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21st-May-2013 07:14 pm - [OPEN] The sleeper has awakened
bufudine: (a battle endured :|)
Who: Serph and YOU!
Where: Near the Forest Quadrant (or on the island, by the beach)
When: The entire curse week
Style: [Brackets] preferred!

[Serph had been put to sleep for nearly a month.

In that time, Sera and Gale had left Vatheon, the coral had been broken and fixed, and the resultant water damage had wrecked the garden that he and many friends had cultivated together. Most of the flowers died from being submerged in salt water for so long, and even the saplings and rose bushes are looking worse for wear. And many of the gifts from his friends have either been washed away or heavily damaged by the water.

Serph's first instinct had been to tear a local apart (he had been hungry), but he'd held himself back, remembering what he'd told Ky. But the killing of locals stops now. He doesn't need to eat people. Not any more.

All week, Serph will either near the Forest Quadrant, picking through the garden surrounding his Tribe's base to see what can be salvaged, or up on the island in his demon form as he returns to the shore after hunting in the sea. He's always happy to talk with people, new and old, though people who know him may find him slightly more forthcoming than usual. But only slightly.]
30th-Mar-2013 10:50 am - [OPEN] Digital Domestic Saga, Round 2
bufudine: (roger that :|)
Who: Argilla, Serph, and you!
When: All day
Where: Outside the Embryon base, near the Forest Quadrant
Style: [Action], but we are willing to match!

[About a year ago, the area near the Forest Quadrant shook mildly from miniature quakes.

Now, just over a year later, the area near the Forest Quadrant is shaking from miniature quakes. Except this time, they're stronger.

If one were to investigate their source, it would be traced back to to the Embryon base, a spartan 3 floor abandoned building with a flourishing pond and garden and orange paint on the doors. If one approaches from the Lower District, they would spot Serph and a demon in the garden with some new holes in the concrete. But if one approaches from the direction of the forest, they would spot Serph and the... front... of the demon...................... Around them are sacks of dirt, as well as various potted plants and seed packets.

At a nod from Serph, Argilla, in her demon form, splits open a new hole in the concrete with yet another ground shaking spell.


[ooc: tags will come from both Argilla and Serph! Turn order'll be you, whichever of us gets to you first, then the other :>]
15th-Dec-2012 11:57 pm - Deck the halls?
rainbowarch: (☈ - [Dyaus] - We all devour life)
Who: Cielo and the residents of [community profile] vatheon
Where: All over the bubble
When: The 16th
Style: Whatever you like
Status: Open!

He doesn't even know what half of these things are )
10th-Dec-2012 02:22 am - snow means . . . ? (open)
teradine: (can't believe this)
Who: Argilla & anyone
When: Monday morning
Where: Snowy island.
Style: I will match.
Status: Open!

[It's been a few days now since Jinana's disappearance; and while Argilla hasn't exactly given up hope that she would return, it's still markedly different around the base without her. After she'd fallen asleep, it'd become routine for her to check each morning that she was still all right-- that she hadn't suddenly awoken. But without that, the only thing left to greet her was an empty room.

Rather than stay in it, Argilla decides to leave while everyone is still sleeping . . . and upon passing by the Plaza, she gives a cautious look around, just in case.

But there's . . . nothing. No one she recognizes at all. So there's a sigh, but rather than dwell, she soon finds herself on the island, having taken the elevator alone.

It's where she usually goes to think, but of course, what she expected wasn't what she got, when she stepped out. The warm sun didn't hit her face as it normally did, and when she looked up, there was only grey. Falling from it--


This . . . isn't rain.

[Is it? She holds out her hand, allowing some of it to accumulate, but then it all falls to dust when she rubs her fingers together a bit to feel it. Definitely more powdery than liquid; not to mention it's colder than she's used to as well.

Regardless, she continues walking with her eyes wide, leaving footsteps. At least it's beautiful . . .

25th-Nov-2012 10:03 pm
techno_shaman: (varnani)
Who: A very dangerous demon and anyone in the plaza area
Where: Plaza
When: Afternoon, 11/25
Style: Whatever floats your boat
Status: Open

Many of the new arrivals in Vatheon are predictable. Confused, possibly frightened, humanoid, and very damp. This creature fit all of those things, but there was an obvious difference to her. She was a fifth thing: hungry, and a sixth: very scary-looking.

