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26th-Nov-2012 10:33 am
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Who: Tidus and you!
Where: The beach
When: Midday
Style: Starting with action, but will match it to your preference.
Status: Open

[Whenever he became deep in thought, or unsure of what to do, Tidus found himself back in the water. This time is no exception. He drifts on his back effortlessly, staring at the clouds. What was the point of this place? People kept disappearing. Could anyone really make a semblance of a life here, or were they just bidding their time? Normally, he probably would have just gone out, covered it up with stupid comments and reckless grins. This time, he has something else reckless in mind. Kicking himself forward, he turns and begins to swim out into deeper waters. Maybe if he gets far enough, he can find something out. If not...

At least it feels good to swim. At least that's something he can do.]
23rd-Oct-2012 11:56 am - Birthday Party!
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Who: Everyone!
When: Tuesday, starts out in the evening and lasts until late at night.
Where: The Island, at the beach.
Style: Whichever!
Status: OPEN

[Tidus had planned on throwing Roxas' party on his actual birthday. Then, stuff happened. Then other stuff. Now, finally, Roxas' very late "surprise" birthday party is being thrown. Telling Roxas that he just wants to hang out on the Island, everyone else is informed of the party before they get there.

As characters approach, there's a banner hanging that says: HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY ROXAS. Glowsticks decorate the area where the party is taking place. There's enough for anyone to take some and use them if they want! Some catchy, danceable music plays in the background, and to the side is the table with (alcohol free for the time being) refreshments and snacks, Roxas' sea-salt ice cream cake still in a cooler until later. On the opposite side, is a table for birthday presents, which will can be opened anytime Roxas wants. Since the weather is decent, a projector has been set up on the beach to play an action adventure, fishpun-free movie later.

Games will go on during the party too, including sardines (which will take place more inland), pictionary and anything else anyone might think of. In case anyone wanted to play sports, there are also a few balls lying around, along with the closest thing Tidus could find to struggling bats.

So have fun and wish Roxas a belated happy birthday!]

[ooc: I'll post a heading for each section, feel free to tag around!]
2nd-Jun-2012 01:13 am - and then things were never quiet
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Who: Tidus and You!
Where: The Plaza
When: Late Morning
Style: I'll match the style of your preference.
Status: Open!

A new chapter. )
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