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4th-Feb-2013 03:17 pm - I {Action}
endebyrdnes: (Default)
Who: Wilhelm and anyone
When: 2/4 midday
Where: The Plaza
Style: Action
Status: Open

[ Arriving in Vatheon was quite a surprise for Wilhelm, well as much as things can surprise him at any rate. Based on what he had learned and what he had observed before he was 'pulled' here, he had come to one conclusion.

Chaos had failed. Humans, had failed.

No matter what the brochure he procured said, he was positive all of this was the result of the Eternal Recurrence and the anomaly that had happened this cycle. But it didn't matter much, it would all come to order, it was all left for him to correct.

The first step was something he had much experience with: watching and observing. This universe wasn't his that much was true, he had learned so much after trying to come in contact with Vatheon. He had to learn all about this place and its people as he could.

So that's where he was, in the plaza, just observing the citizens of Vatheon as they go about their day. He won't even bother to try to blend in, to try to be inconspicuous, but it may be slightly harder to notice him than your character would think. ]
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