A strange monster stalks cautiously through Vatheon, her pristine white plate-like armored hide and hot pink flesh covered with fresh blood. She sheathes her extended blades, whipping some of that spilled blood onto the ground as she sniffs at the air. This wasn't the EGG facility. Did they step through another wormhole?

This place...
mothersunlight: (Tail Wag)
Who: Amaterasu, Kurow, and any hot babes YOU!
Where: The square
When: All day
Status: Open
Style: Action

[How have the animals affected Amaterasu and her usual antics? Not much at all, if her trotting about with Kurow in tow today is any indication. The animals are occasionally herded away from mischief, but the two of them seem more interested in a more competitive pursuit.

Ammy will be trotting about, attempting to win over the local ladies with cute whines and dirty tricks such as rolling onto her back to get belly rubs. She’s quite a smash hit, especially with the younger girls! Kurow, on the other hand, gravitates to older ladies of a more refined appearance. With a raised chin, he floats on over and tosses his hair as he speaks confidently, but the fruits of his efforts are varied by the fact that 1) he's short (that's not classy at all) and 2) he's too young to leave that sort of impression. But hey, they must consider his antics cute, because most of them stop to humor him—and for that, he's far from being discouraged.

They seem to pause, at times, to talk to one another about their triumphs (but never their failures), having a typical boasting contest as most boys do about impressing girls. There are opportunities, naturally, to approach the two and ask them more directly what they’re doing... or, of course, if you’re a pretty lady, you’re very likely to be approached first. I mean, why mess with plain old animals when you can chill with a totally cool sun goddess dog? Oh and that cute but weird blonde kid, that too.]
17th-Nov-2012 11:56 pm - DEMON LLAMA
rainbowarch: (☈ - "Guide Dyaus through" ...Seriously!?)
Who: Cielo, a llama from the petting zoo, and you!
Where: The park
When: Afternoon
Status: Open
Style: Starting in action, pick whatever suits your fancy

Demon llama!? Where!? )
16th-Nov-2012 01:21 pm - It's a jungle out there
dualbladewarrior: (pic#4925902)
Who: The escaped animals, a frazzled quadrant leader, and YOU
Where: The Carnival/Amusement Park
When: Friday
Style: Will follow
Status: Open! Help, hinder, take animals home for yourself!

[The animals have escaped! And Hubert is attempting to round them up and get them back. Help him? Don't? Hang out with animals or take them home? It's up to you!]

15th-Nov-2012 09:25 am - [OPEN] Soldier On--
bufudine: (searching for something lost :|)
Who: Serph and YOU
Where: The Park
When: November 14th, afternoon
Style: [brackets] preferred, but I can adjust

[It's been quite some time since Sera's departure, and since then, there have been others -- both Tribe and friends -- who have left Vatheon and not returned. Serph doesn't know if they'll return. Maybe they will. Maybe they won't. In the end, the decision isn't in his hands.

Before, there hadn't been time for these departures to affect him.

Which is why he's in the park, kicking a hacky sack. Signless had taught him the game when he'd noticed Serph watching him, so many months ago. In some ways, this is an imitation of that time; while Serph's content to play on his own, he's more than happy to play with people passing by.

Will you join in?]
7th-Nov-2012 08:58 pm
donotcomprehend: (pic#2588171)
Who: Gale and anyone
Where: Plaza
When: Evening
Style: The style of your choosing
Status: Open, incomplete

[It's been a few days since Gale disappeared from the bubble, when he finally reappears. It's not the time for newcomers, so it's obvious from the start that something strange is going on. Anyone passing through the Plaza right now is likely to see a person in gray and orange appearing and... landing in the fountain.

Not that they can control where they land, really. But that person isn't moving... and once again, the water is turning red.

Gale doesn't move at first. Not because he doesn't recognize that he's in a different place, or that he's no longer dying. Those things registered rather immediately, as soon as he fell into the fountain. The things he said to Jenna, however, those need a moment of consideration.

Still, it's not long before he pulls himself up out of the fountain. One of his hands is still transformed, and there's a gaping hole in his armor now, but other than that, he's fine. It probably helps that the fountain has washed most of the blood off.

For once, he doesn't set out immediately, or take out his SFC. He'll just be there for a while. Almost dying is tiring.]

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