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27th-Dec-2012 05:45 pm
dolljudas: (Passive)
Who: Cain and Riff
When: Waaay backdated to Christmas Eve
Where: The Penthouse of Larmline
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Riff had been doing his best to keep things as normal as possible between himself and Cain by attempting to return to the way they were before. He'd clean and make his lord's food and tea whenever he so desired and he'd help Cain whenever the young man allowed him.

Perhaps it was just Riff, but he still felt as though there were some wall between them, some sort of distance he couldn't fix and it hurt.

He knew it would take time, and it certainly didn't help that he knew how things would turn out while Cain didn't...and Riff refused to tell him. But the holidays and festive mood throughout the city helped ease some of the tension and supplied Riff with an opportunity.

Normally, back home, he would arrange for a large feast for Cain, Mary, and anyone else they so chose to invite, but no one else from home was here and, while Riff had made at least one acquaintance he'd consider inviting, he saw this as his chance to supply some form of normalcy for his young lord.

For hours, Riff holed himself up in the kitchen and made the grandest feast since arriving in Vatheon. When the time was right, he brought it all out and set up the spread on the dining room table, complete with a few different kinds of wine.

Now he just needed his master.]
26th-Nov-2012 10:15 am
crackpotcrocker: (Door Number one)
Who: Denzel and you
Where: Around the Bubble
When: All week
Style: Will match
Status: Open

[Looking for a person to get stuck to with the latest curse? Well meet Mr. Anti Social.
He can be found in these locations and may or may not be watching where he is going or prehaps he had a sudden spazz attack
Denzel can be found in various places in the Bubble all week.
The library. Reading and looking for various books like a nerd.
The University, teaching his Theorical Science class. This week's topic Time Travel!
The Plaza scoping out the coral with a strange device.
That guy in the corner of a resturant, sitting by himself.
Heck even taking scientific items from the Denfense Force.
As well, as his house. Boy, no matter where you touch him he's so boney!]

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14th-Oct-2012 02:15 pm - Visiting hours aren't limited
dolljudas: (Dark Look)
Who: Riff and anyone visiting him
When: All month
Where: His apartment in Larmline, first floor, room six
Style: I'll match <3
Status: Open

[Riff hadn't had much to when he'd been placed on house arrest. There was only so much cleaning, baking, and tea-making one could do when by themselves, and with his hands mangled, use of them was limited as it was.

Then, not even a few days into his accepted incarceration, he'd lost his ability to see. He'd heard the broadcast and he understood why it had happened, but that fact didn't help him find his way in his unfamiliar apartment. He would trip over things he'd forgotten were there and he'd broken a couple glasses and mugs trying to reach for them and knocking them off, really, he wasn't doing all that well.

He knew that, with time, he'd get used to his surroundings enough to function, but it was a frustrating process. The added stress of knowing he couldn't leave and his only interactions were likely to be people wanting to know things Riff couldn't tell them often made him wonder if it wouldn't be better to find one of the people so eager to end his life and let them.

Lord knew he wished he could do it himself.

He thought about it often enough, it wouldn't be the first time he'd tried, and it wasn't like he had his lord Cain to live for anymore. But he couldn't. The risk that Riffael would be back in control and Riff would be unable to stop him from hurting others again was just enough to stay his hand.

For now he would have to endure and help make amends as best he could.]

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