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9th-Apr-2012 03:23 pm
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Characters: Prussia + Anyone who wants to join
Where: The shops
When: Late Monday morning, 9th April
Style: Prose or action
Status: OPEN


Boring ol' shopping trip )

27th-Mar-2012 05:11 pm - How to train your Medic
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Characters: RED Medic ([personal profile] red_medic), RED Heavy ([profile] sandvichgood), open to everyone within the RED Base
Location: RED Base - Training area
Time: The evening after this
Style: Starting with the usual prose, but going with whatever Jon feels more comfortable with 8)
Status: open

Self Defense. According to Medic's definition those two words usually translated to: 'RUN! You are faster than them, so RUN! If necessary, turn around and frantically fire a load of syringes at them as long as you just keep running. And for Hippocrates' sake, TRY NOT TO SCREAM LIKE A LITTLE GIRL! Just keep running! Only watch out for the Scouts. And those rockets launched after you. And the bombs. And the minigun fire-- JUST KEEP RUNNING!!'

Actually fighting to defend himself was soemthing the healer rarely did. Even if his übersaw and the blutsauger were always hanging from his belt wherever he went. Some may deem them unpractical, but for Medic... Well. They were his weapons. And even if he wasn't going to leave the base without them any time soon, here he was. Ready to let the Heavy of all people show him how to defend himself with his own hands.

At least he had his labcoat set aside for that along with his weapons. No, Medic wasn't going to run away from this and, no, he wasn't going to scream and frantically shoot syringes at Heavy.

...or at least he hoped so.

A slight frown formed on the man's forehead as he looked up at his friend, raising a single brow "So... How does zhis vork?"
17th-Mar-2012 06:55 am - Keep it blank or share it all.
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Characters: RED Medic and...?
Location: The park
Time: March 15th
Style: prose or action
Status: open

Working with a bubble that displayed all his thoughts had been... Difficult. Not just did it distract the patients he talked to, but also it could get quite... Well. Embarassing. Especially when he got bored. Or... Distracted. Not many patients valued the sight of themselves cut open and mutilated on their doctor's examination table for some reason or another.

That was why Medic had taken to insert more breaks into his work schedule. Breaks he would use to clear his mind and concentrate on keeping himself and his thoughts in check.

Which was hard. Hard enough to make the mercenary twitchy. His mind and thoughts just used to be the one place where he always could live out any idea that came to him without anyone bothering him about it. But now they were all open to everyone.

Reason enough to take the day off and spend it somewhere quiet. Somewhere where he could let his mind wander or just try to keep that annoying bubble as clear as humanly possible. And as Medic sat at the edge of a small lake in the park, the bubble displayed but one thing: Itself.
14th-Feb-2012 03:41 pm - Meet the Medic in his natural habitat
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Characters: RED Medic and whoever wants to spend this lovely day at the hospital I guess. Colleagues, Patients, friends... Feel free to bother him and keep him from doing his work.
Location: The hospital.
Time: Feb 14th
Style: Action or prose, both is fine.
Status: open

To some, valentines day was some sort of holiday. But to Medic at least this was just another day to spend at work. Especially with the curse business and all being over for the time being.

So for the duration of this day, the mercenary can be encountered all over the hospital. The hallways, the main entrance, the cafeteria even, the lab or just in his office.

Some things to notice about Medic's office: Archimedes is in there. You may not see the bird, but the soft cooing can be heard quite clearly. On his desk are the many pieces of a dismantled syringe gun and on a counter on the wall one might notice a strange device as well as Medic's übersaw and the amputator. Mounted up on a rail above the examination table is the medigun, producing a low buzzing sound most of the time, but every now and then a brief cackle of charged energy runs through the machine. Other than that it's fairly orderly and at least right now harbors now severed heads that beg to be killed.

Anyone that choses to encounter Medic somewhere in the building will, however, meet him carrying a very familiar mug with him. Do not comment about the mug. It was free and he needs his coffee right now.

[[ooc: Please note, that no real medical advice can be given here, however. The mun builds cars for a living. We apologize for any inconveniences~ 8) ]]
11th-Feb-2012 09:46 pm - bluh bluh huge ball
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Characters: Vatheon
Location: That Castle
Time: Evening, on Sunday
Style: Any
Status: OPEN. Threadjack, threadhop, spam away!

[ Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen of Vatheon— whatever your newfound stature may be, Prince, Princess, Knight, or Peasant, you will all receive a message on your SFC on the eve of Saturday regardless:

You are cordially invited to the castle for this evening's ball. In addition, you are all welcome to try and solve the riddle if it fancies you. It just may break the curse!

The invitation is unsigned, but its intentions are clear. Maybe you hadn't quite noticed the sizeable castle in the distance of the city that had sprung up, but this message would surely garner your attention toward it now.

