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Who: Selphie and All Everyone Ever
When: Early afternoon
Where: Plaza
Whatever you want, baby.

That time of the month again, and Selphie noticed the people dropping into Vatheon. It's always an exciting time for her - all the possibilities for new friends. It seems to bring people out to the plaza too, making the place busier than usual. In short, Selphie's been having a pretty lonely time of it. She still feels weird about disappearing and coming back, and she's still bummed about missing the festivities because of her coma. So here she is, out in the plaza, ready to meet and greet.

Not too far from the fountain, the young woman is cradling an acoustic guitar. Passing by, you might hear a pretty little tune like this, and if you're lucky then maybe Selphie will be singing along softly too. Or perhaps you'll hear something a little different, like this. Mostly, Selphie's keeping herself happy and busy. But if she can keep others happy with her playing too, then that's all the better. Feel free to stop and listen, passerby, and compliments will go a very long way for this high spirited girl. Hecklers do so at their own risk - it won't be pretty.

28th-Jan-2013 11:03 pm
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Who: Selphie Tilmitt ([profile] bookaya_boom) and Cain Hargreaves ([personal profile] poisoncount)
Where: Cain's penthouse
When: Backdated to Sunday afternoon.
Style: Starting with action?
Status: Closed

[Just as promised, Cain was ready to recieve Selphie at his apartment for an afternoon of practicing their music together. It made him glad to have other people to share this hobby with, especially since Mary wasn't around. He had prepared the house for her, actually managing to do some housework following Hijiri's instructions. Though the place certainly didn't look at clean as when Riff was around, it did look a lot better than it had in days.

Also, always trying to be a good host, he had taken the liberty of buying an assortment of pastries and tea for his guest. He will be patiently waiting for her arrival, hoping not to look too eager, it's been a long time since he had fun, so he is looking forward to this.]
27th-Dec-2012 05:45 pm
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Who: Cain and Riff
When: Waaay backdated to Christmas Eve
Where: The Penthouse of Larmline
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Riff had been doing his best to keep things as normal as possible between himself and Cain by attempting to return to the way they were before. He'd clean and make his lord's food and tea whenever he so desired and he'd help Cain whenever the young man allowed him.

Perhaps it was just Riff, but he still felt as though there were some wall between them, some sort of distance he couldn't fix and it hurt.

He knew it would take time, and it certainly didn't help that he knew how things would turn out while Cain didn't...and Riff refused to tell him. But the holidays and festive mood throughout the city helped ease some of the tension and supplied Riff with an opportunity.

Normally, back home, he would arrange for a large feast for Cain, Mary, and anyone else they so chose to invite, but no one else from home was here and, while Riff had made at least one acquaintance he'd consider inviting, he saw this as his chance to supply some form of normalcy for his young lord.

For hours, Riff holed himself up in the kitchen and made the grandest feast since arriving in Vatheon. When the time was right, he brought it all out and set up the spread on the dining room table, complete with a few different kinds of wine.

Now he just needed his master.]
24th-Dec-2012 11:42 pm - Informal Christmas Concert~
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Who: Hijiri Minase, Libertà, Marty McFly, Ioder, Jade Harley, Motochika, Cain Hargreaves, Selphie Tilmitt and YOU (Everyone's invited! ^^)
When: Evening of 24th Dec
Where: Central Plaza
Style: Action or Prose!
Status: Open

Hijiri looked around to make sure all the musical instruments and seats were in place. He'd prepared a number of extra seats. He'd also managed to get a piano and a drum set out onto the plaza along with some tambourines for anyone who might be passing by and want to join in. Passersby were of course welcome to borrow instruments from the music store nearby to join in or just sing along if they wanted to. Hijiri had already spoken to the store owner about it and she was glad to help. Hijiri can be a very charming flirt when he wanted to~ ♥

Now Hijiri set down and tuned his violin a little before playing a bit of Ave Maria to warm up as he waited for the others.

The evening's programme was to be a mix of classical, pop and even rock Christmas tunes. Anything his fellow musicians wanted to play. Hijiri just wanted everyone to have a fun musical Christmas~

Merry Christmas, Vatheon!

19th-Dec-2012 10:07 pm - Dashing through the snow
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When: Wednesday the 19th, all day!
Where: Up on the surface
Style: [ ] for speed
Status: Open!

Fai had already gone up ahead and made all the necessary preparations. A battlefield had been marked out in an open area. Out of bounds areas were set up that housed the tents for making snow cones, as well as bleachers that could be considered safe from the war that was about to take place.

With the help of Nepeta, piles of snowballs and snow forts were already prepared for the days festivities. And in case anyone got too chilled, a tent with a heater was set up to take away some of the edge of those icy temperatures.

There was a light snow that continued to fall even though the sun was out, helping to take a little bit of the bitter coldness away. It was the perfect weather to have a snow ball fight! All that it needed was the participants and the spectators.

Teams are posted )

OOC: This is a free for all, mingle post! There will be categories below that you can tag into that feature the actual snowball fight, the snowcones, post-war, and Open mingling. Feel free to do whatever you want even if you aren't part of a team!! If anyone wants to be a part of the snowball fight that didn't sign up, you totally can! Just jump right in.

Have fun!!!
18th-Nov-2012 12:37 pm
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Who: A returned Johnny and anyone passing by
Where: The fountain plaza
When: Afternoon
Status: Open
Style: Action
Landing in a fountain causes internal processing )
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Who: Selphie and her ghostly fears and anyone!
When: Monday and onwards
Where: By the lake, or running round like a crazy
Status: Open!

Horrible. She'd woken up and everything had been horrible. With the glow, and the fairy. She'd woken up in her lonely one person apartment alone. She still hated that, that she knew there was no one close by to visit her. Still, she was slowly getting used to it. But that morning she really could have used a friendly face, and what she wouldn't give for a hug.

Selphie left her apartment to go in search of friends or, really, anybody. But there was no one around just a fairy... but then...

Then there were people at the end of the hallway. Selphie approached them, but they laughed and ran off without her. She chased them, only to notice Squall...but Zell was there too. Zell was telling Squall all about how everyone had pretty much forgotten about Selphie back home. He didn't know her. And as she rushed up to wave, to yell, both Squall and Zell just stared, like she was a woman they'd never known.

Her way into town is haunted by similar visions - friends she knows and doesn't know abandoning her, forgetting her, leaving her alone. Really alone.

It's more than Selphie can take, and she runs across the plaza, towards the lake, though she can't say why. She's just running.

Welcome to Selphie's fears, Vatheon. Here's a girl with abandonment issues being forgotten, ignored, and left behind.

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