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28th-Jan-2012 03:18 pm - 1st Order
alwaysobedient: (Default)
Who: Ella and anyone!
When: Morning
Where: Plaza
Style: Any!
Status: Open!

Ella hadn't expected to wake up in a strange place, soaking wet and recognizing nothing around her. Her last memory had been leaving the finishing school, talking to a baker and buying some bread, focusing on getting to the giant's wedding on time so that she could find Lucinda.

Only now she had a sinking suspicion that she was so far away from the giant's lands that she had no prayer of arriving before she was an old woman, least of all before the wedding was over.

Ella sat up, pushing her wet dark hair off her forehead, trying to find anything in the surrounding area that would spark some recognition, some memory. How'd she end up here? Was this a new ogre trick? Ella had never heard of them being able to twist their persuasive tongue into creating illusions, but then, would anyone have lived long enough to share that piece of information? Ogres didn't leave witnesses unless they were forced to.

In which case she could even now be sitting in a pot waiting to be boiled, or tied to a tree as they argued over who would get to eat which part of her. Feeling herself start to panic, Ella pinched her arm, as hard as she could, until she felt her nails break the skin and she couldn't take the pain anymore. That had felt real, but...

She turned her head and spotted her carpet bag, dripping into a puddle, and hurried over to it. She felt herself start to panic even more, despairing at the state of her soggy food and silently begging that her book--

She opened it to the middle and found the words unsmudged, printed as perfectly as ever, the illustrations as colorful and clear as when it was dry. Relief made her sigh, clutching the precious tome tighter.

"Can you show me a map of the area?" Ella flipped the pages but no clue presented itself, no hint as to where she might be. Pressing her lips together she closed the book and put it back in her bag. What now?
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