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17th-Aug-2013 09:19 am - The Great Chocobo Flash Mob
booyaka_boom: (Happy Selphie)
Who: Selphie, and a whole load of chocobos!
When: Early Afternoon
Where: The plaza
Style: Any you like! ^^
Status: OPEN!

Selphie was taking the chocobos out for a walk. Sure, they had a whole field of their own, but sometimes she liked to take them around the town, let them see the sights, and treat them to a soda. Usually, though, Selphie would be leading round six or eight chocobos, each keeping in line in pairs. The birds are pretty big, but that wasn't so impossible. Today, though, Selphie had at least twenty large yellow birds with her, marching along towards the plaza.

Since she was out of a job (no longer to be found at the flower shop), Selphie had a lot of time on her hands, and that meant upping her game when it came to dancing with the chocobos. Selphie sat at a bench, held up her fingers and counted down from three to one. When she pointed at them, they began to twirl, and flap, and stomp in sync, perfectly in time to some cheerful pop music that Selphie played from a small music player and speakers she had brought.

So Vatheon, if you are out and about on this lucky day, you will see the most dazzling display of chocobo dancing you have ever seen in your life! Twenty chocobos dancing for the residents of Vatheon! Or twenty chocobos blocking your way from getting where you want to go.

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Who: Honorary HOMRA members (meaning those who have positive CR with a member) and HOMRA members
Where: Bar HOMRA
When: After Yata and San-chan arrive
What: Reunions! And San-chan being petty over fish.
Style: I think most prefer [brackets] but flexible!
Status: Closed-ish!

With the arrival of the vanguard of HOMRA and...San-chan, Tatara decided they might as well gather all the members of HOMRA present, and those that King accepted as being members, even though they don't have the mark.

And where else would they gather but the bar they took the name from? It's a lot more lively now than almost the entire time it's been here. That's what having six HOMRA members inside will do to a place, even without the others they told about the gathering.

(ooc: So if your character has ever spoken to Mikoto, Tatara, Anna, Eric, Yata, or San-chan (Bandou), feel free for them to show up! They probably got a text or something.)
booyaka_boom: (Wink From a Clutz)
Who: Selphie, and everyone.
When: All day on the 4th.
Where: That cute little flower shop.
Style: It's your party you can do what you want toooo~
Open to ALL. Srs ALL.

Throughout the day, Selphie makes several announcements on the SFC to promote the flower shop. There's free cake there and, also, free hugs. Cake usually draws a crowd but, if like Selphie, you are suffering with the cold, then hugs will work too.

Today, outside the shop, is an abundance of multicoloured balloons, but more red than any other colour. There's really loads - you could probably take one or two and there still would be plenty. Inside, there are less balloons, but streamers criss crossing all over the shop. By the counter is a huge birthday cake already cut into slices. It's decorated with edible balloons. It's bright in there, with the unmistakeable vibe of a birthday party.

But it isn't a birthday party. Of course, not. Aya strictly said no parties. There're no banners saying Happy Birthday anywhere. The word 'birthday' isn't anywhere. So it's not a party, just Aya's shop decorated like a party, with the entire of Vatheon invited to come along.

So come along, get some cake, have a cuddle, and give birthday wishes to the birthday boy!


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Who: Bar HOMRA residents (Anna, Mikoto, Shiro, Tatara) (+ Ronald Knox) and YOU!
When: Curse week, even during the day.
Where: Bar HOMRA and just outside
Style: [action pls]
Status: OPEN!
What: Curse week shenanigans + an open Bar post

Bar HOMRA's doors are always open to anyone who feels they need a bit of a drink. Nothing's changed about that, even after Izumo left.

This week, though, there's something a bit different outside the door: Anna. If she knows you or you look nice (or are wearing red or look friendly) and you look cold, she will grab your hand and tug insistently until you go into the bar with her.

Why? Because Tatara and King are getting cold too, since Tatara isn't exactly reserved with affectionate contact with his friends. They're the Red Clan. They like being warm. They will make sure you're warm too, if it means they'll be warm.

If you're really interested in a drink, there is a bartender still. If you really want, he'll help you keep warm. He's lonely and in need of hugs after all.

So come and get a drink later in the day, or get warmed up at any time. It's not like they keep regular sleeping hours. Just don't try to eat the fish.

