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3rd-Jan-2012 04:40 pm - First Repair
technokalissues: (Default)
Characters: Scorponok and you
Location: Plaza, tucked off in some random corner
Time: Midday
Style: Will match
Status: Completely open to all 

Scorponok reset his optic sensors, and then sent a scan out. It… didn’t make sense. One second, he was watching Dinobot about to blow up at Lord Megatron like the idiot he was, and then the next-

Well, the next, he was here. Wherever the frag ‘here’ was. His scan was actually more conclusive than he’d thought it would be. He was underwater, in a secure environment with no signs of leaks or, for that matter, energon. Cautiously, he transformed, looking around. This- this wasn’t good. He didn’t see anyone else around, not Megatron, not Dinobot, not even Waspinator or- primus forbid, Tarantulas. His claws clack, and he has to consciously stop it, Megatron hated it when he did that. He forced himself to calm and deployed his drone, which had reformatted to look like a flying insectiod, similar to Waspinator’s new alt. The sight of his greatest accomplishment calmed him a bit, and he spent a few minutes ensuring that their link was working properly and the water that was dripping everywhere hadn’t interfered with it’s internals.

Eventually, he sat down on the floor and pulled out a toolkit from a storage space in his arm, starting to tinker with the internals of his drone. For as long as they were left undisturbed, the only movement from his area was the slight twitches of the tips of his claws, and the occasional flutter of his drone’s wings.
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