Should you arrive at the castle, plenty of attractions await you:

Ballroom ❧ A very large and beautiful ballroom is lighted up, complete with a playing violin orchestra. While the curtains will be drawn during this event, there is a windowed view and exit on one side of the ballroom that leads to:

Smee's Rose Garden ❧ A broad and colorful spanse of a garden, complete with many paths and turns. Plenty of roses are arranged in great arches, which provide perfect little places should you need some privacy with your sweetheart. Anyone familiar will even tell you that the garden was purposefully designed for just that sort of thing.

The Riddle ❧ There is an inscription located on a noticeable plaque set in one of the garden's benches. It reads:

Two are necessary to break this curse
Riled up, upset, what kind of love?
Only this kiss will stop it from getting worse.
Look for a winged one is push comes to shove,
Look for a glance slightly dark,
Search for a pair in reluctant love.
One answers a call; that's your mark;
One longs for patria though adverse.

Dining Hall ❧ Connected to the ballroom is an extremely long hall that stretches as far as the eye can see, elegantly arranged as the dining area. Expensive and exquisite cuisine seem to be on the menu— try something new? Chances are you won't be eating from a selection such as this again anytime soon!

Dais ❧ There is a noticeable raised dais that is easily visible via any area within the ballroom. It's locked off from guests, though— what is it for...?

Do enjoy. ]
5th-Feb-2012 08:03 pm - It's an Age-Old Tale...
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Characters: Princesses, Princes and Vatheonites all
Location: All around the fairy tale world
Time: All day erryday-- on Monday
Style: Whatever works best!
Status: OPEN. Threadjack, threadhop, spam away!

[Welcome to the curse, Vatheonites. Welcome to the fairy tale.

And with the tale, the world has changed. Nothing remains of the city that once was; now there are fantastical and crazy things, things that would be only found in books--and yet here they are.

There are a few places of note, however. A few places that might draw the intrepid adventurer, the curious.

To begin--

The Forest-- here can be found...well, trees. But other than trees, there are fairies, and curious shadows and eyes and things hiding where you do not want things to hide. Overall, it's not very safe anymore! Wolves might be on the prowl, mystical creatures that think that you sure do look a lot like lunch. And hidden deep within the forest in a system of sprawling caves lurks a dragon. Sitting on a pile of golden treasure.

The princess can be found there. Sure hope the dragon isn't sitting on her, whoops.

The Pirate Ship-- this one is much more straightforward. Namely, that there are pirates and they're out for your blood. But the ship itself is winding and filled with (empty) treasure chests and nasty sea critters that are, surprise surprise, also out for your blood. You might have to fight a pirate chief to save the princess in this labyrinth.

The Briar Patch/Towers-- where the carnival once stood there are now a couple of ominous towers, empty or filled with scuttling, skittery creatures or perhaps an unlucky slumbering foreigner. There are nasty thorns growing all over, but maybe if you're careful you can break through and find the one tower that houses the witch. Be careful--she has spells to throw at you. But she's also guarding another princess, so maybe it's worth the fight and...the flying monkeys.

The meadow-- deep in the lower district there is now a large meadow. Looks harmless, right? Only if you venture too far in, you will come across what look to be...monsters? Monsters of all shapes and sizes, vicious and ready to kill...except they're just illusions. The illusions get more and more real the closer you get to the center of the meadow, however. Some of them might even be able to actually bite, so be careful. Deep in the meadow there is a unicorn who is holding a poor princess captive. Can anyone rescue them?

Anyone is welcome to make a thread--princesses or princes or average Vatheonite pixie! Threadjack, have fun, be creative! Just remember that only the princesses' ~one true love~ will succeed...but everyone is welcome to give it a shot.]
4th-Feb-2012 06:42 pm - Nation in the base!
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Characters: RED Medic [personal profile] red_medic, RED Heavy [personal profile] sandvich_good, Italy [personal profile] savemegermany
Location: RED Base
Time: After this.
Style: Starting with prose as usual. Following whatever gets chosen after~
Status: closed

If Medic thought about it, he still wasn't entirely able to fighure out how he ended up leading one jumpy, young male to the base that he and Heavy had spend so much time with to set up. There also was the question how the Russian would react to Italy. Or how Italy would react to Heavy. He surely would find out soon enough, which only summoned forth an entirely different question: Did he want to find out?

The German opened the main entrance to the building once they stood right in front of it and quickly looked around, keeping his eyes and ears open for a sign of his colleague "Heavy? Are you zhere?"
30th-Jan-2012 03:45 pm - Paint it RED
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Characters: RED Medic[personal profile] red_medic & Rhi'a Dragunel [personal profile] gun_symphony
Location: Soon-to-be RED base
Time: Some day after this.
Style: Starting with prose, following whatever Jon choses~
Status: closed

And one may ask if he ever even noticed those horns of hers before... )
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