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12th-Sep-2012 02:00 am
saiyan_prince: (:|)
Who: Vegeta and ~Vatheon~
Where: All over!
When: Wednesday, all day
Style: I can adapt to either
Status: Open!

[Since refusing to go to the masquerade, Vegeta has been banned from his gravity room until he goes out and "has some fun". No amount of protesting that training is his idea of fun has restored his access. Training in the living room is not the same, though it was satisfying to see the look on Bulma's face when he made the entire room smell like a dirty gym bag.

Until she sprayed him with perfume.

It's been a few days and he's finally antsy enough that he's just conceding to the damn woman. He walks up to the first person he sees, looking intense.]

You. Let's have some fun.
2nd-Sep-2012 10:26 pm - First Adaptation (Open)
negativecapability: (is there a problem?)
Who: Ashraf al-Mansur and anyone
Where: A café in the middle district
When: Sunday afternoon
Style: I'm starting in prose but am fine switching to action
Status: Completely open

Just sitting in a café, being crazy. The usual. )
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