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18th-Jun-2013 10:04 pm - Open Log
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Who: William T. Spears and YOU!
Where: Various places around the city - whatever suits your mood.
When: First day of the Hat Curse!
Status: OPEN
Style: [action pls]

What: While William usually doesn't wear hats during the day, he does have the habit of wearing a nightcap to sleep. And now, unable to remove it himself, William's gone out to find someone to do the job for him. Trouble is, he can't quite get himself to stay awake for very long before zzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz..... So, perhaps in your own wanderings you'll stumble across him dozing on a park bench or nodding off against a lamp post. Maybe you could plop a new hat on him give him a hand? ]
18th-Jun-2013 10:16 pm - Princess Selphie! Hip Hip Hooray!~
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Who: PRINCESS Selphie and any servants (ie, you)
Where: Plaza
When: Any day during curse week.
Style: Any kind!
Open to all peasants!! (ie, everyone)

In the plaza, there is a small group of locals clustered around someone sitting in a chair. Surrounding the chair, on a table, are vases full of flowers, plates full of cakes and a couple of small trinket gifts. Once one of the locals rushes away to go fetch something, Selphie is visible on that chair. She's smiling at the locals who are painting her nails a bright pink colour, and she giggles as another lifts a milkshake with a straw to her lips. On her head is a big, bright, shiny tiara. It had been too nice to ignore and, to be honest, she hasn't tried to take it off. Why would she?

One of the most self-less, generous young women you'll ever meet, taking advantage of everything she can get. She's having a great time getting everything done for her, having everything she wants. And all seems to be going well until...

"You! You missed a spot! You've ruined my whole manicure! Fix it! Now! Or else..."

Who knows what that threat might have been, but she sits up in her chair, smirking to herself as the local apologises and hurries to correct the terrible error.



18th-May-2013 08:28 pm - Chocobo Timez
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who: Selphie and All
when: any time whenever
where: chocobo barn!
style: any kind
status: open

Selphie had first to drag the birds all the way up to the island for rescue, and then she had to drag them all back down again. They didn't seem to appreciate all the pushing and pulling, but they did seem happier to be back in the place that they recognised. Some of the birds were running happily up and down the field, while others were taking a nap beside the barn. Selphie, meantime, was decked out in her chocobo farm gear - tshirt and shorts, but complete with cowboy boots and hat. Feeding time, and she was dragging a heavy sack of feed from the barn out into the field, slowly, slowly, pulling it along with all of her weight, hat tipping off her head. Some of the birds turned and chirped - at least someone was amused.
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Who: Anna Kushina and anyone
Where: On the island, around the bubble. If there are people, she is lurking-
When: 5/17, around lunch time, snack time, dinner time-
[ Style ], but will follow a change if you want

One small child )
27th-Apr-2013 06:09 pm
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Who: Naoto Shirogane and YOU [OPEN]
When: April 27th
Where: On the island
What: Trying to figure out this birthday thing here
Style: I'll match

Wishing you were somehow hear again... )
13th-Apr-2013 05:01 pm - 30 - Pepe
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Who: Duke and anyone ever-
When: 4/13 (After no-longer part of Host Club, at least)
Where: Library, on way to library, somewhere shady and reading
What: Duke's actually out of the house! ... and in the library.
[ Style ]

[ So he'd been worrying people by not leaving the house, and since he didn't have a purpose in leaving the house daily - albeit one that he'd been ignoring recently - Duke is out and about today.

Mostly to the library. Even if he had been reading at .. home, and he would just be reading at the library, clearly the change in location was going to mean something.

At least, that was his plan. Hopefully actually going out and about helps lighten worries.

... Even if he casually skirts the hostclub just for reactions.
13th-Apr-2013 12:25 am
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Who: William T. Spears and Madame Red
Where: William's apartment
When: Backdated a bit to the middle of the curse week
Style: [action]
Status: Closed

[ William had phoned Angelina earlier that day, inviting her to stop by his apartment, perhaps for lunch. They could have gone out somewhere again, but William, not being the most willing person to show public displays of affection, thought perhaps something where it was just the two of them would be better. And DEATH knows that would not have been the case going to An's place - nothing could ever be considered private when Grell Sutcliff was anywhere in the vicinity.

Plus, after realizing he'd been affected by the week's current curse, he was even less willing to leave his flat. He'd gained perfect eyesight from the event, but his loss was still undiscovered.

So, while he waits for An to arrive, he sets the tea kettle on the stove to heat and places his - no longer necessary - glasses safely upon the coffee table. He may not need them right now, but they are still a reapers most important possession and should be treated as such. ]
3rd-Feb-2013 10:58 pm - .
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Who: William T. Spears, Angelina Durless & Grell Sutcliff
When: 2/2, directly following this thread
Where: Angelina and Grell's flat
Style: Action tagging
Status: Closed

[ An can probably hear William huffing and grumbling behind her as they walk towards her flat. Seems every time he wipes his glasses free of water droplets, more just end up falling from his bangs and fog up his view. Plus, just having his hair out of place is annoying him, in and of itself! ]
2nd-Feb-2013 02:42 pm - And the reaper returns...
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Who: William T. Spears and OPEN!
When: Midday on 2/2
Where: Plaza, right next to the fountain
Style: I prefer action tagging, but whichever you'd like.
Status: OPEN!

[ Déjà Vu.

It's not something William T. Spears is all too familiar with. Whether because he'd never experienced it or simply because he'd never chosen to acknowledge when it did happen, is unclear.

That is, until now.

Because, right now, William is standing in the center of Vatheon city, just as any other newcomer would be. Drenched, just as any other newcomer. And confused, just like any other newcomer. Except that this newcomer's confusion is stemming from the fact that he's been through this before. In fact, now that he thinks about it, the events that had taken place just before that sudden splash of water - standing on the remains of the sinking Campania ship, physically reprimanding his subordinate reapers - that all seemed like it had happen before, as well.

Hmm, strange.

He'll remember his time here eventually, of course - how could one truly forget? But for now, with his memory still a bit fuzzy - and his mind a tad preoccupied on how to dry his clothes and hair - perhaps someone could give him a reminder? ]
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