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22nd-Apr-2012 08:19 pm
loftwing_expert: (I'm not sure what you're saying...)
Who: Pipit, OPEN
Where: Plaza
When: Early Evening
Style: Up to you taggers. ^^
Status: Open

[The sun is setting, the city's lights are slowly twinkling on as the natural light starts to vanish. Should one be out for a lovely stroll this evening they'll find an unconscious man laying near the coral. He's soaking wet as everyone else who arrives in the city. He's wearing chainmail, a yellow tunic, tan pants, and his yellow hat is just a few feet from him. Poor guy seems pretty out of it. Care to help him out?]
26th-Mar-2012 03:20 pm - All shook up
replicatedcourage: (droopy sad)
Who: Sola and anyone really
Where: In the apartment in the morning, then in the park for the rest of the day
When: All day
Status: Open

[Link's arrival to the bubble had shaken Sola so much that he hadn't left the apartment since he'd screamed at the hero via SFC to leave him alone. Nothing bad had happened since however, so Sola decided that maybe this wasn't the end of everything and he could still live his life unbothered.

That's the plan, anyway.

It takes him all morning of puttering around the hive before he stubbornly, finally decides to head out and take a walk through the park, figuring he can just.. hide from Link if he shows up. Or something.

Truthfully he hasn't thought it through all that well but damnit, he needs fresh air. Or as fresh as it can get in a bubble under the ocean.]

((ooc: Sola can be tagged either during the morning at the apartment he shares with Signless and Psiioniic or for the rest of the day in the park. Please specify which in your subject! Thanks.))
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