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4th-Oct-2012 12:32 am - What a lovely picnic basket
behind_my_smile: (teasing smile with a heart)
Who: Fai (little and big versions), Syaoran and later possibly an appearance by Johnny!
When: Wednesday the 3rd
Where: Various places in Vatheon and the beach
What: A picnic on the beach and then house hunting
Status: Closed.

The day dawned a little overcast outside the bubble but that didn't deter Fai at all as he got the picnic basket ready for the little outing that his housemates had been planning for awhile. They all needed to get out and have a little fun and so he decided to take them up to the beach.

As he places the last few sandwiches into the basket he shouts towards the bedrooms, "Time to go~"

He knew they were just finishing gathering the items for the picnic so it wouldn't take long for them to be ready. "You might want to pack a jacket and an umbrella in case the weather on the beach is cooler." Fai had to make sure his young companions didn't catch a cold in case the temperatures outside drop or the sky decides to open up.

He carries the basket over and sets it on the stand by the door as he waits for the other two.
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