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serving_love: (fooood!)
Who: Sanji and Renge
Where: Renge's place
When: Some night this week
What: Cooking date meet-up! So Sanji can show Renge his skillz.
Style: Whichever!

[Sanji is making his way up to Renge's apartment, arms laden with bags and a little skip in his step because he gets to make an awesome meal tonight~!

For a girl.


The mere thought has him all aflutter, and it's with a big, goofy grin on his face that he knocks on Renge's door.]
16th-Jul-2013 02:50 am - A meeting of villanous minds
thalassino: (» head nurse)
Who: Head Nurse ~Medica~, Kurloz, Bro, Shirley, Laharl, Grimmjow, Yotsuba, Renge, and Kanaya
When: So late at night that it's morning, 7/15 (7/16 technically)
Where: A secret lair that stands where the church used to be
Status: Semi-open

["Medica" (as the Head Nurse is now calling herself) waits in the church-turned-lair for all the selected villains to make their undoubtedly flashy entrances. She seems as cool and collected as ever, though if one takes a very close look at her there is something just a little different.

Perhaps she's a wee bit excited.

The lair itself seems to be a bit of a catch-all, containing all the things a good villain might need. Creepy monitors overlooking the city, doomsday devices, eerie labs, a place to keep hostages, places to store loot and anything else the enterprising evil-doers can think up. There seems to be a section tailored to each villain. Clearly, Medica intends to work together.]

((Consider this as a bit of an IC mingle for the villains to meet and greet! After all, there's no badge identifying good and evil. Time to make alliances! Heroes are welcome to try and sneak in if they dare, but they definitely aren't invited...))
16th-Jul-2013 06:49 am - The Otaku Queen is here
ukidokiotaku: (Bikini | Admire the cosplay)
Who: Renge and all the heroes, villains and just anyone.
Where: All over the city
When: Today and during the whole day
Style: Prose for the main part, but afterwards anything goes.
Status: Open

When an Otaku has way to much time on her hands. )
24th-Apr-2013 09:21 pm - open
redpeacoat: (dot dot dot)
Who: Shinjiro, and perhaps you?
When: Afternoon of the 24th.
Where: Somewhere on the island, near the water.
Format: Either's fine.
Status: Open.

[Chances are you don't find too many people relaxing on the beach in a hot and heavy coat and skull cap. Chances are they aren't sprawled out awkwardly in the sand either, or lack proper vacationing accessories like a beach towel and bag.

But you've found one, and he's just started to return to consciousness thanks to a healthy film of sand building in his eyes, picked up by the wind.

Shinjiro groans, sitting up and gazing out at the sea with watery eyes.]

Where the hell am I?

[So many possibilities. He could have died, and this was the afterlife. He could have fallen comatose again. Briefly he wondered if Akihiko had knocked him out cold to drag him on a trip. And if that was the case, he would be in for a hurting. He just wanted to see her again.

But he's here now.]

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