he has to.

And thus he quietly began wandering towards their residence again... as opposed to mid-August where he did his best to avoid people... and her... ]
1st-Aug-2012 02:21 pm - 03 - One of these nights...
oursomalink: (*orz*)

Who: Shing Meteoryte and YOU.
Where: Still the hospital. Yep.
When: Forward-dated to anytime between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon.
Style: Action
Status: Open

[There was a quiet groan from Shing as he came to all at once; wincing, it takes him for a while to remember just what had happened. They were... ambushed, right? That... that thing, Vanitas? So many of those creatures... Rin...

And then the flash of pain as a sword was driven into him, lingering just long enough to see Kohaku die before he eventually succumbed.

Yeah, he died.


... he doesn't want to look or even talk to anyone right now. Shing groans again, placing a hand on his forehead as he stares up at the ceiling. Oddly enough, it wasn't actually dying that bothered him, but watching Kohaku and Rin suffer as he passed, not being able to do anything but watch... he felt like a failure. Well, he was one, for lack of a better term.

One hand moved to feel around for any scars, but he couldn't feel anything. He wasn't sure if that was a blessing or not yet. It didn't really change the fact that he'd died on everyone, failed protecting Kohaku... just failed everything in general.

Did they hate him for it? Of course, they probably did. He wouldn't have been surprised if that were the case... collapsing back onto the bed, he sighed. Why was he never strong enough when these kinds of things happened...?

Sitting up again and attempting to get out of bed, he winced as his body refused to listen, his head swimming from dizziness. The last thing he wanted was to face either of them right now... how was he going to apologize to them for letting them down so badly?]
keepsthefire: Mephy please stop going on about moe it's creepy... (pic#4334002)
Who: Rin, Shing, Kohaku, Vanitas [Open thread here!]
Where: Starting at Shing and Kohaku's apartment
When: Early evening
Style: Prose
Status: CLOSED
WARNING: Character death, blood, violence, all the things that go with having Vanitas involved
And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness in me... in me... )

((ooc: Alright, this is the log for
the plot that was recently discussed on the OOC comm! Obviously it's closed, but there should be room for reactions and other things at a later point! ))
25th-Jul-2012 01:19 pm
keepsthefire: (pic#4105235)
Who: Rin, Kohaku, [Open to Shing and Beryl too]
Where: The Hearts-cast apartment
When: BACKDATE - After this fight
Style: Prose. All the feels, man.
Status: CLOSED

He was wheezing by the time he reached the familiar apartment he had spent so much time in during the past several months. Clutching his aching side, most of Rin's deeper wounds were in the last stages of mending, but that didn't mean he was out of the woods yet. And he knew he looked a horrible mess - shirt torn up, covered in blood, bruises on his face and arms - but he couldn't just hold off and hope that his own healing didn't cut out and add to his already decidedly bad day.

He knew he should contact Maka and Masaru, too, but he was wanting to cross that bridge a little later, when his head wasn't pounding and he didn't feel weak and sick to his stomach.

He finally made it to the door and raised his scratched, bruised hand to knock, pausing to look at it. An all too familiar sight, reminiscent of the days before he knew who and what he was.

Some things just never changed...

Finally he knocked as loud as he could, then promptly slumped against the door with a grunt, closing his eyes as he willed his head to stop spinning.

"'eyy... Kohaku... open up..."
27th-Jun-2012 08:50 pm - Let me paint your world~
dreamartist: (painting dreams)
Who: Beryl and YOU!
Where: the island
When: Afternoon
Style: Action, prose... I'll follow!
Status: Open~

[Today you can see Beryl around the island. She can be seen in different places, happily sketching. The artist is hoping that no one is going to interrupt her - she really needed to draw something. Most of her drawings had been destroyed by a certain Pokémon, that fortunately is gone now.

Feel free to approach her though!]
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