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7th-May-2012 01:49 am - ☆` to protect the ones we love
kagayakashi: (★ YOU KNOW WHAT -- /:()
Who: Gracia and Hideyoshi ([personal profile] bountyofthesun).
When: After the crossover dream event.
Where: Dun dun dunnnnn! The casino, nearing dusk.
Style: Prose would be cool, though I'm fine if you prefer [ Action! ] tags :)
Status: Closed.

The tension continues! )
20th-Apr-2012 05:48 pm - Lets blow this cupcake stand
420: (pic#1234335)
Who: Feferi ([personal profile] fintastic) Gamzee ([personal profile] 420) and you
Where: The plaza
When: All day on 4/20
Style: Any you wish, we will follow you.
Status: Open

If you visit the plaza today, Vatheon, you may come across an odd stand. It is definitely not the stand of the welcoming committee, but it is certainly inviting! And colourful!

Like, really colourful. A rainbow may or may not have thrown up on it.

The stand itself is covered in what can scientifically be called a metric shitton of cupcakes. Cupcakes. Cupcakes. God, so many cupcakes. They come in all sizes, colours, and smells. Though overall they do smell good. Really good.

A large sign above the stand happily proclaims --in hand-painted, colourful letters, finished with a royal smattering of glitter-- : CUPCAK-ES OnLy 420 BoOnBuCkS FR--E------E !!!

And the two young trolls attending the stand are ready to take your order. Cupcake anyone?

[OOC: To celebrate 4/20 --cause how could I not?-- Feferi and Gamzee have baked some cupcakes! All in the interest of cross-cultural friendship building and cause baking is kinda aces. They've got four kinds of cupcakes, and you are free to choose whichever your character will get.

Regular cupcakes: These are, well, regular cupcakes! The delicious kind. Lovely frosting, very nice taste, certainly a good thing to eat.

Faygo cupcakes: Oh god who put Faygo in these? Sorta shitty. But not as shitty as--

Oh god what is in these cupcakes: In the interests of catering to everyone's unique dietary needs, and also cause they got kinda silly and wanted to know if they could, Gamzee and Feferi have prepared an array of odd flavoured cupcakes. Ever had a fish cupcakes --is that tuna? dolphin? whale? who can say???-- A meat one? Is that catnip? Oh god what is in these?

Just go wild with whatever might be in these cupcakes. Feferi and Gamzee are very creative.

Sopor cupcakes: Oh no. Gamzee made these for his own private consumption, but somehow they ended up amongst the other cupcakes. Anyway, get one of these bad boys, and you'll be a little more mentally elevated than normal. That is to say high off your frigging rocker. Enjoy. The effects last for no more than three hours, and apart from a mild headache after, they leave no weird side-effects.

Feel absolutely free to threadjack or have multiple cupcakes. Replies can come from either Gamzee or Feferi or both.]
10th-Apr-2012 07:32 pm - Why So Cold Vatheon?
booyaka_boom: (Thoughtful Gazing)
Characters: Selphie and Anyone
Where: Plaza cafe.
When: Boom. After noticing Izaya is gone/early afternoon.
: Any

Selphie had been in Vatheon for over a year - she knew the score by now; people came, people went. The number of friends she'd seen come and go was...too much to think about. But everyone so often, Vatheon would whisk away a friend that she couldn't quick forgive the place for stealing from her.

It was slightly cooler, but Selphie sat outside the cafe, a large hot chocolate in front of her. There's a small plate with several empty cake wrappers on, and a larger tray with a pile of various cakes and slices that haven't been touched yet.

The usually cheery, very enigmatic girl is sat alone with her treats. What's up? Go say hello, cheer her up, or just pester her.


26th-Mar-2012 07:46 pm - How many wonders can one bubble hold?
sorcery_fledgling: (running)
Who: Rinoa and YOU! And you, and you and you and you.
Where: All over the damn place. She's exploring.
When: Anytime, from morning until evening.
Style: Either!
Status: Open~

[With so many questions and very few answers, Rinoa has decided to take things into her own hands and give the bubble and the island a good lookover. Packing a satchel and donned with good "exploration" clothes, Rinoa will be all over the place today. She'll be poking her head into corners and strange holes and inspecting whatever attracts her curiosity.

More than likely the eager but slightly naive girl will be found in some strange position or another while investigating, and if approached, she may just have a question in store. Or at the very least, an awkward explanation as to what she's doing.]
ravenly: (let's groove tonight)
Who: Rue & you!
Where: Various buildings in Vatheon
When: Daytime. Sort of a delayed response to Siegfried's announcement about ballet classes.
Style: Whichever
Status: OPEN!!!

(Too small. Too old--too dirty. When is the last time someone picked up in here?)

[...Ugh. Rue shakes her head, walking out of yet another building. She's gotten used to this stupid thought bubble following her around for the week, though it is no less inconvenient...

She is looking for a place to quietly practice ballet now, since she's evidently going to be teaching lessons. She has no idea how to feel about it honestly; but her prince had garned quite a bit of interest, so she figures it'd be best to be prepared.

Around her neck rests a small music player, attached to headphones; she is familiarizing herself with the music she plans to dance to. It would be a hassle to deal with the cords while doing so, however. But luckily, the building she's finally settled on has a set of larger speakers she can hook everything up to.

...It takes her a moment to figure it out, but it seems to work just fine.

Taking a last peek to see that she's not being watched, she begins with an easy routine that she's done many times before.

(( OOC: feel free to run into her as she's searching for the building, or walk in on her dancing later! ))
3rd-Mar-2012 06:47 pm
bountyofthesun: (Default)
Who: Hashiba Hideyoshi, OPEN
Where: Central plaza
When: March 3rd, just after sunset.
Style: Prose preferred.
Status: Open!

A wet monkey walks into a jamjar... )
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