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25th-Jul-2013 04:19 pm - I'm all out of witty titles today
helmetdoesnothing: (40 - Troll ♊ In any amusement hall)
Who: Mituna Captor & anyone
Where: Plaza-ish
When: 07/25
What: Mituna being Mituna. Trolling around. Breaking one of his teeth. The usual.
Style: I'll match


Captors gonna Captor )
helmetdoesnothing: (14 - Troll ♊ His skills are that sweet)
Who: Mituna Captor and Latula Pyrope
Where: The beach on the island
When: July 14 (backdated)
Style: Bracketybrackets
Status: Closed


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helmetdoesnothing: (52 - Troll ♊ There's got to be a twist)
Who: Mituna Captor & Anyone
Where: The plaza
When: 07/03
Style: I'll follow!
Status: Open


[It didn't take long for the contact with his matesprit and moirail to become ineffectual against the curse currently afflicting Vatheon. Thinking something might be wrong with him he'd done the first thing that had come to mind, and poked at the coral a few times.

It hadn't helped.

Now, he's sitting next to the coral, curled up and hunched over in a miserable, pointy little ball of awkward gangly limbs. Each minute or so, a violent shiver runs through his frame, shaking his shoulders and forcing his teeth to click together. He doesn't know what's happening, but he's pretty fucking sure he doesn't like it.

Anyone want to help a cold troll out?
28th-Jun-2013 02:54 am - Stabbaking
ohshellno: (pic#5731857)
Who: Mituna+Meenah and then just Meenah
Where: Phanga: Eight
When: June 27th day time
Status: Closed for the first part and then OPEN

[Closed to Mituna]

[So they'd been planning to hang for a while, and Meenah has missed baking a hell of a lot, clearly the perfect solution to their problems is to have a BAKING DAY. Or. Morning anyway. Really, Meenah is doing most of the work, but Mituna is welcome to float around and interfere while the expert does her thing. It's not like he wouldn't need to have input for BEE SHAPED COOKIES of all things.]

[Open to EVERYONE who wants a piercing]
[As promised, Meenah is totally ready to give people piercings. Someone was kind enough to offer her LEGIT EQUIPMENT so she isn't just stabbing people with whatever sharp implement she can get her hands on. She's stocked up on bling that she's actually taken the time to clean, but whether it's stolen or not is another matter entirely.

Remember! If you don't pay, you ain't getting the good kind of stabbing.]
26th-May-2013 08:43 am - orange crush adventure
shippingmath: <user name="nimmo"> <user name="meercas" site=""> (pic#6227166)
Who: Dirk and anyone!
Where: around the bubble, between the Plaza and the Heartvoid house!
When: Backdated to Thursday of the curse week!
Status: open
Style: Starting prose, but I'll follow you.

The effects of this curse, thanks to some rather unfortunate network posts, have been obvious from very early on. It's irritating to say the least. Dirk isn't a pathological liar, but he's usually in possession of a brain-to-mouth filter. The lack of it hasn't led to any spectacularly horrible conversations, which is his only consolation. Then again, there aren't any embarrassing secrets he could blurt out to ruin everything with his friends. That ship has sailed, after breaking up with Jake.

That isn't to say the curse hasn't had unfortunate effects. Dirk has checked the network a few times too many, and ended up in some unfortunate conversations, so it isn't long before he just sets his SFC aside and does his best to ignore that the curse is happening. A lot of the time he spends doing what he does best, making robots.

Being a hermit for the entire week just isn't possible, though, because some things can't be avoided, and grocery shopping is one of them. So, on Thursday, Dirk can be found headed back toward his house, arms full of orange soda. (One of the inconveniences to his modus's storage system- he can only have one row of each kind of thing. The rest of the groceries fit, but not the soda.) To everyone else, it probably looks like he's just really bad at eating healthy, though they're probably not wrong.

2nd-May-2013 12:38 pm - If at first you don't succeed...
helmetdoesnothing: (16 - Troll ♊ You gotta be elite!)
Who: Mituna Captor and you!
Where: In the village
When: Any time, May 2nd
Status: Open!
Style: Starting prose but will follow what you tag with :3 Feel free to catch him at the end of the narrative, when he's actually on the board, or you can kindly rescue the npc from the irate troll Mituna from the person he crashed in front of.


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24th-Apr-2013 09:21 pm - open
redpeacoat: (dot dot dot)
Who: Shinjiro, and perhaps you?
When: Afternoon of the 24th.
Where: Somewhere on the island, near the water.
Format: Either's fine.
Status: Open.

[Chances are you don't find too many people relaxing on the beach in a hot and heavy coat and skull cap. Chances are they aren't sprawled out awkwardly in the sand either, or lack proper vacationing accessories like a beach towel and bag.

But you've found one, and he's just started to return to consciousness thanks to a healthy film of sand building in his eyes, picked up by the wind.

Shinjiro groans, sitting up and gazing out at the sea with watery eyes.]

Where the hell am I?

[So many possibilities. He could have died, and this was the afterlife. He could have fallen comatose again. Briefly he wondered if Akihiko had knocked him out cold to drag him on a trip. And if that was the case, he would be in for a hurting. He just wanted to see her again.

But he's here now.]

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Who: Mituna Captor & YOU
When: April 8th
Where: Phanga neighbourhood (to start)
Style: Action, but reply with what you prefer!
Status: Open



The first thing that might be noticed as Mituna Captor's voice broadcast over the SFCs and filtered out through an open window into the street of the Phanga neighbourhood was the significant lessening of his ever-present vocal slurring. The single, vitriolic word was crisp and sharp, and rightly so for although the yellowblood had woken up entirely blind - the cause of his outburst - he also awoke with every part of his mind slotted into the right place. Like a jigsaw finally being put together, he could fully comprehend what was happening around him in a way that he hadn't been able to in sweeps. Sparks crackled at his fingers and he didn't even have to force it. Not that it would be any fucking use since he couldn't fucking see.

Still, he had enough presence of mind to fumble his way into some clothes and carefully feel his way to the door - not without cracking his shins on one of the door frames along the way - and when he found it and pulled it open, he could feel warmth on his face and he knew he should be seeing, he knew his eyes were wide open and...

Why couldn't he see.

"What the ever-loving, grubthucking fuck is happening," he muttered, gripping against the door frame and resting his forehead against it. Memories floated back to him as he stood there. Noise and light. Fear. Pain. He flinched, shook it off and shivered. This was just his fucking luck, wasn't it? The universe, once again, ramming a throbbing bonebulge right up his nook for shits and giggles.

He sat down on the doorstep and rubbed one temple, trying to organise his thoughts.

26th-Mar-2013 10:34 pm
helmetdoesnothing: (51 - Troll ♊ He's a pinball wizard)
Who: Mituna Captor and Nepeta Leijon
When: March 15th
Where: All around!
Style: Action
Status: Closed


18th-Mar-2013 10:43 pm
helmetdoesnothing: (50 - Troll ♊ Sure plays a mean pinball)
Who: Mituna Captor and Cronus Ampora
When: March 18
Where: The Plaza
Style: Action
Status: Closed
Warnings: ... Mituna and Cronus


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