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6th-Jul-2012 01:42 am - so much to see
finallycowboys: (◆ do tell)
who: henry & grit
when: afternoon/midday
where: around vatheon; it's a general tour
style: doesn't matter
status: closed

Henry had offered to be his guide, so his guide he shall be. It's not like he was much of an expert, having only been on this island bubble thing for a couple of months or so, but he was a quick learner, and quite resourceful if he felt like being so. The southern gentleman wasn't annoying to deal with, so he didn't feel too wary about him, but he always had his doubts about people. It's always the most unassuming ones sometimes.

He was always on time, and he stares at his watch around his wrist, tapping his foot. Grit isn't necessarily late, but Henry tends to be a bit picky about punctuality.
3rd-Jun-2012 03:40 pm
finallycowboys: (Default)
who: henry cooldown & whoever wants to play
when: mid-afternoon
where: outside the yutopil apartments
style: doesn't matter
status: open

general mingling )
23rd-Mar-2012 07:01 pm - add (1) Irishman to the mix
finallycowboys: (◆ oh shit)
who: henry & you
where: plaza
what: wringing out all his nice clothes... he's pretty upset....
when: march 23, morning
style: doesn't matter
status: open

[ There's a lot of incomprehensible cursing, though whether it's in English or not is uncertain. A man, dripping wet, is removing his vest and draping it somewhere, then removing his gloves (casting them aside) to work on getting his knee-high boots unlaced. ]

Bloody ruined is what this is all is, fuck...!

[ He drops a metal handle-shaped thing on the ground, looking extremely annoyed. Guy rarely loses his shit like this, but some things were just that important to him. ]
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