((ooc: If you want a certain person, specify! Otherwise at least Tatara will say something \o\))
1st-Jul-2013 02:41 pm - July mingle log
thalassino: (» station master)
[The mingle party this month is taking place in the field on the North end of the park. There are balloons, streamers, flags and signs all showing the way to the gathering. There is a table set up with fresh fruit, cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers. Another table consists of various beverages and pretty blue jars to use as drinking glasses.

In the middle of the field one can find a large
ball pit with inflatable sharks inside. There are also a couple of bounce houses and buckets full of water balloons. Towels and reclining lawn chairs were close by for anyone who needed to dry off or sunbathe.

Last but not least, there is a large tent full of pillows of all shapes and sizes. There is a movie projector set up to use a tent wall as a movie screen. Bring your own movies or choose from the great classics like The Count of Monte Fishto and The Seven Samuray. Outside of the tent was a photo booth set up with a
box of silly props. A whole bunch of silly props.]
18th-Jun-2013 10:16 pm - Princess Selphie! Hip Hip Hooray!~
booyaka_boom: (Wink From a Clutz)
Who: PRINCESS Selphie and any servants (ie, you)
Where: Plaza
When: Any day during curse week.
Style: Any kind!
Open to all peasants!! (ie, everyone)

In the plaza, there is a small group of locals clustered around someone sitting in a chair. Surrounding the chair, on a table, are vases full of flowers, plates full of cakes and a couple of small trinket gifts. Once one of the locals rushes away to go fetch something, Selphie is visible on that chair. She's smiling at the locals who are painting her nails a bright pink colour, and she giggles as another lifts a milkshake with a straw to her lips. On her head is a big, bright, shiny tiara. It had been too nice to ignore and, to be honest, she hasn't tried to take it off. Why would she?

One of the most self-less, generous young women you'll ever meet, taking advantage of everything she can get. She's having a great time getting everything done for her, having everything she wants. And all seems to be going well until...

"You! You missed a spot! You've ruined my whole manicure! Fix it! Now! Or else..."

Who knows what that threat might have been, but she sits up in her chair, smirking to herself as the local apologises and hurries to correct the terrible error.



immoralflame: (Thoughtful smoke break)
Who: Sol, Queen, and open
When: Evening of the 9th
Where: Somewhere with food and booze in the bubble and an "outdoor" area.
Style: Adaptable
Status: Open! Even if Sol is made of alternating lineface and jackass.

Still, there's a feelin' that this world is usin' me. )
18th-May-2013 08:28 pm - Chocobo Timez
booyaka_boom: (Positive Thinking)
who: Selphie and All
when: any time whenever
where: chocobo barn!
style: any kind
status: open

Selphie had first to drag the birds all the way up to the island for rescue, and then she had to drag them all back down again. They didn't seem to appreciate all the pushing and pulling, but they did seem happier to be back in the place that they recognised. Some of the birds were running happily up and down the field, while others were taking a nap beside the barn. Selphie, meantime, was decked out in her chocobo farm gear - tshirt and shorts, but complete with cowboy boots and hat. Feeding time, and she was dragging a heavy sack of feed from the barn out into the field, slowly, slowly, pulling it along with all of her weight, hat tipping off her head. Some of the birds turned and chirped - at least someone was amused.
23rd-Apr-2013 05:44 pm - Chocobo Rescue Mission!~
booyaka_boom: (Let's Fight)
Who: Selphie, a herd of chocobos, and you!~
When: All day long!
Where: Some on the island, some in the bubble.
Style: Any! ^^
Status: OPEN!

Once Selphie had sorted herself out after being hit on the head and winding up on the island, her first thought was to everything below. Sure, that meant the stuff in her house was ruined and, sadly, probably a lot of damage to the flower shop where she worked too. Her main concern, though, was for all those chocobos. Selphie had felt responsible for them since they appeared in the bubble, and she's been looking after them carefully for a long time. There was still a small herd of them at the chocobo barn, and the thought terrified Selphie.

So she was on a rescue mission! It would take her most of the day to get down to the barn, getting two chocobo at a time, lead them to the elevator, get them in there and up to the top, then to lead them to the clearing in the woods where she had set up camp. So you'll either find Selphie a) wading through water in the bubble along with two rather tired and bewildered chocobos, or b) walking them into the woods to her brand new small holding, and trying to warm them with a fire. In the morning, Selphie will be looking excited and chipper, by the afternoon, she'll be a little worn out but still smiling, by the evening, she'll be singing to them softly, but fighting off her own sleepiness. Maybe you'll catch her sometime - she's pretty friendly and she'll no doubt go fetch something for you from the bubble if you need it too!

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