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10th-Aug-2013 04:26 pm - [CLOSED] Misplaced
bufudine: (shorty :|)
Who: Angelo, Marcello, Serph
When: Backdated to the beginning of curse week
Where: IN PLACES. (Angelo's apartment, a clothing store, grocery store, the island)
Style: I'll match!

tl;dr Ten doesn't want to spam the comm with multiple logs )
14th-Jul-2013 01:56 am - Chapter 5 | Brothers
beauchevalier: (♦ 43)
Who: Angelo and Marcello.
Where: The clinic.
When: Early morning of the 6th.
Style: First/Action.
Status: Closed.

[Angelo, after being in his apartment for an entire week, decides to finally come out despite the curse still upon the city. He's cold and uncomfortable at best then finds himself wandering over towards the clinic. He begins to wonder if they might have something there to help him warm better. As he goes inside, he continues to wander around for a bit until he finds something he wasn't expecting to see. There was Marcello in one of the clinic beds, laying still and appearing asleep. Perhaps instead of disturbing him, he should walk away and hope his brother doesn't hear as he backs away slowly. Yet as he does, he bumps into the already open door and his SFC that was hanging loosely in his pocket falls out onto the floor making a loud noise as it hits the floor. Yet he still quickly he tries to pocket the item again before his brother awakens from the sound or possibly sees him.]
1st-Jul-2013 11:48 am - Closed | Duel
powerandstatus: (cleanse the filth)
Who: Angelo and Marcello.
Where: Outside the Abandoned Village.
When: June 29th.
Style: [Brackets].
Status: Closed.

Some things are inevitable. )
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