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1st-Jun-2012 03:43 pm - One Big Happy Family!
theinfamous1412: (post as Shinichi)
Who: Fake!Shinichi ([personal profile] kid_in_disguise), Conan ([personal profile] deductiongeek), and Ran ([personal profile] oneechan)
When: Following a few hours after This thread
What: Bringing Conan Home (again.)
STATUS: Closed. Sorry >:

[ Once Kaito managed to get everything squared away with the detective he led him back out of the house and to the front door where he unlocks said door and pushes it open to let Conan in first. ]

We're back!

[ Yes Ran, he did say we. Curious, isn't it? ]
13th-May-2012 09:49 pm
theinfamous1412: (post as Shinichi)
Who: Fake!Shinichi (Kaito), and Ran
Where: Coral Corral house #1
Warnings: Awkward fluff
Style: Action spam. Because I am lazy. :|

[ Kaito was feeling more relaxed in his Shinichi disguise than usual today, maybe he was finally getting used to it or maybe this was a curse. Come to think of it... it had to be a curse because he could never feel comfortable being a complete killjoy with no fashion sense that thought investigating dead things was entertaining. Either way, he was in a much better mood than he had been. ]

[ He wasn't sure exactly what made him do it but the absolutely breath-taking Orchids that were in bloom out by the forest were practically begging to be picked and given a better home. If he had been thinking clearly he might have noticed the flaw in his thoughts but nevertheless he plucked the prettiest one he could find and carried it immediately back home. ]

[ He took a nice deep breath and pushed open the front door, hiding the flower behind him as he let the door close with a soft snap. ]

Ran? Are you home?
17th-Apr-2012 03:14 pm
oneechan: (With Shinichi)
Who: Ran, "Shinichi." and Hakuba
Where: Coral Corral house #1
When: Following this post
Status: Closed

[It really was a pity that Shinichi wasn't home yet. But what a pleasant surprise it would be for him to come home and see that one of his colleagues was here in Vatheon!

While Hakuba was on his way, she did her best to make the house as hospitable as possible. After all, if she was going to extend the invitation for him to stay with them, she would want his first impression to be a welcoming one! was from England, wasn't he? That means...Darjeeling? Ceylon? She'd need to brew some sort of black tea.

Or did he prefer coffee?]
14th-Apr-2012 09:28 am - so about that flyer...
thalassino: (Default)
[ there's a bit of a commotion tonight, and many locals are talking about something happening up on the island. anyone curious enough to check it out would first notice a glowing shore to match a starry sky; it seems to be a type of jellyfish causing this.

immediately afterward they would undoubtedly see a very large boat having apparently docked itself on the shore. there's no captain in sight and it appears to be completely inoperable, so it's a full-blown mystery on how it arrived on the shore. it certainly doesn't look like a normal boat though— probably due to the fact that it is utterly decked out for a party.

there are streamers, balloons, and a whole lot of glitter on deck. there's even a large banner that reads:

☆ HAVE FUN!!! ☆

on deck there are speakers blasting a nautical-style party music should dancing be your thing. nearby there's plenty of good food for the eating, along with a gratuitous amount of chapagne (with a non-alcoholic brand for the underage); a champagne tower can also be seen. party games are encouraged, and a few are even already set up (such as the large whale-themed piñata).

have fun, mingle, and enjoy the party! ]
12th-Apr-2012 09:46 am
lyrewings: (pic#2415724)
Who: Butterfly and the bubble
Where: The park, the Plaza, various locations around the bubble
When: All day
Style: Loud and obnoxious
Status: Open like Butterfly's interpretation of music

[You know who isn't bothered by crummy weather or fliers? Butterfly isn't bothered by crummy weather or fliers! He's even got a tiny notice of his own on his back, wearing it proudly like a little cape. That's totally what it is, right? A little cape? What else could it be?]

[The cooler weather is a bit of a problem for him, but he's found various warm places where he can hide, so as long as it doesn't get much colder, he'll be okay. Which means he's fluttering around happily and violating assaulting serenading everyone with the musical stylings of a purple butterfly.

Sugar, doo doo doo doo doo doooo!
Aaaaaw, honey honey! Doo doo doo doo doo doooo!
You are my candy giiiiirl!
And you got me wanting yoooooou!
11th-Apr-2012 06:32 am - Imagine, if you will, a clever title.
thalassino: (Default)
[Starting Wednesday morning, the foreigners in Vatheon will start feeling a little... accosted. Why? Well, it seems the locals have some flyers they really want the foreigners to have. Really want them to have. They stop at nothing to push the colourful pieces of papers into waiting --or not so waiting-- hands, the back of shirts, pockets, mailboxes, nothing is spared. Even the notice board is covered, the shop windows, everything.

And every flyer bares the same, cheerful message. The same words over and over and over again.]

[Feel free to use this post as a mingling post for reacting to the native's... very enthusiastic method of flyering.
10th-Apr-2012 03:45 pm - 001 - Welcome to the Bubble
fistfullofmagic: (surprised)
Who: Dhaos and anyone
Where: the Plaza
When: now
Style: any
Status: Open

[If one were to go to the plaza, they might see a tall blond man sitting on the ground looking utterly befuddled. Certainly an understandable reaction to the situation considering that last he knew he'd been bleeding to death, and yet here he was, sitting in an unknown place with only minor injuries and drenched to the bone. If this was the afterlife, it was more than a little strange.]
1st-Apr-2012 12:56 am - Trick 004 | Kudo... Shinichi? |
theinfamous1412: (post as Shinichi)
Who: Kaito (As Shinichi) | [personal profile] theinfamous1412, [profile] kid_in_disguse, Ran Mouri | [personal profile] oneechan
When: Late at Night, some time after the murder-thing

[ It's nearly after three in the morning when Kaito finally makes it back to the house in Coral Corral. He's absolutely exhausted from running around all over town looking for things that might have been over looked and a face (or head) to put with the name Charlotte. He had never given the detectives enough credit for how much time and energy that went into things like this. He trudges heavily into the kitchen and shifts through the choices of beverages before choosing hot chocolate and and leans heavily against the counter while it brews, letting his mind run all over the place. ]
theinfamous1412: (I don't really care. I'm just pretending)
Who: Conan ([personal profile] modernholmes), Kaito ([personal profile] theinfamous1412 | [personal profile] kid_in_disguise) and Ran ([personal profile] oneechan)
Where: Coral Corral house #1
When: Afternoon
Status: Closed

[ This could not be happening. It had had to all be a very bizarre dream and he'd love to just wake up soon. As confident and shameless as Kaito is he really doesn't think he can put up with living with his worst critic. Ran was one thing-he just had to be nice as much as possible and not let it slip who he really was or there would be problems. Painful problems that might involve heavy bruising. ]

[ He was sure that Conan wouldn't take too long to discover a good chunk of the house was missing and he'd probably get a kick out of watching him try and figure it out. It was a good thing most of his renovations were done-the important one's at least. He was mostly sure that the detective would likely take the room right next to his own and Ran would take the one by the kitchen... He briefly wondered what the detective would do if he decided to have a little fun tapping on his wall from inside the narrow escape route. ]

[ He yawned heavily and leaned against the front door waiting on the other two to hurry up, imagining the look he was sure to receive from the shrunken one. ]
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